Newborn baby lifts his head (Miracle Baby)

in baby •  10 months ago

This is our baby. His name is "Bitcoin". He's my bitcoin baby.

On the day our baby was born he lifted his head by himself. This is a medical miracle. We told the doctors what we saw, and they said, "It's not possible. He won't do that until he's one month old." I showed them a photo . the same one that you see here. They looked at it and acted suitably impressed, but I could see they were dubious that it wasn't quite what it seemed. They seemed to think it was some kind of lucky or trick photo.

I wished I could have shown them a video of him doing it.

One thing I did not know about at the time was the Apple iPhone "Live Photo" feature. "Live Photo" is a feature of the latest iPhone which not only takes a photo, but also takes a short video of about 3 seconds. You can see the video by holding the photo with your finger. I didn't know this at the time, and only discovered it months later. Since I can no longer share this video with the doctors, I am sharing it with my steemian friends.

Click the picture above to watch the 3 second video in D.Tube.

I have since googled about babies lifting their heads on the day of their birth. So far I didn't find anything much.
It seems babies normally start to do this at one moth old, although were a small number of claims that it happened after 2 weeks or even one week.

Has anyone seen this happen to another baby??

▶️ DTube


Here is another picture on the day he was born. This is the first time I looked at him. He was just 10 minutes old.

IMG_1227 2.jpg

He sat up on his own, and looked at the world around him when he was exactly 5 months old. Here he is doing it:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 22.08.23.png

At six moths he was already standing with support. Here he is at 6 months and 9 days old.


At 11 months and 4 days old he could stand without holding on to any furniture. Here is a picture of him as he stood for the first time un-supported.


Within a few days he was walking. Here is a picture of his first steps the next day at 11 months and 5 days old.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 22.16.08.png

If I had known he was going to be so strong, I would have never named him "Bitcoin Baby". I would have called him "Blockchain Baby".

To finish this blog off, here are a few more of our little Bitcoin getting ready for bed.


Good night my little Bitcoin baby!


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For Swissclive's baby.......


Oh my Blockchain Baby....

When I look upon you my heart gets filled with joy and ecstasy and suddenly I feel the richest and happiest person in this world.

Your cute face makes my day and your smile is my breath...

You are the accomplishment of my motherhood...

It is difficult to define how much I love you and you are very very special to my world and your every moment is like a celebration of my life...

The day you born, you set a a different role to my personality and that was "motherhood" and you are the certificate of me being a mother.

I got a rebirth within me the day you born.....

My love for you is eternal......from @swissclive....


Wow, that is just so beautiful. Thank you so much for these wonderful words.

Bitcoin baby is very lucky, he was born in a golden cradle as we say here, the important thing is that he is in good health and is a good man, an example of his father, and I also hope that his mother, I wish him many blessings to He, the children bring a lot of happiness to our lives, enjoy everything they can. Greetings, friend, God continues to bless you!

I loved this

Honestly, this nothing but a miracle. I know a little about medicine and body anatomy and I use to believe it is not possible for a newborn baby to raise his or her head till like after 1 month because the head and the neck muscles and even the spinal cord will not be strong enough to do this.
For me, I've never seen a baby raise his or her head before at birth. I will take it as a miracle and please, watch over the baby very well, he is a special being.

As for the live photo feature on iPhone, many people that uses iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and even the iPhone SE still don't know that the feature is default. Once you snap a picture, your iPhone captures the audio and video of 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after you tap the white shutter button to snap a photo. It's a really cool feature for iPhone.

Thank God for iPhone, many people including me will still not believe that happened by mere seeing pictures.

Thanks for this your post once again. I always enjoy your post anytime I read them because I always learn new thing. Today I saw what I always think it's impossible.
Thanks once again.

  • The baby is so cute. Congratulations and greet baby Bitcoin for me o

The maternity ward doctors did not believe me when I told them. Even the photo did not convince them. I wish I had known about live photo then. I would have been able to show the short video.


It is indeed frustrating when people do not believe you when you tell them a thing that really happened... Anyway, you know the truth and you should enjoy every minute next to your child, he is a beautiful kid. Hope he will make you a proud father!


Thank you @mejustandrew. You have such a kind heart!


As I said, it a very difficult thing to believe especially for people in medical line. Thanks for showing us this video.
Looking forward to your next post to learn a new thing

Wow... Sounds impressive for a baby to do that on a first day. So, you gave him "bitcoin" indeed, I can only imagine his luck rolling in the money into the family. You baby is beautiful and even if the doctor seem not to believe, I don't think a father will lie about such when it's no like there is an award they were going to give. Well, amazing sharing this right now. For some of us who are yet to thread your path in the line of giving birth,i believe that is something to look out for when we finally do give birth. Thanks for sharing your amazing posts always.


I can only imagine his luck rolling in the money into the family.

It's really interesting.

Thanks for sharing your amazing posts always.

I join thanks.


Here he is counting my bitcoins:


This baby is a genius do you Know? You may not. But all the phenomenal things he does is half the display of the inner stuff he's gifted with.

He looks so handsome.
My wish for him is that he may grow in wisdom and with all blessings of both spiritual and material things.

