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Hi. It's been 28 days since I posted something. Had to deal with lot of chores... Help run other's business while they were on vacation at the same time I had to deliver work... I myself went to the beach on a beautiful state called Nayarit here in Mex for a few days, also a friend that went to NZ to work/live came here to the small shitty... I mean city I live now XD, hadn't seen him since 4 and a half years so we spent like 3 days drinking beer... like troglodites haha... -_-

I've been doing the animations of 2 characters for this fighting-in-near-zero-gravity videogame... tons of work even though they're not that many frames. Also made a website for a Melbourne based mexican-inspired bar and dinning. And I'm sure I'm missing something else...

So today I put together this animated gif for showcasing some actions and/or moveset of the base characters of this game I've been working on last few months. I spent all day just putting together the gif, the frames of each animations -the drawings- were already finished. But I added some stuff. Right now here's almost 2 AM.

So I have lots of files of each set of frames separately. I copy pasted each individual frame from each one of those files.

This one for instance has 5 frames.

This it's only 1 frame.

Because I pasted them frames in a bigger canvas they got pasted at the same "y" coordinate but not at the same "x" coordinate. So I used those cyan blue lines of the above images...


Along with the lines formed by the 3 colored areas of the above image as a reference to move each frame to a correct place.


I added the text below each frame to define the action. I also changed the background to just one color, but to add a little drama I changed the color to a more bright one on the frames when hits where conected. Even in the frames where hits are blocked there's a super subtle change of color.

So here's the gif:


I don't think it will end looking like this when in-game. They have to code how a character will react to interactions, I mean if a hit connects how many frames would last the "hurt" state. Or the throw how long will it be. The dash how fast. The speed of the frames. Also the hit and block fx ought to be different etc...

But here's a bigger version:

Been a long day but was fun... I actually made another gif with a few more moves, but they seem too flat without fx, and I am to wearied to pull them off. But here's the gif wth:


c ya next post...

The videogame Alternate Space is developed by Sodium Games


Hehehe it's really cute when they're standing and charging up.

The wind that's reflected on the clothes and hair really make the animation full of visual movement. Also I really like the lighting that you did here, making it all looks more alive.

Did you make this animation on Photoshop?

Nice one, znkdchan.

Yo me friend! Yes I used the photochopz... is sometimes really frustrating to animate there. I wanna make the jump to krita but with my current OS it's a nono.

Hehehe it's really cute when they're standing and charging up.

What?! They should look badass not cute XD

Thanks mate.

XD thanks mate!

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I like the overall architecture, the shape, of the animation, but there's something about the way that the feet slide around on the horizontal axis that really seems to make the overall actions a little bit to floaty. The feet need to be grounded and anchored to the place where they're standing in order to give the whole action a greater sense of authority and kinesis.

In particular, the punch animation has the back leg sliding backwards which really robs it of a feeling of solid connection. The front leg lifting and supporting for the thrust works, the back leg losing traction does not. The grab and throw feels like both arms need to be involved or the character needs to get closer to the target before the actual throw behavior begins.

The aim and fire animations are nicely grounded and sell the feeling that there is some effort going on. Less so in the guy's case because he seems to be half floating during most of that cycle; you might want to think about just committing to going completely off the ground and pointing his ankles downward during the whole thing to sell that idea.

Otherwise, really good.

Hey! Thanks for detailed feedback. Really appreciate this kind of substantial input.

First let me say that I had to stick to sprites that were already made. So I had to follow the line of that first art and re-draw most poses and moves. Some I essentially changed but some I had to stick to them. Previous art functioned as a sort of concept guide.

About the floaty feet. You're absolutely right, but the thing is this game is about fighting in near-zero gravity, so these guys never touch the ground, they're always floating. Think goku fighting in the air. This in particular was challenging, cuz when I was sketching most actions my mind just didn't compute the physics involved lol, I was a little frustrated. But I resolve to maintain the center of gravity around the belly for the most part.

The grab and throw were a pain, I wanted to do something á la street fighter, but had to stick to the previous art and there the grab was with just one hand.

Same for the aim and fire animations, the girl's one is inspired by goku (kamehameha) and the guy's by piccolo. Also had to stick to the previous art.

I'm gonna put together a gif inverting the characters - now the guy's gonna hit, hopefully in a few hours.

Thanks again for the nice comment!

Hello @znkd, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thanks for the support!

i love this!

PUNCHHHHHHHHH~ gosh, i wanna learn how to animate so bad~

and wow, zeen's been busy ! it's great to catch up with friends and be like troglodytes for a bit XD

you've got NZ/Melbourne connections also??? That's so coincidental! The Steemian I had a meet up with was also doing a NZ/Melbourne connections


Yo! Yes I have a few friends in NZ, Melbs and Dai Nippon.


Haha, no thing would make me happier dude!

you'll have to mind the cockpit space! you'll be sharing it with a tall, blonde, surfer australian dude !!!

I'll be prepared. Plus, I'm a rather compact fellow. Won't be on the way of my dude the viking god.

I just realized jaeger jaeger... the big ass mechas!!! Because of the sync thing!!! Hahaha I thought for a moment there were some vehicles called jaeger there on the pacific...r... ahem... Hahahaha. I'm sleepy already. Mate I'd love to. But we need to have a badass name for our jaeger. Absolutely.

Yea boy, youre on the trending page :D

Wha?! Perhaps was one of those glitches because of the hardfork? XD

Nah it was cuz we've flagged all the shit away :D

Oh the free downvotes pool party Oo0