Chickenosaurus (WIP)

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Gallus gallus domesticus Theropoda!

I am working on the first layer of the balloon. The rope anchoring the balloon to the basket will be the colors of a rainbow.

I will be leaving the foreground and the background blank. I will be enhancing the clouds with white gouache and strengthening the shadows of the balloons folds. As soon as I am done with the balloon and when the paint and paper dries I will strip off the masking fluid, which is a glue I painted the balloons with to protect the paper. Masking fluid is an easy way to cover paper that you want to protect while covering large areas with paint.

18 x 24inch pen and ink, watercolor and gouache

I spent a lovely day working on comments from my previous articles. I enjoy talking to you all and using your ideas in my work. I added a sky into my painting while keeping my background and foreground blank. I was able to use your ideas, thank you so much!

How birds evolved from dinosaurs.n the 1990s, an influx of new dinosaur fossils from China revealed a feathery surprise. Though many of these fossils lacked wings, they had a panoply of plumage, from fuzzy bristles to fully articulated quills. The discovery of these new intermediary species, which filled in the spotty fossil record, triggered a change in how paleontologists conceived of the dinosaur-to-bird transition. Feathers once thought unique to birds, must have evolved in dinosaurs long before birds developed. The dinosaur and the gravity paradox.

Prisma color pencil on mixed media paper, 2014

Can We Grow A Chicken As Big As A Dinosaur?



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I like this illustration! Specially the sky which is show on the phase of balloon! Amazing artwork is building again! This is what you always do my dear friend!


Thank you @theguruasia, fantasy work is always fun. I am going to write a little story to go along with this painting.

Interesting painting :) The balloon reminds me somehow of the sacred flower of life :D -


@glodflesh I was thinking about flower petels when I drew out the designs. Everything is fractalishes ;-) The flower of life is a beautiful design you can find everywhere.

maaf @reddust, apakah anda seorang seniman? lukisan anda sangat indah, seandainya saya yang melukisnya mungkin pada balonnya saya akan memberi warna campuran antara coklat, dan merah, karena saya sangat kacau dalam mengambar, gambar saya semua bernuansa gelap, mengapa anda tidak memberi warna hitam pada rambut si gadis..
tapi jujur, lukisan anda sangat indah

@steemitcountry, Cucuku dan putriku berambut merah. Saya cenderung melukis apa yang saya tahu .... Saya lahir pirang tetapi rambut saya menjadi hitam. Di keluarga saya rambut kami datang dalam semua warna, genetika kami berasal dari Eropa Barat. Untuk lukisan-lukisan saya berikutnya, saya akan memasukkan seorang anak Indonesia sebagai gantinya karena banyak komentator saya berasal dari daerah Anda di dunia.

wow,,anda bisa bahasa indonesia??luar biasa, saya sangat bangga berteman dengan anda,,ini foto putri saya,,rambutnya luar biasa hitam dan lebat,,



Telah kami follow ya.. :c)

You speak bahasa, how dyou know bahasa @reddust? and your bahasa is more than google translate as I see

@reddust, The Chickenosaurus being creative and perfect. Looking forward to final productivity. Already drawing and kid girl part so awesome with water color using. Excellent color contribution. These girl seems live inside balloon. She's hand seriously working to my eye. Keep going.....

I think we all live in little balloon world has dinosaurs and giant chickens! Can you imagine the size of their eggs? One egg could feed several people...hahaha

The detail on this balloon is mesmerizing... just wow... The clouds and the "stretch" marks look so real, I think if you moved the camera away a bit it wouldn't even show it's painted like it does a bit in close up :D Awesome work, can't wait to see how it turns out

I took the picture with my ipad camera, it sucks...lolol..when I finish this piece I am going to take it to a printing shop and get a professional grade photo digital copy. I share the picture on Steemit. Thank you for your critique @positivity!

Then I guess I'll have to stalk your blog until you publish the professional picture :D

The painting is really coming out so well. Love the effect of cloud reflection the balloon.
Can't wait to see the final strokes!

I am happy with the cloud effect as well @hashcash. Some ideas come out others crash and burn, looks like this one is taking off like a hot-balloon...hahaha

Keeping my figurative fingers crossed.
Good to see the artist happy ............and it reflects in the painting :-)

Wow the cloud reflection inside the balloon was great. Looking forward to the final. It will be perfect. @Reddust congratulations

Thank you for your suggestions @turkishcrew, I have a lot of fun working with everyone's ideas.