Hello @Swissclive
I've heard some fascinating stories about new born babies. From the ones trying to walk after birth to the ones trying to talk after birth.
Bitcoin's story proves that we'll keep experiencing these fascinating events.
I tried to do a search after reading your post... Am i came across few interesting comments

My newborn did it from day one. Even when I'm burping him he lifts his head and looks at me. I saw another post on here with some people talking about that. Not sure if it's normal either but I guess it's somewhat common! Maybe we're just lucky and have strong necked babies :)

My son did that from birth. First time I held him he lifted and turned his head to look at me. Every baby is different they move at their own pace

Nothing to worry about. Both of my kids did this the minute they came out. It's a good thing to have gold head control. Nothing better than a strong and healthy baby.

Bitcoin is cute and quite strong for his age... At the rate he might even be lifting the refrigerator few years time 😁 (joking).
You have a lovely family ... Although i've always thought you were Lady.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much for these links. It sounds like Bitcoin Baby is not the only one. However I bet he’s the only one caught on camera!


I'm happy to learn and contribute @swissclive :))
"However I bet he’s the only one caught on camera!" ...It seems so!!! Am sure you already backed up the clip in your icloud. 😁
Thanks again!!!

The first super baby I knew was from a story (Azuka and the magic egg) in the book, tales by moonlight. But I guess baby bitcoin is another super baby.

I got curious when I saw him lift his head in the video so I searched google to see if there are other amazing kids like him. I found another amazed mother here who narrated how she saw her son do the same.

I still can't find a real scientific explanation. but like you said, he's a miracle baby and all I could say is that he's really strong doing what most other babies his age won't be able to do.

Just look at his picture at 10 minutes, he was so eager to welcome the world. I'm sure he has a lot to offer.

Here is a screenshot of another article I found trying to explain the stages of development of a newborn baby you can read more from here

I had a neighbour whose daughter could walk without support at 8 months. These are just wonderful things we rarely see everyday.

And by the way he's a cute little boy. It doesn't matter whether you name him bitcoin or blockchain, he's a strong baby.


Thanks for that very useful link. According to the stories, he is not the first newborn to lift his head. However, it looks like he is the first one who was filmed doing it.


I'm glad you found the link useful.

How I wished my own upvote on your comment could be massive too. Thanks!

It is very gratifying to know that one is the father of a healthy and strong child. My daughter Jerlin learned to walk at 9 months, now she is 8 years old and seems to have an inexhaustible source of energy, the baby bitcoin case is rare. I have not seen a child one day raise his head, fortunately the recorded video remains for the story.


Walking at 9 months!!!!! That is so young, especially for a girl.


I would also say that it is something unusual, now thinking a little things, at that time the floor of the house was dirt, we were in full construction of the house, I imagine that naturally the direct contact with the earth strengthened it more.
I do not know, I'll have to study about Jerlin's case! she has always proven to be an outstanding girl.

Congratulations @swissclive, I think it's miracle!
I have 2 older children and 7 younger, so I watched the first days and weeks of many babies, but I never saw such a phenomenon: a newborn baby lifts his head so early.
Usually it happens not earlier than after 1 month.
Your son is really special! And he has good health and strength.
His eyes are such clever on the photo. He is so cute! And he is already running in his one year!
I wonder what his first words will be!
And I'm sure that he also will be intelligent and creative as his father and he'll make you a proud father!
I wish he'll bring a lot of happiness to your life and I wish him, and you, and your wife many blessings!
I resteemed this your post to show your extraordinary cute child to all my children and friends!


Thank you @ir3k. I also wonder what his first words will be. I’m sure he is saying “daddy” already, even if it is associated with me.

Amazing baby! He will be an athlete when he grows older!! Can't wait to see what "bitcoin" baby is up to in 10 years time :)

Wow! Blockchain baby indeed! We may borrow that for our next one! I love it!

This is such a nice collection of his first 12 months! How did you manage to capture all of those key firsts? We seemed to always be caught off guard and would barely see it as the moment was over. No chance to grab the phone or camera!

This post is a nice #healthy-home post! Hopefully they can share the 'seal of approval'.

You definitely have a new follower!


It is a great #healthy-home post! Thanks for the heads up!

And it is more special than you realize! Our son also did this... Maybe it was on the second or third day, but very early! That is too cool!


This is a post it note reminder to myself to come back and see how blockchain baby is doing.

Such phenomena help me - they give me faith, they strengthen my hope - that ALL THUS I HEAR THERE - at the top - invisible helpers.

I hope so

Now there are many svitelstvstv that time is amazing and in the world come to (born) amazing children. Who have incredible abilities.

This can be treated differently, and people are treated as best they can.

However, if you have confirmations in your life, phenomena that medicine can not even accept, then it is a great value.

If you discard doubts, then there is a lot of information about how the changes in the life of the planet, people, are now taking place. And if an unusual person comes to our world with great gifts and a great mission, then this can be accepted and thanked.

The Science vs The life

Now there are many events that, according to medical norms, are impossible. It is healing from disease and other phenomena of the event.

And also we can see different events, which are more and more difficult to call "coincidence".

I like how in the comments you often write that they pray for you. This is a universal system, and it's very cool.

Thank you for this "window" in your life. The photos are bright and high-quality.

I wish you blessings too.

Wow! The baby is so cute and mind you, I still couldn't believe it happened that a day old baby raised his head up all alone? This is more than a wonder but a miracle indeed, I wouldn't say you haven't made the good choice calling him "bitcoin baby", bitcoin is also strong enough too, having bitcoin at the king of all cryptocurrency is enough to call it the strongest but the best name is till the "blockchain", I pary the boy grows to understand things more than just a mere man, I pray he possesses the genius brain, whereby, he would be able to invent things that would make the planet "earth" a better place for "Humanity".


