Chickenosaurus (WIP)

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Gallus gallus domesticus Theropoda!

Migraine free today and I finished my drawing. Onto inking over the drawing before laying down watercolor washes. I forgot how much fun fantasy drawings are to makeup and figure out what I am going to do.

18 x 24inch tracing paper and pencil

I grided out the feather and scale patterns, which is one of my favorite designs. I love drawing scales and feathers! I will detail out the feathers once I start inking in the details.

Everything turned out perfectly this time, unlike my "Picking Apples" painting. I start working on that tomorrow, and it is going as slow as molasses on a frozen winter's day.

How birds evolved from dinosaurs.n the 1990s, an influx of new dinosaur fossils from China revealed a feathery surprise. Though many of these fossils lacked wings, they had a panoply of plumage, from fuzzy bristles to fully articulated quills. The discovery of these new intermediary species, which filled in the spotty fossil record, triggered a change in how paleontologists conceived of the dinosaur-to-bird transition. Feathers once thought unique to birds, must have evolved in dinosaurs long before birds developed. The dinosaur and the gravity paradox.

Prisma color pencil on mixed media paper, 2014

Can We Grow A Chicken As Big As A Dinosaur?

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you really are gifted talented person. This animals looks like really livibg creatures. I am very far away from you because I am a bad drawing hand and handwriting as well. Please continue doing this tutorial and more and more people will definitely check out your valuable work

I think we all are gifted artist at birth, people like me keep on drawing. If you practice at anything long enough you will develop skills.

@reddust, Your chickensour drawing keep going daily wise. It's pretty remarkable one and rooster smoke painting every time laughing me. One-day we can fly with chickensour.

I can't wait to start inking the lines in @madushanka, practicing my art on Steemit pushes me because I want to do my best. Poor chickenosaurus can't fly but the balloon helps him jump really high....lolol

Glad to see that you took up the name Chickenosaurus rather than the previous one...........what was it, as yes - Dinochicken.
Chickenosaurus sounds way more legit :-)

I like you-guys ideas, I am not shy about stealing them...hahaha <3

First robbery, that I actually don't mind ;-)

Oh thank you, if I ever sell this painting I will send you 1% of the profits in SBD lololol

My first art commission already booked!!!

Good thing you did not have a migraine today, it makes me very happy and how good you could finish this wonderful drawing you are so talented. Happy night dear reddust ♥

Thank you @denissemata, I am glad you enjoy my exploring and trying to figure out how to draw things I see in my head...hahaha

I see it is coming along nicely. I also see that chickenosauruses have addictions like humans. Imagine drinking with one of them! Glad your migraine is better @reddust

When ever I get a migraine I am afraid it will be the one that knocks me our for a couple days, but I haven't had one of those for a month or two, I've been really careful not eating after 5pm and avoiding wheat and sugar...I can goof off for a week or two and body kicks my ass!

I grew up with chickens, I have often imagined what they would act like if they could communicate like us humans...the roosters are totally out of control, they would be raping, fighting and pillaging...hahaha

I really like how this turned out. Working with animals, especially their shapes and fur is pretty difficult and hard to do well. You've managed to produce a real to life drawing and bring us along with the process at the same time. :)

I am not an artist, but I took an art class a couple years ago. While it was probably the hardest thing we did all term, I really enjoyed trying to draw a lion. Trying to get the fur right, along with the lights and the shadows was a hard thing. With skin and the human form, you have definitive lines to work with, but with animals, it's a whole different way of design because of the flowing fur or hair over the entirety of the subject.

Well done. :)

If you like drawing and practice every day you can draw anything you like. I still struggle with hairy animals scales and feathers are easy!

I'm laughting a lot with this photo

I mean it's too much realistic and well made, i find interesting when people paint animals in positions that humans do. Regards

I had a blast figuring out how to draw a chicken acting like a human, I should continue the series, thanks for reminding me @dim753 lolol

Sure red you paint great and you have enough creativity to make some good paints. Regards

The design is structured fur .. it takes precision for every feather to be portrayed ..
great work.

This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your photography and art.

You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

Whoa, looks like a photo taken by the camera. Thats awesome bro. It needs an extraordinary skill to draw like of that painting.

Wow! Amazing drawing! You are not only a great artist but also a great teacher. For drawing good pictures minute details are important, nothing should be left. Only a good teacher can tell where his/her student is weak. Also focusing on strong points are equally important. Reducing weaknesses and nurturing strong points can gradually make everyone a good artist.

I'm sure something will be great when the work is done. Especially with tail and feather shade and bright colors will be great. Your hands are healthy. Waiting with curiosity @reddust

What a perspective at your drawing, with good prehistoric story.
Finish the painting fast and let all see its true beauty

its different & beautiful......:-)

You said migraine free today, so you used to have migraine. Sorry, but I think you shouldn't do too much stressful jobs. So that you could relax your brain. By the way I love the drawing of the cock smoking cigarettes, it's really funny too even imagine it.

You are such a great artist. Your drawing is highly appreciable.

Ahaha, the scariest predator of them all - Chickenosaurus!
I want to travel to the future to see the complete one :'(

Damn Science 😂

i can see the out line of your fine drawing and final touch before you going to water color layer about chickenosaurus!