🎨 The Schindler collection and his "Glanzschnabeltukan"

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One of these titles where I struggle with the translation. In German its quite simple... the bird's name. "Glanzschnabeltukan". Deepl suggests "shiny-billed Toucan". Close enough?

Just realizing, that its been some 8 month ago, when I first told the story of how I met Mr. Schindler and how he became a very important collector and later a good friend.

This is one of the earlier paintings in his collection. He fell in love with it at first sight so to speak. Plus he always had a good eye when it came to seeing, when I was trying something new. The toucan was one of the first pieces where I played with transparencies in reverse glass paintings. It isn't as refined as later works with different grades of transparency... here the glass is either transparent or not. One can see the background is set back about 1cm by the shadow of the frame.

And of course there are some heels and wheels 😎


I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



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Thank you for enjoying my art! :-)

I enjoy seeing this unique piece. ☺


Thank you very much, for taking a look :-)

I don't know this specific bird, but would like to - maybe he could teach me how to ride one of those penny-farthing bikes. I never heard that name "Glanzschnabeltukan" (shiny-billed Toucan is close enough). They are smart birds and I enjoy visiting the "Haus des Meeres" in Vienna. I think there is one in there, as far as I can remember - quite curious and not shy at all (would have to dig through my albums to find).
PS: I am disappointed with #bescouted - now if you can tell me what is wrong with my latest post on there, I sure like to hear it (check my comment on it for details): Pelicans


I better go check that out the next time I'm in Vienna!

Hm... don't know, why that happened on Bescouted. Yeah... the swans should definitely be naked to blend in. But that's an issue you will have on all model-photographer sites...


haha, maybe because they were not swans but pelicans, and they were in heat: you can tell that one is a "ready" male by the horn on his beak, i.e. a horny pelican! So I was told .........


Haha.. some bird expert I am. Darn pictures are so small on the phone too! Will have to check the horn on the PC 🤓


I don't do Steemit on the phone. It's not safe (for me), only my laptop. I posted about Kati Astraeir getting hacked, and that's how it happened, via phone, because of phishing, and she could not see the difference between steemit and stecmit (I asume, because that was the hacker who stole her money).

I love the art! I came to love birds years ago. Their unbidden audacious flamboyance... and there is no greater example than the toucan. Yours is quite a blend of bird beings with a duckish body, the glorious golden beak, and of course - high heels and wheels. 😊

Also I love the title anytime you use a German word. German words are so different from English to me, and so outrageous with their love of consonants (6 in a row above?!)


I like birds too, ofthen watch them here around the house. Nothing extravagant, mostly blackbirds, magpies, ravens and small birds of prey... would be nice to live in an area, where one can see all these colorful ones for real!

Haha.. that German. Must be for you, like Polish is for me! Talk about consonants! The whole language is made almost exclusively from those 😜

This is awesome! I love birds and toucans are one of the coolest birds. This definitely reminds me of a toucan.

I'd call it 'Toucanicorn Rides Unicycle'
toucan x unicorn


Haha.. love your title! Actually a lot more creative than mine... I should suggest it to the owner of the painting :-)

How imaginative, @reinhard-schmid! And get a load of the gams on that Toucan!


Thanks a lot, glad you like it. :-)

I love your 'heels and wheels' :)

This one has such a different colour story and is that gold leaf on there as well?


Thank you, as always, for stopping by. You have such sharp eye. Yes, there is gold leaf. I had forgotten all about it. Of course You saw it! :-)

Adorable ! I love this one very much ! I love the oversized toucan's head and beak and his undersized body wings and then the legs and bicycle !! Beautiful colours, too <3 So very precious~


Thank you, glad you like it. It is an older pieces from a time where I did a lot of comic style and caricatures. :-)