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After weeks of being on exile which was not purposely my doing, the first act i will be indulging myself in here on my beloved platform is "spokenwordart", an initiative of @artzone.
As we know @artzone to be majorly for artist, good in drawing and painting which i'm obviously not good at, I choose to do this as i see it as an opportunity to show the part of me that is artistic.
I say thanks to the initiator @surfyogi for giving me a voice and to all artzone team for their support.

Ever desire something and end up not getting it?

Ever wanting to possess something and it ends up being a fantasy?

Ever wanting to be a custodian of something and it ends up being a mere dream?

The simple reason may be lack passion

Do you desire success in any endeavour? Then you need to consciously work it out and be passionate about it
Stop fantasizing it. With passion you can get there.
“Until you are passionate about your desire, it will end up a fantasy”
Remember the words of A German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”

It's never too late for you to join and let's hear you speak, check this link for further details
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