If half the people work to make planet earth better, then it will be better. I hope he will be in the “good” half.


I think whatever @swissclive says here should be believed and not doubted @tezzmax ... If its the parent decision to call him Bitcoin, its their baby and anyone can name her child any name.


I pray he turns to be the "good" one.

A great story. I know perfectly well how hard it is for parents to muster the courage and start sharing photos of their main treasure in this world. Children are our life. I appreciate every minute I spent with my little Bitcoin named Andrew:) I think my updated competition is just for you -

Великолепная история. Я прекрасно знаю, как сложно родителям набраться смелости и начать делиться фото своего главного сокровища в этом мире. Дети – наша жизнь. Я ценю каждую минут, проведенную со своим маленьким Биткоином по имени Андрей:) Думаю мой обновленный конкурс именно для Вас -

Aw, he's adorable! And a very strong boy. He looks very aware and curious. I can only imagine how proud you are of him.

Congratulations on your son. I didn't know you were a new mom.

My new grandson is strong like this too. He lifted his head as well and was walking a bit earlier than your little one but close enough. Must be something in the water or the air. These kids are so healthy today.

I use the live photo on my iPhone too - love it. I get to see my grandson whenever I want via my photos. He lives across the country so I visit on facetime and pictures :)

Thanks for sharing. I love little ones.

I can’t but just Wow at the short video. The baby is cute and healthy. Hello gorgeous, welcome to the world, he’s indeed a medical miracle. It’s been established that babies don’t raise their head until about six weeks old. He did ut with so much ease he seems to be an athlete from heaven . 😀 Are you really gonna name the baby “BITCOIN” . We have boss baby , so this baby is gonna be our “BABYHERO” Tell him that for me please


Yeah nicely said. He’s gonna be the baby hero. He shows so much energy at birth, what a wonder. The 9th wonder of the world of I’m not mistaken.


Well I hope he will save the world somehow.


Yeah . Remember ... one man can change the world they say


Boss baby, baby hero! I love it!

Thanks to @public-eye for the tag,

This post does get the #healthy-home seal of approval!!

And it makes me (@em3) so happy to read this post! It brings back a very fond memory of my son when he was a newborn! He had jaundice very bad and needed the light treatment. They had him in a enclosed bassinet for hours each day for the first 5 days, I think.

On the 2nd or third day I am visiting with him as my wife sleeps and he pushes up ....maybe on all fours, I forget. But his head is raised too! And I think wow! That is impressive! I think I took a photo(now I am stoked to find it!!) And it is how he got his Chinese nick name of "small strong". Even though he was a small baby, he showed he was strong! He is 13 now and looks like he is 16, and yes, very strong(though not small anymore)!!

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All content is MANUALLY curated. You can support this work through Steem donations, upvotes, and SP delegations.

Thank You!


Is the boy called Xiao Qiang? It is reassuring that he grew so big!


Yes... I just did some Google foo and believe that is the nickname. It is the common slang for cockroach in some parts of China.

Like I said... I think that the pinyin you gave is of the Mandarin... And the pronunciation we used was the Cantonese...
But same difference!


I only ever heard it (and spoke it) in Cantonese. The first word sounds like Soo(as the sound in "soup")... So that first word may be the same... But I would need my wife to write the Chinese characters in order to be sure.


Is the boy called Xiao Qiang? It is reassuring that he grew so big!

Wait you mean literally bitcoin? that's great.

Has anyone seen this happen to another baby?

Not me and have not heard of anything like that, babies are really fragile at birth and the ability to muster the strength to raise his head is really miraculous.

Watching the video just fills me with happiness

Surely he will grow up to be strong.

#untalented @surpassinggoogle


Babies make people happy. they are so innocent at birth. They have a whole world to discover.


yes fell in love with him the moment he raised his face up so lovely and truly innocent

I haven't seen such happen. The normal timeframe is one month. At birth, your baby has little control over his head because his motor skills and neck muscles are fairly weak but special people do special things, they break rules and go against the norms.

You started it by naming him bitcoin. Lol. He acted like the almighty bitcoin


He's going to break the rules. We are looking for great things from him.

I heard this thing for the first time, I didn't know that babies can't do that until their one month old. It was very interesting.

He is so cute, look this fascinating eyes! I think he tried to say "I love you too" by leaning on you.

I hope he will be always happy. God bless him.


I'm sure he would have replied "I love you" if he knew how!

Was truly perplex about this that i view the video. So wonder i will say it truly a miracle. First of it kind. Bitcoin baby should have a place in guiness book of record


Well maybe the Guiness book of records will find this baby and put him down as a miracle.

Waoh, dats really amazing , maybe he was born to do the impossible, to reach heights no one thought it would be possible, and congratulations on the delivery of a baby.


it's a miracle he could do this. It is supposed to be impossible. But unless you are lucky enough to get it on video, there is nobody who would believe it.


Exactly, the world today believes so much on facts and evidence, but as long as you saw it, be rest assured that you have witnessed the impossible.

Without sounding superstitious, I will love to say that this is a good sign in the areas of research in paediatrics.

I guess this post is targeted at making findings on this rare occurrence. Am a medical personnel and I promise to get back to you on this.

Thanks for sharing this @swissclive

Congratulations on the arrival. He's such a cute baby.


