BBQ Recipes - Grilling Apples

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I stumbled across another fantastic BBQ idea, grilled apples! Surprisingly there are quite a few ways to grill up apples as a side dish, and these videos will definitely give you the itch to try it out. The German style apples and onions, and apples with sausage look seriously delicious. If are looking for a new recipe to show off with, that last one looks like a winner... Enjoy!

Simple Grilled Apple Slices

Buttered apple slices

The no char method - Foil Packet Baked Apples

Grilled Spiced Apples and Onions - A taste of Germany

Now, time for some more complicated recipes!

Grilled Sausage Stuffed Apples

BBQ Appel Rozen

Grilled Blue Cheese Apples Recipe with Chef Chris Koetke

Apple Ham Casserole by the BBQ Pit Boys

That last one got me, that's next on the BBQ To Do list!

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What makes the taste of grilled apples and pineapples so good is the caramelized sugars when introduced to high heat. Grilled apples and onions and pineapples are so good with grilled pork or beef.

Wow, summer coming up soon
Great recipes there

am going to have to try this :)