BBQ Recipes - Pepperoni Stuffed Drumsticks

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You want the munchies? We got some for ya...

Holy sheesh. Now I'm hungry.

Toptastic, love BBQ!!


looks fantastic!! I'm soo hungry now :) would lovesome of that chicken!! yummY!!!!

Thanks! They're even good for breakfast too heheh

I am totally making this soon. I have seen a lot of recipes in my 28 years, but this is a completely new one to me and sounds freakin awesome. Thanks for posting this!

Thanks, it's one of my favorites. Takes some work but it's worth it!

Hmmm... now how to make a vegetarian version! I know what I'm working on this weekend!

Come to the dark(meat)side... :)
If you do find a replacement for chicken or pepperoni that you can bbq, be sure to share!

Oh yeah! Pepperoni is pretty easy (Tofurky's pepperoni is my go to!)
I know a place that does literal vegetarian drumsticks with the 'bone' and everything! I think it's lotus root or jicama (sp).
My favorite fake chicken was from "Vegetarian Plus" but it's not in the stores around me anymore. Can find a wonderful variety at the Asian grocery. They make them in little molds. The asian variety still has a little fake chicken head attached... It's the most surreal thing ever. I'll get you a picture someday!

I want this...