It will be interesting to know how common this occurrence is. There was one other video I found, but in that one the baby was held upright and the head just rocked back. It wasn't a conscious move.

Well, you have a very advanced child, congratulations! Is his name really Bitcoin? : )

iPhone's "Live Photo" feature seems even more useful than the "Invisible Ink" that you shared recently. I you keep posting about it's useful features, my next smartphone will be iPhone.


As it took me quite a while to discover the live photo feature, I am sure there are loads of of other people who don't know it. I was even more amazed to discover the "bounce" photo feature the other day. Probably almost nobody knows that wonderful feature. I should blog how to do it.

now that's really surprising and strange.. That's some special baby there..
But is that something to be scared of?? Like is it abnormal???


Maybe all parents think their baby is special. Bit this one is really special.

Congratulations to you. Look at how handsome he is, he is indeed a miracle baby.
Welcome to a wonderful world "bitcoin," you shall be great and greater than your dad and mum and that is always the joy of a good parents for their child or children to achieve more in life than they have achieved and you shall be great "bitcoin." Your dad has been so good to me dear son, your dad always show me love and I don't even Know how to thank him enough, he surprised me with an overwhelming donations for my project to visit an orphanage home to make them feel loved again and I was almost at the verge of crying when I saw that son, you do have a great family that care more about the well being of the unknown let alone of the known ones. But "bitcoin" it seems to you look like your mum and please and please, when you grow up, protect and care more about them for they must have been through "thick and thin" to have you. Love you son "bitcoin," i am your dads agent, spam detector............ ❤

I started my nursing career as a paediatrics nurse. I must say this is indeed a rare occurrence. I Hope our "bitcoin" baby brings good tidings and hope to our crypto space.

Congratulations @swissclive

I have not seen or heard that before,but i can't disqualify the fact without a better proof. I could remember back then in school,we were taught that some children perform certain activities faster than the regular children,so we tag such children gifted and talented children. My advice is that you should keep having a good look on the child,ensure you record every strange things you notice about him while growing, especially when he talks,walks and some other things,i am sure he will have it faster than the regular children. And this will help you to discover him on time so as to put him up for the right programme.
But from the look of things,i could conclude that the boy is an exceptional one.
Congrats dear @swissclive ,my warm greetings to @bitcoin
You have to tell us the secrete behind this name... Smile


Well like every parent, I want to capture his first words. The trouble is knowing what is a word and what is just baby babble.


Smile,i understand. But how to detect such is quiet simple if you can just be more attentive to him which i know you will do,the way he will pronounce such word would be more mature than his age and those regular children. Even if it is just baby babble,you would sense the high level of maturity when you compare his words with his age.
That's not the only way any way. They can also show maturity from the way they handle things,you can detect this by giving him little task like putting napkin beside him,it might end up in his hand. Smile
Another one is when he starts crawling,you can place a barrier while leaving just little space before him (we call this psychomotor test),some children would just crying,some would try the little space while some others would want to cross the barrier. This action shows different level of intelligent and motor control in children. Try it with baby Bitcoin,you would be amazed with the way he would surprise you. Smile

Wonder woman 😘, cute and strong baby you got there, are you actually naming your baby Bitcoin, if yes I will had sbd to my name I hope he is as strong as his mother 😘


You'll add SBD to your name? Can you do that? i will call my next baby "Steemit Baby".


I could use sbd as a form of initials or a nickname tho, "steemit baby" that would be nice ..... Steem would be a nice name also.....💚

This is our baby. His name is "Bitcoin". He's my bitcoin baby.

On the day our baby was born he lifted his head by himself. This is a medical miracle. We told the doctors what we saw, and they said, "It's not possible. He won't do that until he's one month old." I showed them a photo . the same one that you see here.

Wow what a lovely name for the baby bitcoin i must say there is really future in cryptocurrency

Such a cute baby, and I'll give it to Apple iPhones for their pure ingenuity for capturing such an amazing moment.

And wait... Bitcoin?? Wow that's an awesome name and I join in welcoming him to the world.

My prayers for him are the best, and he's already on his way to more awesomeness, he's a precious gem and will live to make an amazing impact.
Such awesomeness displayed by him, already surpassing the medical expectations.

Keep the great work going, have a nice time and my regards to "Bitcoin". 😀😀

Awwwwwww, such a cutie.
The truth is I am not a mother and have not stayed with a new born who is a few weeks old.

He wanted to see his mommy's face that was why he probably raised his neck. Children develop differently and it is up to the parent to monitor his/her child's progress, just like you've done.

I can't wait to be a mum, my man has to propose first and we have to get through the African way of doing things concerning matrimony.

Can't wait to have my babies!!!!

Your baby is handsome.


I can't wait to be a mum, my man has to propose first and we have to get through the African way of doing things concerning matrimony.

Really? Having a baby is one of the coolest things women enjoy after going through the pains of 9month "incubating" a baby in their womb. Carrying a week old baby is fun for me but you just have to be careful handling them because they are still fragile.
Just go ahead to propose instead of waiting for him to.............. 😉


if i catch you ehn!! as if you are not a Nigerian. LOL

I can not propose to him o. LAI LAI


I can not propose to him o. LAI LAI

Well, but we are now advancing in knowledge and understanding that the females too have their right to speak for thy selves like the men here in Africa. We shall get there soon, I know it's not it's going to be an easy task due to the level of an uneducated individuals or populations in Africa as a continent.

if i catch you ehn!! as if you are not a Nigerian. LOL

You can't catch me! And for the record, I am not a Nigerian, but a citizen of the United States of America......... 😂😂😂

Bitcoin baby perhaps, Steemit baby might be on it's way.
Apparently he is a super amazing baby with a smart geeky nature.
Welcome Bitcoin baby
Congratulations @swissclive


What a good idea. I will call my next baby "Steemit Baby". That sounds a much cooler name than "ethereum baby"

If I had known he was going to be so strong, I would have never named him "Bitcoin Baby". I would have called him "Blockchain Baby".