Hmmm. That's why you are being a successful steemian, you never behave as if you know everything, you listening to others suggestions despite your high intelligence. You really have a lovely heart dear...@reddust

I've said this before, kindness makes me cry, I felt your compassion and it always moves me to tears, just little ones, but they have a lot of energy. Thank you @ohakfarm, kindness is like a balm for a sore heart <3

Superb work... Drawing is also my passion... Your sketching is perfect and the concept is fabulous..specially the little girl on the ballon looks more beautiful..@reddust

The concept came out of my day-dreams of huge dinosaur chickens, I grew up on a farm and the Dinosaur/Gravity paradox question came together as an awesome idea for a story and painting. Sometimes unanswered questions and daydreams make awesome works of art @prince121.

beautiful work! I recently started experimenting with masking fluid...It's super useful! Cant wait to see the finished piece!

Be sure and have a lot of crappy paint brushes, the masking fluid sticks to the brush hairs and is almost impossible to remove. I found masking fluid that sells applicators but I have tried any of them yet. Thank you @terminalblue.

Your artistry is progressing nicely. I am intrigued with your imagination and how your mind works. I love the concept of this and thank you for the creativity you show @reddust.

I am just learning how to use my creativity, working with everyone here on Steemit has helped. I love asking questions and learning new things. This helps creativity grow... <3

I like people that seek for opinions and make use of the ones they see best fit. And that makes a wise person. (I will be enhancing the clouds with white gouache and strengthening the shadows of the balloons folds) nice one.
Weldon with the painting; so far, you are doing a nice job.

Thank you @peks, colbalt blue, which is a dark blue, not the red hue, I'll end up with a purple sky. The blue will add depth to the sky. I find working with my commenters add extra spice to my paintings.

That was not the colors i expected for the balloon, but

those colors are awesome!

Looking forwarded to seeing more of this fun picture.

I will be adding colbalt blue for the last layer, this layer is cerulean blue, thank you @builderofcastles.

Super!!! This balloon is simply wonderful! I love the idea of the clouds on it, it's really a superb idea and I'm sure the final result will be great!!!

Thank you @silviabeneforti, this means a lot to me coming from you! I'm happy you can come on the adventure with me <3

The painting is cool but i am looking at a scenario where the balloon will be transparent a bit blending well with the blank white back ground.

Good job @reddust

I will make the clouds into a circle so you can see them in the background of the balloon, however the balloon won't be transparent! The background and foreground will have no depth, it will be blank. Just like my mind most of the time...hahaha

Okay, I love the word

It will be blank. Just like my mind most of the time...

The key word to your painting always is the creativity.

Wow, you really did a great art work and i must commend you for that. Your art work really draw my attention for a while and you must really be a great and talented artist. Keep this up.
Thank you for sharing this art work with us and i will be looking forward seeing more beautiful and great art work from you.👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you @adenijiadeshina, we are all born with the ability to create. I think it's our duty and life to discover and cultivate that talent and share with others.

Wow!! The colour of the balloon is now looked pretty perfect and with gauge and basket, everything is started to be awesome.
I can't wait for the final touches on the chicken to make the work perfect.

Thanks for sharing @reddust

I can't wait to start on the chicken, I am saving my favorite subject for the last! Thank you @ohakfarm.

Ooook. I trust you, well done for the work so far.
You really challenged me with your drawing dear.

The sitting style of the chicken was so funny.The work of art is extremely turning out so the impact of cloud reflection the inflatable.can barely wait to see the final one.

I will start working on the chicken today, first I have to mow our lawn...sigh Thank you @ripon063

All best wishes for you...

excellent baloon blue color looks attractive 😘😍

I ordered some more paints today, I need blues that aren't hues, which are not exactly true blues. sigh...

Thanks to steemit I can afford to buy professional grade paints!

Wow!!! Brilliant choice of colours; can't stop drooling over the balloon ..... Looks really good; can't wait to see the finishing

Thank you @joyart, hands over a napkin to catch the drool...hahaha

Hahaha..... I love it that you sound hilarious; you're welcome

beautiful works:)

Hello sir upvote and resteemid done
So nice art✊👍

Such a creative art, i appreciate your drawing.

Thank you kindly @msena

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masking fluid is a greay technique and i just informed from you, while you show up of messi's painting.

Masking fluid takes a bit of practice, it's not the easiest medium to apply. I need to do another sports painting @sheikh27!

good information this post..
thanks for sharing @reddust

Love it. We cannot own the skies above us, but then comes the innovative, imaginative child and captures the sky behind the ropes of her balloon.

it is getting more excited, when it come to detail it become better, really nice to see step by step @reddust. Great Chickenosourus !!...:D

wish you have great spirit to finish it

wow great creative art.

no dout for outstanding arts

really great concept of great thinking of art

lukisan mu sangat indah, menurut penilaian saya yang awam ada sedikit yang perlu anda tambahkan, rambut sigadis tampak kaku, itu perlu sedikit sentuhan supaya nampak hidup,
selamat berkarya, semoga sukses

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..