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Hi Everyone!

This is the third drawing of a mythological character, the first one I presented was the fairy of the lake, then I introduced the maiden of the reef, now I present a dryad.

The dryads are nymphs of the forests with specifically feminine forms, their characteristics vary according to the type of Dryad that is, because there are different known by the name of the species of the tree that they live or care. it is said that their lives take the same time, that of the tree to which they are united. they can control it's tree in such a way that; they can make it bloom at any time, they can move the branches and roots, and also make them grow. They are really impressive!

In this way I made a nymph with the hair of leaves, flowers and some plants that are born on the trees, so that they looked very similar to the dryads


❢Materials I used:❢

Color Pencils: Faber Castell, Paper-Mate and Prismacolor.
Graphite pencil HB.
Drawing sheet.

✽Here I show the step by step of the drawing:✽

Step 1: realization of the sketch.

IMG A1.jpg

Step 2: I started painting the face with light pink and brown for the shadows. for the iris of the eye; I used green and black color. As in other works, I paint the right side of the face first and then compare it with the left side and think about the details that I am going to add.

IMG A2.jpg

Step 3: I painted the whole face.

IMG A3.jpg

Step 4: I painted the body of the dryad and made a wreath of blue daisies.

IMG A4.jpg

Step 5: in this step; I drew some mushrooms that came out of his shoulder, something very original and different so that nature would be seen as part of his body. Then I painted her hair, adding leaves and branches.

IMG A5.jpg

Step 6: In this step I continued painting the hair. At first I had my doubts about how I should add the details, but little by little I was drawing in such a way that it does not lose the resemblance to human hair.

IMG A6.jpg

Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved

and here I am with the drawing.

IMG .jpg

Then I present the three mythological characters

IMG B.png

If you want to see the publications of the other two characters, here are the links

Drawing. The Fairy of The Hidden Lagoon

Drawing. Maiden of the Reef.


I hope you liked this new drawing. Thank you for reading, you can support my work with upvote, follow or refeem, I will be totally grateful. You can also leave your comments, I would love to know what you think of my work.

Blessings steemit.

Until next time!


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What a beautiful drawing, Francis. Great job. And excellent post,too. 😃


Hey @trincowski, thank you very much for your comments.
Greetings and blessings.

She is a beautiful dryad, Francis. I like all the flowers and plants that you drew here though that mushroom that grow from her is quite frightening, but then again, she's a spirit of nature so she's definitely fine with them :).


I think that fungus is incredible, I think it was a good idea because it looks great, although terrifying, hehehe
thank you @scrawly

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Thank you very much for always supporting my works of art

Your work is very beautiful, I love all the atmosphere that you did in addition to that I love butterflies and their illustration has them. ;)


hey @yanes94, thank you very much I'm glad to have you here and that you liked my work, I feel honored because, you do an amazing job, thanks for commenting.


Thank you for your kind comment ... just keep creating wonderful art like the one you did. ;)

It will be a pleasure to see you.

very nice picture, @francisftlp :) i think you nailed the 'dryad' look very well ! the colours are super nice, too, she's alive and full with nature <3 <3 <3

lovely presentation of your step by step, as always <3


Thank you so much @veryspider, really she has many beautiful details, I am glad to know that I did a great job with her, and I made her see the nature around her.

Good artworks! @francisftlp! You know a lot about crayons.


Well, I know very little, and with that knowledge I manage to do incredible things.
Nice to meet you @yurche

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