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Round 5 in the @MakersPlace Digital Art contests and this time, the theme is "BOLD". After giving it some thought, I decided, to build my piece on a painting I did some 2 years ago. It was made for the project "Legendary Divinities" for the international artist group "Libellule".

The original large oil painting (195x130cm) was first introduced to the public at the "Salon Comparaisons" at the Grand Palais in Paris. Just like "Sac Surprise" I wrote about, a little while ago.

For my contest piece, I completely changed the feeling to make it fit the theme:


My plan was, to create a bold presence, with bold colors and composition. Also a bold contrast with the complementary colors red and green. Combined with a hypnotizing look and movement.

I took my original "Mad. Butterfly"...


added some of my favorite elements, like a daisy from another painting


and my "swirls"


Then I ran the file through the Image Glitch Tool to see, where it might take me.

The hardest part is always to choose the one I like the best...




Finally I arrived at a version, that looked good for the direction I wanted to take:


In Photoshop, I created a composite of my original painting and the glitch files for reference. The goal was, to create similar colors and a hint of the effects, without the actual glitches. Got there with a number of color overlays, with different composition methods and masks applied. Also added the "cut outs", along which the swirls were to move.

After some fine tuning of the colors, I moved each element on its own layer for the following animation in Adobe Animate.

The animation was to intensify the bold presence even more. The movement of the daisy resembling the vibration of a big engine and the swirls hinting the up and down of wings.


The finished piece was tokenized on MakersPlace, where it can now be found in my store

Proof of Authenticity: https://makersplace.com/authenticity/0x2a46f2ffd99e19a89476e2f62270e0a35bbf0756/275/


I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork



See more of my work on BeScouted

My tokenized collectible art at

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I like how you show and describe the steps you took to get to the finished product. I used to do that some time ago and I need to get back to doing it again. Thanks for reminding me!

I outlined the steps, because I always find it interesting, when someone else does it. There would be a lot of details to be covered, but I think it would have made the post too long.

I like to see that you combined different artworks that you had already to create a new one for this contest. It's definitely bold in many aspects. Colors, various shapes and especially her eyes. They are mesmerizing and creepy at the same time :)

Well done Reinhard! Have a lovely Sunday! I'm sure that the weather is similar to here so you can enjoy a lot of sun and pleasant temperature :)

I have always liked the technique of collage and since there is always some copyright issue, I just take my own work for the pieces :-)

Yes, you got it absolutely right with the eyes and that moving "third eye" is supposed to make that effect even stronger.

Although I think your climate is significantly milder than it is here, we too enjoy the first warm spring weather. Café terrasse was ful to capacity for breakfast... how is your restaurant coming along?

This is definitely a bold piece of wonderful! I am so glad to see you posting and sharing this hypnotic artwork with us.

I love how you took different aspects and pulled them all together to create it.

Thank you and I hope for a nice day for you!


Thank you very much for your kind words. Wishing you a great day as well! 🌞

First Impression: Modern Day Ishtar.

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

That's really nice
The colours are definitely bold
I stared at it for along time
And the animated spirals...
Everything about it, I really like :)

Thank you so much for your kind comment... almost looks like a poem, I like that!

An artist would see poetry in that ;p

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Cordial thanks for your kind attention 🤩

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Thanks a lot for the badge and the upvote!

The final result is amazing and very very different from the original painting:) You really gave it a new life:)

Thanks a lot to the wizard of collage!

Oh, you are more than welcome 😊 I am hosting a collage contest, do you think you will have time to take part? 😊

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Sounds great, I'll check it out!

I am very glad😊

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Truly, a very BOLD piece, @reinhard-schmid :D You have changed the colours into a stark contrast that it completely brings a different vibe! This variation feels artistically kitschy and really neat :D I love all the glitches effect so much !

I really like how you're reinterpreting your works through these digital variations/effects, Reinhard :) But I do love, LOVE, L O V E your original styles so much * ___ * You have such a distinctive and beautiful signature in your artworks !!! <3

Good luck in the contest !

Thank you so very much for your kind and detailed comment. I do like my original very much myself, but for the contest I wanted a completely different look. And using my own work for my collage, keeps me safe from copyright issues ;-)

My goodness!! I loveeee it!!


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Glad you do, thanks a lot! 🌲 🌳🌞🌲 🌳


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