Chickenosaurus (WIP)

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Gallus gallus domesticus Theropoda!

First layer of paint is on the little girl, Once I get the colors correct I will outline her in pen and ink.

I haven't figured out if I want a background or leave it white.

18 x 24inch pen and ink, watercolor and gouache

I've been inking and painting most of the day. It is amazing how fast this painting is turning out, I guess it was ment to be!

Time to cook dinner, strip steak for Sunday dinner! See everyone tomorrow!

How birds evolved from dinosaurs.n the 1990s, an influx of new dinosaur fossils from China revealed a feathery surprise. Though many of these fossils lacked wings, they had a panoply of plumage, from fuzzy bristles to fully articulated quills. The discovery of these new intermediary species, which filled in the spotty fossil record, triggered a change in how paleontologists conceived of the dinosaur-to-bird transition. Feathers once thought unique to birds, must have evolved in dinosaurs long before birds developed. The dinosaur and the gravity paradox.

Prisma color pencil on mixed media paper, 2014

Can We Grow A Chicken As Big As A Dinosaur?

WIP One?

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A new dino found by my dear Buddhist friend! A great artwork is developing now! Amazing work my dear friend!


I swear I have past life memories of riding giant chickens...bawhahahaha :P

The picture just came to life with some color! This is getting better and better..........I am following this to see where it goes.

Thanks @hashcash, watch out for the Rooster's spurs, they are full of poison.

Oh no! I just came a little too close to them

I have a little suggestion. At the top you can add two small clouds. And the sun effect saturates the canvas. But you are professional painter. illustrator very nice. @reddust

I will add clouds @turkishcrew, I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do with the foreground and the background.

A great work will come out. I am certain that :)

There may be a small crate picture in the bottom right corner...

it's really taking shape nice job.
hmmm it will actually be nice if you leave the background in white. (my opinion) but I do believe you know the best fit.

I like the white as well, that maybe why I haven't thought of anything ...hahaha

u are d best.jpg
eagerly waiting for the complete painting, because I wouldn't mind bidding for the finished work.

Your talent is amazing, I love how your work is turning out.... I love roosters.

Thank you @sunscape, I love working fantasy projects.

You have an imagination. I could see a children's book on this theme with a story and artwork of yours @reddust. Thanks.

That's what I thought @enjoywithtroy, with a story!

Yeah that's fine @reddust
You replied to my comment last week about how you are going to add colour and paint the chicken to make it look more adorable.
I'm happy you have started it, well done and thanks for sharing with us @reddust

I am going to paint the chickenosaur the same color as the rooster I have in my sketch...lots of happy colors.

I can't wait to see those awesome colours

Your artworks is very stunning. I love it.

This is a fun project thank you @zadumki

I like the fact that you are also a creator of art you have fun ideas and i do the same i don't draw what i'm told i change it and i mostly create superheroes

@steemitwarrior this is the secret to happiness, you do not have to depend on anyone or anything to make you happy. If you are a creative you have the power to make yourself and others happy by following your curiosity...

Be careful though, you may go on a spiritual adventure and you will have to stay aware and keep your wits about you...asking questions and seeking answers can be dangerous for your mental and physical health.

that girl in chiknasour looks happy hahah and enjoying the ride

I want to improve my creative writing skills so I can write stories that go along with my ideas. This picture came from my question, "How do huge mega-ton dinosaurs walk in today's gravity?" Right now the scientist don't have an answer that makes any sense to me...lololol

Cool Artwork! Suggestion for foreground: Jurassic plants/scene with modern background?

@qiyi, I don't think I am going to put a foreground or background in this piece. You will see, it's a suprise how I will suggest a sky.

Chicken with a cigarette is epic!!))

I love this piece too @sadpotato and the rooster I took the idea from. Before I moved to Oklahoma to help my daughter out I raised chickens and grew a garden. I produced enough food to feed my husband and I, we went shopping once a month for food I couldn't grow.

the cute girl is come out alive with your color and i can see it, also you have done it very quick progress.

This one turned out, many times my human characters don't, I am not that good at drawing people. thank you @sheikh

Have you ever spent quality time with an emu? There are friendly emus (emi?) at farms in my area, and they are the most dinosaur-like living creature I've ever encountered.

I grew up around ranches that raised ostriches and emus, they are very nice to the people that raised them but really mean to intruders...They taste pretty good too ...hahaha

its so funny dear,great artwork

What a beautiful art! I highly appreciate your drawing.

I have a little suggestion. Above you can add two small clouds and the sun effect saturates the canvas. Paintings are very beautiful @reddust

beautiful painting, I really like it