Wow bitcoin is a lovely name blockchain too is good but three is future in bitcoin i must say she must be a good fans of cryptocurrency

On the day our baby was born he lifted his head by himself. >>

Wow! thats amazing. This is indeed a miracle baby. On my way to upvote this post!

Cute kid, tell me you didn't really name him Bitcoin!

Also is this your second child?

Woo....Bitcoin baby is the best baby of the year....The more stronger the price of bitcoin the more stronger the baby...If you don't need him any more you can send him to me, because I love bitcoin


LOL, I would rather send you my bitcoins, than my little Bitcoin Baby!



This is soooooo amazing! In fact, it is indeed a miracle. I have babysitted quite a number of babies. I've never witnessed such a fast rate of growth. Sitting at 5 months old? Walking at 11months old for a baby boy is really new to me. Congratulations to your baby boy @swissclive.

Of a truth I have heard of babies who do things beyond their ages at very early times but I never got proof. This right here is indeed a medical miracle.. Amazing I must say....

And to think that your baby's name is bitcoin... Hahhaa... Bliss...

Big congratulations to you all the way...

You are very lucky person to have such a healthy and strong child :) I see a lot of suffering and disease on daily basis which reminds me that just being healthy is an immense privilege.

first of all Congrats For Your BitCoin Baby.....HE has Superpower Like Alien From The God....I Just Saw A case Like Your Baby With My Nephew When He Was A 15 day OLD he Try to Shake his Head And Struggle For it...when He Reached To about 35 days He,s Trying to Standing But He Can,t...he Has very MuCh Power And He Always Roaring Loudly Like a lIon.....Wish You All The bEst For Your BabY.....I think God given Your BabY a Billion Of Steempower their for He Doing Sooo when He Born.....

Hello @swissclive, that is a nice thing to share but is there any significance attached to babies lifting heads ? I have not seen a new baby doing that before...


Well as there is nothing on the internet about a baby lifting his head so early, it is hard to know if there is a significance or not. I should have called him "Blockchain baby" because he is so strong.


"Block chain baby" that sounds sweet, may he keep growing in strength . ...welcome baby "Bitcoin" to the bitcoin world.

Children are blessing from God and the fruit of the reward is the evident...what a cute baby you are baby

This is a wonderful child, when he was born he gave you a sign that he brought a lot of good and warmth into your life. This phenomenon is rare, but I'm familiar with people who are taking birth and I've heard many incredible stories that are hard to believe.
If you are interested, I will tell you the stories of some newborn children who can show incredible.

You said:

I love you

and he kept his head raised, as if he expected to hear it, and then immediately lowered it. It looks amazing. I am sure that he is very discreet in nature. He looks like a very confident young man, this is an excellent quality that is very important in our life. Or am I wrong?


You are so correct.

yes this is miracle i also never seen baby liftef his head by himself but anything could happen in this world .He is special baby this happened because you names it bitcoin .If you named it steem then it start running fast like steem transactions.This is fun but this baby is very cute thanks for sharing your life experience with us.


He was a very strong baby from birth. We feel so blessed to be so lucky.


He is also lucky that he got parents like you.God bless

No way! Really? This is a first. They are usually too fragile to lift any head. See the way he threw his hands wide open. Hahaha. This is not only a miracle baby but a phenomenal one, superhuman or hero. Who gets so strong at such a tender age?

Wow... OMG.. His name is Bitcoin??? Lol... This is soooo cracking me up. This baby is definately a Miracle. Miracle shld be his second name. All thanks to God. Oh Lord... This baby is sooooo cute. May he live long to fulfil his purpose in life in Jesus name. Amen

Congratulations on having such an healthy boy. The joy of a replicate can't be explained. I wish the strong boy goodies.

Wow... cute baby, babies of this generation starts things fast, they seem to me like technology 😄


Maybe my baby was all Steemed up!


Funny you😄... mayb

It really is a miracle
Frankly if I did not see the video I would not believe it moved his head , Because the newborn baby is not possible to lift his head and He can not open his eyes during the first few days and weeks because of the swelling that occurs in him as a result of pressure on his head during childbirth .

        When will the child be able to lift his head?

The neck muscles of most children are strong enough to carry their heads and look from one side to another at the age of about six months.

This is the first time I have seen it , It's a miracle
After all, it is as beautiful as angels.
I would to thank you for this great post madam
have a good day you and your family .

Damn your baby is so cute may have to hide him properly so I don't get to take him away from you and make him mine..hehehe

There is something about this baby. He has been able to achieve and do stuffs ,babies his age can't do. I see a born leader in him.

He lifted his head when other babies would put down their heads...I see a genius.

He sat up on his own and looked around just at the age of 5 months...I see an inquisitive mind.

He was able to stand at the age of 6months and 9 days with support ,when other babies still found it difficult crawling...I see a warrior .

