Theme for Beyond Bitcoin - Produced by Sidibeat - Beat Battle League Week Seven Entry

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Artwork by @hereforawhile

This week @chiefmappster announced the project Beyond Bitcoin from @officialfuzzy as topic for the beatbattle. I've been listening to quite a lot of the whaletanks and I'm really impressed by the amount of awesome ideas, projects and interesting people you bring together.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of music would fit into this format. Since there is a very huge flow of information going on in your hangouts I thought that this is exactly where the focus should be.

Futuristic was the first keyword that came to my mind. Usually I try to create instrumentals that are as organic as possible using djembes and bongos to bring in a tribal touch with african rhythms. But for this tune I reached deep into the electronic and synthetic genre. Without any further spoilers here is my submission for Beyond Bitcoin:

Welcome to Beyond Bitcoin
Preparing Whaletank
Initiating water supply
Reaching underwater state
Underwater sound transmission activated
Letting in the whales
Sonar translation activated
Fuel cells on maximum level
Initiating rocket launch
Beyond Bitcoin takes off. To the moon.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-24 um 13.00.36.png

The Idea:

My vision in order to keep the focus of your podcast on the information and the talks was to create something that is not going to dominate but rather underline and build atmosphere around your content.

I created an intro with a robotic voice which is basically me talking through a vocoder. Some of the sounds that you can here in the intro are provided by which is an awesome community platform for people who like to play around with all kinds of sounds.

The Instrumental starts at 0:57 with the drums. Then I used a Synthesizer in order to mimic something like a sonar ping. It starts building up until at 1:20 where I reduced it to some noisy clicking and the sonar. I believe that this could be a sound which can be layered underneath the talking. Maybe even a bit more reduced with less notes playing. I've got the files of the project all save on my external drive so going back and doing changes like stretching the parts to make them fit onto the podcast is a task which I would love to do for you.

Then at 1:40 the percussions come in. Which I believe could fit well into the ending of your hangouts. Slowly fading in with just a little bit increasing volume to lead the listeners in the direction of the outro which is starting at 1:54.

This is my entry for the Beat Battle League Week Seven. I hope you enjoyed :)

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Hey @sidibeat, This track is incredibly well thought out, I love it. The extended vocoder intro would work great in font of the official introduction voiceover track leading into the Whaletank discussion. The tail end also provide a smooth background outro music as well. Nice Job!


Thank you for your feedback!
I'm glad that you like it :)

Amazing work man!!!!! ... and you followed the brief to a 'T'!!! Not easy with a subject matter that is so vast, yet precise ( I think that makes sense! haha).


Thanks dude :)
Well I just tried to deliver a round thing, something suitable for the podcast.
I hope fuzzy & co are going to like it ^^


I'm sure they will cos its dope!!!!!

NIce. Good job. :)


Thanks! :)

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You are a master Followed


Ayy thanks mister! :)
You won't regret it :P

Holy smokes @sidibeat you are the freakin man. This is what we dreamed off when we announced this week and this week's theme.

A professional, fun, engaging, and interesting beat that includes the character and brand of the show and brings it together in one nice track.

The depth of your music comprehension and creation is so incredible and is so inspirational to see. The way you explain what is happening in your beat and how you did it is such a tremendous avenue for personal and community growth.

You are such an incredible leader and we thank you for being apart of this community.

Thank you again (and as always more feedback coming Tuesday when the winners are announced )

God bless.



Ayy Chief!
I'm really happy to read that I could meet your expectations :)
Thanks for making it possible to contribute something like Beyond Bitcoin by creating this epic beatbattle!

The esteem that you show by writing such passionate comments and mentioning us musicians in your posts is a very driving force which challenges me to overcome myself in every new project I present to everyone here on steemit.



Wow that means the world to me :)

So glad I can help do my part to help these dreams come true.

Thank you again for all you do my friend.

Very nice :) The Bitstar

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By the way that artwork by @hereforawhile is freakin so epic. So much detail and gets such a great visual to reinforce the message of your beat.

Props to you @hereforawhile


Ja man! I also thought that the artwork plus the beat are a perfect match :D
It's awesome how artworks sometimes can interact together :)


O absolutely my friend it reiterates in my mind how music is art just expressed in a different form :)

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