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Hello Artzonians, it is your girl @chiama, here to present to you a one in a kind contest.

As you all know, @artzone has a mission to ensure that artists of various genres earn a living doing what they love. The painters, graphic designers and musicians have benefitted from this. However, there has been a category that we have not explored. That category is SPOKEN WORD.


Are you a poet with the ability to say words in such a way that is thrilling and captivating to an audience? This contest is for you!!!

  • Upload a video of yourself performing your spoken word poetry.
  • Use the hash tag #spokenart

The deadline for entries is when this post pays out.


There shall be 3 winners chosen and they will be given 15 SBD each

I cannot wait to watch all the entries. Tell a friend to tell a friend.


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I did, Thank you


KCPWESH Means - Kayode's Perfect Words Executing Solace Hierachichally


This is my entry for the #spokenart contest organized by @artzone.

Good fate to all the contestants

@chiama and @surfyogi what a wonderful job you are doing with art on thr steemit platform, may you be increased by the Good Lord.

Allow me to drop my entry.

Here is my entry
I hope that you enjoy it.....

Theres my entry, thanks for this amazing contest to reward the creativity behind poetry and spoken word

It's better late than never, not participating in this wouldnt have made me much happier. I finally made it before the time frame elapses.
I salute the initiator of this and i saw welldone to all artzone team most importantly @surfyogi

Here is my entry

This is my entry;

Thanks @surfyogi and @artzone for organizing a creative, empowering and motivating contest as such. Am sorry my entry is almost late, it was because i encountered problem uploading it since about four hours ago. It's been an honour participating.

This is amazing @artzone
You always bring ; new, innovative ideas.

Muaaaa ! 💋 for the team.


I'm thinking we need to see your entry!


Already on it's way...💋

I want to enter too; I just won't accept any prizes ;-)

Sequence 03.Still002.jpg


Haaa not for you boss


I'll do one for you then hahsha


Quite nice Sir..🙂😉

Are i am eligible to participate.


Yes, anyone may participate.
Follow artzone, and use the #artzone tag, and post your entry in the comments here.


Okk sir

Here is another entry, just to liven things up around here!

Dad and Dana - Dirty Purlple Birds.jpg

Finally my art and craft has been given a voice. 🙌

Please can i upload audio? I would love that

@artzone she deserves to be winner. congrats to her.

This is really awesome!! :)

I really really love this cant wait for all the entries @chiama

I like what you say in this post @artzone

Hello friend great contest, greetings!

heey, can i participate in spanish?


Please make your entry in English. So the judges can understand the message you are passing across.

I love your mission and that’s great that you are adding poetry as a category 👍🏻❤️☺️

This is me, let's get this done fast. I love this...

@artzone you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

very good post really interesting

Great art good work @artzone

great art and nice videos

Very good Nice @artzone

Giving Poet a voice and platform to redefine written poetry
Good work

...interesting! Maybe will be featured here 1 day...