He was able to stand without holding any furniture at the age of 11months and 4 days...I see a young man who is ready to conquer

And finally he took his very first step at the age of 11months and 5days...I see a man of valour

Your baby is incredible and we are happy you brought him into this world...I see a man who is gonna change the world in him. I see a man who is gonna make his parents proud. We love you "bitcoin baby"

How old is he now?

If actually that there was no video evidence of little baby boss lifting his little hands after birth I would have say that this is a big fat actually wonderful...sure it gonna be among the wonders of this world..congratulations dear for your newest member of your family..God bless you and your home.
Welcome to the world of bit coin smile

this is a very beautiful child
In the first minutes of his life he showed something unusual from which doctors were surprised. You're lucky with your bitcoin :) I'm sure the name "bitcoin" has a special meaning hidden. I hope that he will bring into your life the same changes as bitcoin brings to our world.

I remembered a funny video about bitcoin, I want to get down with them. I hope this will cheer you up.

Woooooooow what a beautiful child
In the first minutes of his life he showed something unusual from which doctors were surprised. he even show bitcoin I suggest cool cash Waiting the baby

Truly a miracle. From the part of the world am from. I hardly hear of such. As a matter of fact, i haven't seen a baby raise his head when he is less than a month. The baby is so cute

Haha...... Whatever you had been eating when you were pregnant...
The baby doesn't even look a day old. Doesn't stop him from being such a cute little baby.
Give him a kiss from me.

I have never heard of such miracle(that is what I think it is) before.
My parents say that I started walking when I was 11 months old which was much earlier than the other children, however lifting the head on very first day is amazing.
I searched the internet and found this:

I had my baby yesterday at 5:27 am, so my Aiden is a little under 24 hours old. I am shocked. He is so beautiful and strong. We have kept him in the nursery so I can sleep for the most part, but have had him in the room several times throughout the day. I was feeding him and decided to burp him earlier when he lifted his little head for the first time. I thought I was loosing it until I fed him during a tornado warning that had us in the hall and he did it again. He can't lift it for too long, but he can. I am shocked because his sister (14 months old now) didn't start lifting her head until she was about a week old. Our pediatrition saw my DD (dear daughter) doing this and told us that she was about 5 weeks ahead of average and very strong. It looks like we have another strong one!!! :)

I looked at the comments below and found some other people with same babies as well.
Here is the link.

He is indeed a miracle baby.
Fully loaded with potentials.

Truly speaking, the baby is a complete definition of miracle. His cuteness can melt one's heart. Raising his head all by himself is wonderful and rare, because miraculous happenings like that doesn't happen all the time.

I wish to call him PRECIOUS because he is precious ❤️

Oh seems like you have a healthy and strong baby. Now I know that some newborn babies can lift their heads. Didn't think it mattered before, now I do!

I bet he's gonna be an athlete one day. Haha~

What an incredible cutey!

I don't see why the Dr's wouldn't just accept what you said. What reason to lie about such a thing? And yes, babies all develop at a different pace. My youngest son didn't walk until he was 15 months old, but my youngest daughter started walking already at just over 9 months old. My oldest daughter could swim before she was 2 years old, but none of my other children could. In fact, my younger son couldn't swim until he was almost 5. Just different rates of development.

I would imagine your little Bitcoin baby will excel at physical pursuits, and see early development in his motor skills. At least it seems he's wired that way.

In any case cherish your little Bitcoin baby, because they grow into full blockchains far too fast!


Walking without support at 9 months is quite an achievement fro your daughter. As bitcoin Baby has been standing with support since 5 or 6 months old, I always thought he would walk unsupported by 9 months, but in reality he was too frightened to let go of the furniture. In the end he didn’t walk unassisted until 11 months.


That's interesting that he was too afraid to let go to start walking, but 11 months is still pretty early. With my daughter it was just the opposite. Once she was standing with support she rapidly moved to standing unassisted and then to walking. I think it all happened within a month or so.

Is baby Bitcoin an early talker too? My daughter was and now (at ~28 months) she almost never stops talking. She's a real chatterbox!

He surely is a miracle baby! I still can't believe that he lifted his head on the day of his birth! You are surely lucky with him. And baby Bitcoin is cute too! Btw, nice Iphone feature there, it is surely useful. Too sad I only have Android. Anyways, nice post and keep it going!:)

This is truly impressive for a day old baby had to believe but from what I've read in the past about our youngest steemit blogger I've always known he is special anything more would only be repeating what others are saying on the comments. Congratulations sir, I can imagine how proud of a father you are, and I know you wouldn't lie about your boy raising his head on his first day.

Wow @swissclive... So much to be happy for! Congratulations! Children of these days could have such a rapid growth. You have witnessed that of baby bit coin and such superfluous wealth your baby would roll in. Yes, in that I am confident

My goodness! He did lift his head! I was quite prepared to argue that twasnt possible that he would have been able to do so but, wow! The evidence is undisputable. You got a very special lil angel here....

And he is sooooo cute! I can imagine you've kissed him so often that he's got lip prints on his cheeks, lol. God bless you, cute lil Bitcoin

This is wonderful. Wonders will never cease to happen. It really a miracle and supper baby. I learn alot from this your write up. The iPhone, the live photo features, your personal research and your conclusion. Good work. Congratulation. Your baby is so so cute

I've never heard or seen the child raised his head in the day of his birth. This is incredible! It's a miracle! It is very good, that the iPhone has such a function "live photo", because you have evidence. Although I don't think, it's worth proving anything to people, who don't want to believe it.
I am very happy for you, your baby is very cute)

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Hahahaha... i like to question the inspiration behind his name. But for i moment I thought you were talking about the real bitcoin until i watched the video and saw subsequent photos.

