Guess The Witness - Steemdice for Witnesses

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Witness voting is an unpopular and boring thing, it seems.
What do they even do?

What most of the do, I have no idea.
But what their server do, you can see in the blockchain.
Every 3 seconds a new block is build.
By one of them.
But by who?
This is calculated by a complex semi random algorithm or magic.
Anyway, it is for a normal person hard to guess, it seems random, but one thing is sure, every minute any Top 20 gets to make one.
But who exactly?
This will be our half random seed for:

Guess The Witness

Make a guess and send 0.002 SBD to @gtw with your guessed witness in memo.
Like this:

If you are right and the block, that includes your transfer was build by the mentioned witness, you win 0.021 SBD!
I tried it and failed so far:

Here you can find a list of the Top 50 witnesses

Don't send anything but '0.002 SBD'.

No refunds for STEEM or obscure amounts of SBD!

How to rig the game

First, you need a full node.
Then you need to get the witness table for the next minute.
get your ntp up to date.
Everything needs to be synced!
guess any of the top 20, those will show up every minute.
Now you know the exact time your guess will make a block.
3 seconds before this witness makes it, you node has to execute the transfer.
Easy peasy.
You built a $1000 System to drain the @gtw account of some SBD.

What is the goal?

To create awareness.
Minnows are not interested in Witness voting. Most of them don't even know, what that is.
At least this game helps a bit, to get their attention.
.. I hope ..

Did you know, you can vote for me as witness and get a passive income doing so.


Greetings @isnochys, I had come across some spam that your bot had upvoted. Would you please be so kind as to review? I was told you do maintain a blacklist and think such would be appropriate in this case.

I tried to get in touch with you on Discord to no avail so figured I'd try here.

So ganz verstehe ich das Spiel noch nicht, weswegen ich jetzt wahrscheinlich weiter oben geschriebenes wiederhole. Man schickt dem Account ein paar SBD-Cent ;) und trägt einen Namen ein und wenn zufällig der Node dieses Witnesses den nächsten Block erzeugt, hat man gewonnen und bekommt sein Geld zurück?

According to paulag (I've omitted @ here not to point her here ;o)) people with less than 500 SP are redfish, not minnows. I don't think most of them care not about witnesses.

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Isn't that nice.. That's a first!

I'm a little denied about the selection of witnesses now very few people are picking witnesses because most of the steemians do not want to vote for witnesses because a witness does not pay attention to those who vote for him ... including I do not want to pick a witness who never enters my blog post ... they are just looking for a profit for her alone ...

And yet you only vote for Top 20 Witnesses..this is weird ..

Because they entered my blog post even though only once they entered ..

this doesn't make sense, but good luck with it!

i like you content.

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