Summer BBQ Contest and Event Calendars.

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This article links to most of the large associations calendars for this summer's BBQ events, so you can find when and where the BBQ is coming to your area.

Every summer in cities around the globe people gather to celebrate and enjoy local barbecue at nearby events. Local BBQ contests and challenges draw the best restaurants and cooks in town to one place, where you can sample and compare the goods at your leisure. State and County Fairs are also a great place to find new BBQ sources. The absolute best place to sample good BBQ is at one of the many professional BBQ Challenges or competitions, because no one puts more effort into BBQ than up-and-coming contestants that have traveled across the country to compete.

Time to find a local event and sample the some local goods!

Select one of the local BBQ Associations from the listings below to see what is coming to your area this summer!

BBQ Events, Contests and Festivals

Everfest BBQ Festival Finder
(state by state listings at the bottom of the page)

Active BBQ Association Event Lists

Alabama BBQ Association

California BBQ Association

Florida BBQ Association

Georgia BBQ Championships

Greater Omaha BBQ Society!contests/c1m3e

Iowa BBQ Society

Kansas City BBQ Society

Lonestar BBQ Society

Memphis BBQ Network

Mid-Atlantic Barbecue Association

NorthEast BBQ Society

Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association

Rocky Mountian BBQ Association

South Carolina BBQ Association

St Louis BBQ Society

US State Fair listings

State and county fairs always have a good selection of local BBQ too.

International BBQ Events, Contests, and Festivals

World BBQ Association

Australasian Barbecue Alliance

Australian BBQ Association

International BBQ Association

Swiss BBQ Association

German BBQ Association

Dutch BBQ Association

Nederlandse Barbecue Society

Now go on, enjoy some BBQ!

Know of an association or current event list I missed? Post it and I will add it to the list!

Want to see more BBQ info, ideas, tips, and tricks?

Check out the BBQBear Blog for News, Reviews, and the Summer BBQ Event Calendars!

Vote and Reply if you like and leave a comment about something to do with BBQ!


I would love to see a BBQ event where you can pay with Bitcoin or Steem.

You can at any of these!
You just need a shift card, it's a visa that spends money out of your coinbase account.

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