Let's peg this to the story of the real bitcoin. This is one very strong that has known nothing but growth all along. So, firstly, i think Bitcoin's (your baby) strength could also be as a result of his name too.

Secondly, I don't think this is strange, but i know it's rare. I have seen babies who start to stand early, walk early, stop breastfeeding on their own and all, but also seen some who until 2 years old, they could doo all that on their own. If we through an opinion pool, we would find out Bitcoin case is only rare but happens.

Bitcoin is such a strong baby and should indeed be named blockchain baby, hahaha. Cute lil strong man Bit; the unveil of the Weird but True. He sure would be great like the real bitcoin, he already started breaking records from birth; that sign is different the sign of greatness.

Did he take cold water baths too? Kids always cry while doing so, but bitcoin is happy... hehehehe

Best regards to mom Bit.


Cold water bath? Not here! It is a very cold country. You can only have a cold bath in a hot country.


Oh... I almost forgot.... How's baby Bit today??

Cute......some years from now you will learn to read and write.... And a smile with be on your face when you read this post....congratulations @swissclive.

bitcoin baby...lovely name :)

Well i haven't seen..... Indeed a medical miracle. Congratulations

Oh wow, your baby looks very pretty and cute! How cool his name is! Also the joke about Blockchain baby is very ridiculous! press like if you think that baby is going to be a star on steemit!

wow congrats @swissclive ..d baby's name is very lovely..bitcoin baby, it has a unique hearing to it

I have since googled about babies lifting their heads on the day of their birth. So far I didn't find anything much.
It seems babies normally start to do this at one moth old, although were a small number of claims that it happened after 2 weeks or even one week.

Thanks for sharing this...i never knew babies do that...i will also make my reasearch concerning this too

On the day our baby was born he lifted his head by himself. This is a medical miracle. We told the doctors what we saw, and they said, "It's not possible. He won't do that until he's one month old." I showed them a photo . the same one that you see here. They looked at it and acted suitably impressed, but I could see they were dubious that it wasn't quite what it seemed. They seemed to think it was some kind of lucky or trick photo.

i have not seen a new born baby doing this before...i think deres somefin attached to a sign..


Wow he really is a miracle baby.... This must be a very rare thing if at all it has ever happened... lifting his head the day he was born.... wow... just wow...

he's growing up fast :) the way he started his life, I am sure you guys will see much more of his antiques in the coming few months, lolz

Hello @ swissclive!
If it were not for the video, I would not have believed it. Perhaps you have an unusual child.
Watch his development, perhaps he will surprise you more than once.
A child in the family is a blessing from heaven for parents.
I wish you patience, wisdom, strength and energy.
Let your child become healthy and happy.
Always pleases his relatives and friends with his wonderful, sincere smile!

many many Thanks for showing us this video

Intresting... Its indeed a miracle.. I hope baby "bitcoin" is good afterwards ..

truly a marvelous miracle @swissclive it is very rare to find such a baby, at a very short time. Just one word "amazing"
greetings I made the baby. ^ - ^IMG_20180205_165733.jpg


What a wonderful little girl!


thank @swissclive
little girl is my little angel 😊

A bitcoin baby, very interesting.

How curious is bitcoin looking at his mum!! Cute


Bitcoin Baby is looking at his mum and, “Who on earth are you?”

Many many congratulations.... so ...cute baby...and it’s a miracle baby is so sweet .... God bless the baby. Thanks for sharing...

This is really a super baby. This is a little bit strange but really adorable.

Congratulations @swissclive

I have featured you on my blog show, my audience is waiting to have your most valued opinion on the matter at hand.

I believe many will be encouraged by your wealth of wisdom. Please visit my last post to drop your views.

Thank you @swissclive

Cute baby of our steemit generation , so cute



· welcome@swissclive

Babies that lift their hands when born...its kind of a smart response to the environment.
Babies of nowadays are quick to everything. Responses and speech inclusive


Well maybe lifting their hands is normal, I don't know, but his head is so heavy, I don't know how he did it.

Wow!! It was taking the degree the 15 as the university ;)

I guess we have babies in common, only bitcoin babies actually do that, and baby can just decide to be big in a twinkle of an eye,


He came into this world fighting and said "I will survive". He gets so big, so quickly. Now at 1 year old he is running.


:) I have read the story and even some comments but I just had to drop a comment on this one Lolz, he is one year old and running already? Hahaha am still wowed by his awesomeness right here, it's like all new to me. I have not really seen or heard anything like this before in my entire life and am quite of age and also read a lot but nothing like this. As he has defied all odds, I pray he will grow up strong and do great things beyond his fellows, wonderful things that would impact the world. Congratulations @swissclive, he is truly a miracle baby @dee-y over and out.

Hi swissclive, it's nice to read your post again cus I've been wondering why I've not been seeing you regularly on steemit again.

I have since googled about babies lifting their heads on the day of their birth. So far I didn't find anything much.
It seems babies normally start to do this at one moth old, although were a small number of claims that it happened after 2 weeks or even one week.

Has anyone seen this happen to another baby??

