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While I'm currently spending a lot of my time on a commissioned portrait, I still like to explore the possibilities of digital art. One tool I came to like here recently is the Deep Dream Generator

At first I tried to figure it out with the so called styles provided there by other users. You can apply them to photos you upload and choose from three different ways to do that.

"Deep Style" seems to be the most popular option. I too like it, as you can apply a certain look or style from one picture to another. I found three of my own pictures which produced decent results and decided to "mix" them with my tarot cards as a whole series with all the different themes...

Today I'm starting with "0 - The Fool" as the style and apply it to the three pictures I chose for this project.

First a detail of my large oil painting Revelation


A photo of my sweetheart


And a detail of another painting


And here is what Deep Dream Generator made of them, after I fine tuned my settings:







Curious how they will turn out next, with "I - The Magician" applied to them...

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



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Hello! I really really love your oil painting, Revolution ((:

It's so detailed and so beautiful!!

That oil painting was probably the most elaborate I made to date, glad you like it :-)

Oh, wow! This deep dream generator really is quite fascinating and I love the effect it has!

Revelation is lovely. I like seeing only pieces of a person, letting my imagination guess the rest. You have a lovely woman by your side.

Life is good.


Thank you for your kind compliments!

That deep dream generator is quite addictive although it can be challenging to get some decent results.

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Many thanks as always for your kind attention, I really appreciate it!

I would like to try this deep dream generator one day :O They make such interesting effects on images, really makes them look and feel like they are seen through a dreaming person's inner eye :O

Its quite addictive and I constantly get to my limit. With the computing power involved, you can only do a small number of pieces per hour/day and you always see something you want to change and try!

Deep dream generator is very interesting in idea and result😊 I am looking forward for more😊😊

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Been playing around with it quite a bit. I want to find some images which will look good with all my tarot cards as the sources.

I too was introduced to this tool a couple of months back and like playing around with it
The colour combination on all three are nice.. I do like bright colours :D

I like the bright colors too... and the surprise when you see the new creation by the generator :-)

Interesting how it turned out but still I like your original oil painting. Does it automatically generate that green hue or you could select which color to use?

Very beautiful.

cool stuff!

I like how the originals came out after the transformation. They lost some of their cleanliness which I indeed love!

Let the thing do it's thing just manipulating it a little but not to the fullest, is what I call "the remaining miracle".

Have a great Saturday, my friend!

That’s pretty cool! The eyes on the third piece especially have become something new.

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