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"Alternate Space" is a game developed by Sodium Games in which I'm participating with art. Is a fighting -in low gravity- game with a pixel art oriented aesthetics. I'll be posting some of the work I've been making for this game here, first the logo:

This is the final logo. But it was not always like this. At the beginning...

I started making some super low res fonts.
Are those legible?

Then I sketched some rough ideas. This was the first batch:

They asked for some polishing and animation proposals for the logo's background. This came up:

They liked "D" proposal. I tried then various color schemes and font variations:

Then tried text stacked vertically and some motifs variation to see how it looked:

Sadly (for me) they preferred other font instead of the pixel artsy one. So I went and work on integrating the font.
Also try some other variations and approaches:

I'm kind of stubborn so I send a proposal for pixel art fonts. These were almost the finals:

The animation part began:


These are the finals:

The one I wished to see:

And the final Sodium Games' direction:

I've been working also in a pair of characters, I redesigned them and animate various moves.

I'll tease you this gif with the idle stance animation and the punch:


I'll write about the character redesign and the move-set animation in future posts :)

All images belong to Sodium Games. All rights reserved.


You made them Alternate Space, they asked for alternate font xD

All the concepts are cool it's hard to decide which one to pick if I was the client/company. I love pixel-art, and am looking forward to seeing those 2 characters of yours.

Also, I don't mean to be a grammar nazi or anything, but you might want to fix your gaming tag, just letting you know so that your post can get more visitors from the gaming tag...

hahah gamming. Thanks:)

Damn! I just love ur style :)

When will I be able to play? :D

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Mate! Don't know exactly when they`ll release it. But will let you know.

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Thnks <3!

ama-zeeeeeeeeeeen <3 you are always knocking my socks off with how wonderful you are <3 the way you explore and work through the fonts and design elements are very thoughtful, zeen and I really like that vintage gaming vibes you got going with the final logo :D

love the animations of the characters too <3 hope to see you post more about this game for sure, aaaaaaaah i love it <333333333333

Hope u don't suffer cold without your socks XD Hahahaha. Thanks for all the love. It goes back at u.

Cool cool cool! On my eye all these logotypes are pretty awesome. You could use them alternatively I think :)

Haha. I think it would look cool an animation between the two topographies... alternating! May try it.

this is insane!. love what you did with the pixel font. But you know... clients...


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Thanks! It's their baby, so is cool XD Cheers to you :)