Abandoned in Bonaire- Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.22 - 'Water' #aswcontest

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This week's Abandoned Shit Weekly theme is water.

You can check out the rules by going to #customnature's site here-ASWContest

My entry is a photo from my archives of a boat that had washed up on the shore in Bonaire.


l'm not much of a sailor, but it no longer looks too seaworthy to me!



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the boat is still intact why not use it again

Who knows, maybe they did!

That first photo is a really great shot.

Thanks, Jacey! I'm glad you like it!

By the name of the abandoned boat it seems from here in Venezuela there is a place called La Guaira

You are probably exactly right! Bonaire and Venezuela are only 50 miles apart. That's as close as I've ever come to being at your home!

Pretty close! Hopefully we will be closer. I told my mother that next year I would like to go to the USA she says that if I propose it I can achieve it. Hopefully if ... Just the light has just arrived! Apparently this not having light will be every day

Really... Being without electricity is happening every day? And your mom is right... Hold on to your dreams!

If these last days are gone. Today we were like until 11 o'clock in the morning without light and then he came back, and then he went back as from 1 to 3 I hope he does not leave tonight...

At my house when the power goes out I am no longer able to get water from my faucet in the kitchen sink. The pump will not work if there is no electricity. So I do have water stored in big jugs, and I'm lucky that if it were to last for a really long time I do have water right outside in the spring, and I have a filter that I could put it through. Do you have to worry about drinking water if the power stays out for very long?

No less bad that is not a problem. Our water is from the spring and we always have it.

Oh, that is good! And you do not need to worry so much about having a way to keep warm like we do, so that is good. I have natural gas for my stove burners for cooking and I have a natural gas fireplace in the living room that will work without electricity.

How has your day been?

A really lazy day today! I should have done some laundry, but kept putting it off, and now it will simply have to wait until tomorrow! 😁 and tomorrow is Shadow contest day- putting out the winners post and the announcing the next contest for next week seems to fill a big portion of my day! Posts take a lot of time don't they?

good boat, then can i know what to open the site?

The site for the contest? I included the link in my post and you would be welcome to join in.

Thank you friend. I am interested in joining

That would be great... I also shared the contest post on my page. Let me know if you have questions I can help with.

Nice entry, I like it! Good luck!

Thanks so much, luv! I could tell that it had been sitting there for a while because of how rusty the stones were all around it.

I'm always telling people how fortunate they are to find such things around them. You don't really see these here. Which is good for the city.
There were times when cars and garbage were left on the side of the roads but not any more, which is good for the city and people and bad for me as a photographer 😊

I understand. You would never find that here either. Maybe in some rural areas back In the weeds behide behind someone's barn you might find a rusting car or an old junk pile, but the scrap yards pay for old metal, so it all usually gets collected and hauled off for scrap.

That's the way it should be. I was shocked to see hangin's entry for last week, a plain junkyard next to apartment buildings. I would not want to look at rusty plains every day from my living room. He won all right but still, as from the city point of view it's sad. And that was not the only one.
He had another photo of some really old houses, in a really deplorable state, next to some luxury buildings. Looks like in Thailand that's normal.

They have become very modern very quickly, so I'm sure it is to be expected. Sometimes here our zoning is so strict that no one is allowed to do anything for fear of not complying with the rest of the neighborhood. It gets restrictive and downright boring. I think towns and neighborhoods should be allowed to have a little personality of their own without tons of rules. In my neighborhood you cannot leave a car parked outside in your own driveway overnight. It has to be put away in a garage.

Is there a law for that or just a city regulation? On the other hand your driveway is your property, you do whatever you want with it. That's not fair. They street is not your property, it's understandable if you're not allowed to leave your car on the streets, but the driveway ... Unbelievable!

It's a neighborhood association rule. I break it all the time when the kids are here for the weekend and no one has said anything in the 20 years I have lived here. I think the concern is for someone parking a car there that no longer runs and leaving it sit there for 3 years. My daughter can have cars in her drive on the other side of town. My neighborhood tells me I can't have a clothesline, either. My daughter can.

Fab photos, wonder why they don't restore the boat :)

Maybe they did. It just happened to be washed up on the beach the day I visited

Wow perfect time for you. Lucky shot :)

Great photos. Maybe to good of a photo subject to be "shit" lol

Haha! Thanks! I never thought of it like that! I guess I was focused on 'abandoned'!

howdy melinda010100! wow that's a good sized boat to get washed up on shore isn't it? very interesting!

It appeared to have been there for a while because the rocks on the shore all around it were covered in rust.

amazing. the water is so powerful.

Nice one a few Band-Aids and a paint job and you can take it out fishing with you again :)

It appears to have been able to cross the sea from Venezuela to Bonaire all by itself!

WOW...That's amazing but there might has been a ghost at the paddles you never know right..hehe :)

Probably a couple of drunken sailor ghosts out for a joyride!

Haha...lol :)

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