Cold Smoked Snacks

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Time to kick off the weekend with a cold smoked snack!

Mmmm, smoked cheese...
I must fire up the smoker tube again! If you saw my review of the smoker tube, you'll know how easy it is to cold smoke things in a regular BBQ. If you missed it, check out the full product review here. I have been wanting to put that thing to work all week!

I got home today and threw together a small pile of german sausage, jalapenos, and some Parmesan, cheddar, pepperjack, and swiss cheese. I put them all in the new cold smoke part of my grill, (the re-purposed searing grill area). With the smoker tube you could easily do this in your normal BBQ or in a small portable BBQ.

OK, Time to make some snacks for the weekend!

I filled up the smoker tube with Sweet Cherry wood pellets this time. I also added a small grate for the cheese, to allow more smoke to get to it. The surface tension should also keep it from sliding through if the temperature gets too high. It was lookin good at 1 hour, time to rearrange a few things and eat a jalapeno.

At 2 hours the cheese is getting a little soft and everything is getting some color, and the jalapenos have a little smokey cherry aftertaste. The temp stayed about 110, and the cheese did not melt through the rack. I pulled everything off at about 2.5 hours.

Time to wipe down and cool off that smoked cheese. 2.5 hours was just about right.
The jalapenos came out good, after the burn goes away there is a tiny bit of sweet cherry.
The cherrywood smoked swiss was the new winner, that's good stuff.

Smokey sausages, check!

Smokey jalapenos, check!

Smokey cheeesus, check!

Time to make a snack!

Let the weekend begin!

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OMG, That cheese looks so delish! I honestly never considered smoking cheese like that. I have a problem with cheese, I'm addicted.​ lol Learn something new every day on Steemit. Upvoted Thanks!

It is crazy good :) You think you're addicted now, just wait until you learn to smoke it yourself!

Looks great! Any plans on doing fish?

That's a good idea. Fish is on the list now.

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