To be truthful, this is the most surprising thing I've heard today. I've never heard, seen or read about it anywhere.

I'll try asking a midwife that live close to my house tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a good reply.

Thanks for sharing this. I'll do more research about it

And oh! congratulations! The baby is cute!!!


Cute baby of our steemit generation , lovely ,, so cute


I can't wait to hear what the midwife says. Even if she has seen this, I still think it must be quite unusual.


Hi @swissclive, so today I asked the midwife about this and she said she's not had the experience before in her whole medical career. Although, she said she's heard about this from those in the profession and she's read about it too.

I showed her the video and she smiled. She said the baby is cute and will be a strong boy. She also said she prays she encounters this kind of event soon.


Thanks for asking the mid-wife. I am glad you showed her the video. I think without video evidence there would always be a question about what happened, when it happened and how significant it was. We sometimes laugh at the fishermen who show us the size of the giant fish that got away. Over the years the size just gets bigger.

waiting for new post... 😍

Hello @swissclive! Amazing Bitcoin baby! God bless it.. :)
I mentioned you in my last post, you was the one who filled my proposal of SP on MinnowBooster.

Maybe you wanna take a look, but well in summary i just say thanks to you.

Have an amazing day lady, and enjoy that cute baby! =)


I’ll head on over and see what use you make of the delegation...


Well i'm sure you saw what i'm doing with the delegation :)) You was right, the SP is like a Lamborghini, people wanna ride on it.. so yeah. Its a good way to promote and make everyone notice a bit about you.

Anyways thanks you so much swiss, hope you could fill me another one soon or later, have a good day lady, and thanks again.



Have you thought about doing a blog tutorial on how to borrow steempower?

You could discuss the advantages and motivations, and discuss the pros and cons about whether it is better to try and borrow small amounts or a single large amount. You could talk about the choice of delegation period. Is 1 week or many weeks better?

I think alot of people would be interested to learn how to do it.

There seem to be plenty of blogs from the point of viewof the delegator,(me), but I have never seen anything from the point of view of the delegatee (you).

One specific advantage that I see is self-defence. “You won’t get attacked if you own a gun.”

Everyone has their reason to want to borrow my Lambo. They are all different.

Here is an example: I can park my Lambo in your drive on the day you throw a party. It impresses your guests. They think you have friends in high places.


Jejejejeje I have a good friend in a high place, has caused a great impression, from time to time he leaves his lambo in front of my house. Now everyone wants to be his friend, and that just starts the party.
The only bad thing is that I can not go to visit him, first I must buy a good jacket, he live in the high mountains and it is very cold there. I'm sure that someday I'll go visit him.


Well, your baby must be a super baby. A quick check on the internet says at birth the baby's muscle are fairly weak therefore they have little or no control over their head movement, at least it should be a few weeks for the quickest (unconfirmed ) cases. So am surprise with your own story.

Make sure to keep an eye on him when growing up so he won't be beating up his friends and classmates, cause he seems to posses super strong muscles.


Yes, you are right. Babies should not be able to lift their heads until around 1 month old according to what I read. This was really unusual for me. On the video, you can hear me saying "wow!" as it happens. I was so lucky to capture this short live photo at just the right moment.

Wow! Congratulations dearie, I haven't seen a new baby doing that, he his a miracle baby , no doubt.
I think babies of this generations act and grow really fast too, and he his adorable too.


He is adorable! Lucky us!

Your baby is really a medical marvel! Blockchain really would be more suitable, in retrospect!

I saw the video @swissclive and I must say its miracle.

Even I told my wife to see the video and she also said its really a miracle and she said for new born baby to lift head it takes normally 3 to 4 months time at least and this baby is so special.

The photographs of your baby is adorable too and he is looking so cute and I love all those photographs and particularly the one in bath tub and I have tons of wishes for your baby and your blockchain baby will make every moment of your life memorable and I am sure both your lucky to each other.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Wow....i love the memories you have put together of his pictures....really nice...hello bitcoin baby.....make mummy proud everyday..

HELLO mam @swissclive hope that you like your today's return and also the average return on your investment. thanks for your delegation and expected a long term relation with you.


I just did the maths. It was the best!


I am glad to inform you that we have increased reward payout to 95% that means from now you and anyone who delegated will get 10% extra earning from @spydo, the rest of 5% belongs to software provider else we might had returned that too. I hope you will appreciate that.
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This is good news. I would like to have a private chat about this. I couldn’t find you in steemit chat. How do I reach you?


ok if you want to do chat with me you may join me on discord and with name of @funatoz
or you can also join our discord channel name is also funatoz

Hello @swissclive, it's a geeat morning over here in Africa and i hope your morning is going great with your family also. I have been worried not reading any of your latest post and today makes it a good 11 days you last posted. As for me, i always get renewed and refreshed learning from your post and above all, i am just using this medium to confirm if you are in good condition, if your wife health is also in good condition and the miraculous baby "bitcoin" if he is very sound too.


I don't know if this message looks like spamming to you but you already know @tyrex has zero tolerance for spammers on this platform. It seems you are not always on discord, there is no other way to chat you up, if there is, i would have done that secretely. Just checking on you and my regards to your family, from africa.


Best regards my friend @tyrex. There's alot of fun posts I want to make on steemit and I have many ideas. Sometimes real life just gets very busy. it stops my on-line life for a while. Any way I hope to be backwith some very interesting posts very soon, as soon a the real world gives me a little time.