The Dinosaur And The Gravity Paradox

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I Solved The Dinosaur Paradox!

I also have an idea for a new series of paintings, dinosaurs! I don't know if I will include the balloons, maybe a hot-air balloon holding up the middle of the dinosaur. I think I will also cover my dinosaurs with feathers. I know some artists have done this before but why not combine what I love, dinosaurs and art!

Pictures from Pixabay, picture modified using Photo Image Editor

I asked a simple question based on the size of land animals we have today and our gravity. How did a 65-ton Dreadnoughtus walk without breaking its bones or lift its massive neck above its head without blowing up its heart? Based on what I found reading scientist mathematics on bone and muscle mass, this would be an impossible feat!

Meet Dreadnoughtus, perhaps the biggest creature to ever walk the planet

Dense Atmosphere Theory

Inadequate bone strength to support the largest dinosaurs, inadequate muscle strength to lift and move the largest dinosaurs, unacceptable high blood pressure and stress on the heart of the tallest dinosaurs, aerodynamics principles showing that the pterosaurs should not have flown.

The Expanding Earth Theory and The Electric Universe Theory: How do you eat a skip full of food every day without ever chewing? How do you walk on tiptoes when you’re the length of four London buses? How do you have sex when you weigh 70 tons? While the answers to these three questions is probably “with great difficulty”, scientists are tackling such improbable questions after uncovering what is undoubtedly the biggest dinosaur excavation of all time.

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The Dinosaur And The Gravity Paradox

Pictures From Pixabay

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I think modern scientists are majorly confused.

As in, they think they know how a body functions, when they ignore 6/7ths of it.

Tiny fungi that decomposed rocks and mineral (so that they can be taken up by plants) have a computed internal water pressure of 10,000 PSI. Organic life shouldn't be able to withstand such pressures, but they do and the bore through rock.

In other areas, we continue to dig up wholly unknown huge creatures out of the ocean.

For a species that considers itself really advanced, we sure ignore a lot in order to fight for our ignorance.

Love the balloons on the dinosaur!

This was supposed to be a fun post and I am really going to do some fantasy art in relation to the gravity issue. Maybe the dinosaurs were full of air pockets and that made them lighter...lolol hence the balloons.

hey, those scientist like those who make money from religion have to earn their paycheck so we see endless studies and commentaries about nothing and they scare the shit out of us so we will buy their bullshit.

modern scientists seem to have rejected creation and based on their studies entirely on the acceptance of evolution. That is why the concocted such elaborate theories / stories/ myths.
In ancient times, unexplained events have made many thing "god" because that is an easy way out - no need to figure out why.
If modern scientists would accept at Intelligent design, they would find so many features / designs (and many have, such as radar, velcro, etc.).

Oh....jumps up and down clapping her hands... the intelligent universe design?

by Ray Kurzweil [11.5.02]

The universe has been set up in an exquisitely specific way so that evolution could produce the people that are sitting here today and we could use our intelligence to talk about the universe. We see a formidable power in the ability to use our minds and the tools we've created to gather evidence, to use our inferential abilities to develop theories, to test the theories, and to understand the universe at increasingly precise levels.

I read a little about this and it was so fun! I should read more about this subject, but I have some dinosaur pictures to draw for paintings :P

Most modern scientist put me to sleep, they break everything down to smaller and smaller pieces trying to find the truth, I keep thinking about turtles.

Th reason that a real scientist should demand the mathematics:

The Earth Expansion theory is controversial. Geology and science can deny that there has ever been a smaller Earth, as we have not visually observed or measured this planet changing its size, and any Expanding Earth evidence is an interpretation of data and not proof.
The suggestion that dinosaurs were larger due to a smaller gravity is also controversial and perhaps produces a more heated debate.

Reading stories like this, and I would not call it a theory, it made me want to laugh and cry - laugh at the silliness of the proposed "theory" and cry because many people will believe such "fairy tale stories" in order to deny that God created everything., with a much bigger leap of faith in those proposing them.

A true theory will be based on assumptions, numbers, facts, and the mathematics to back it up.

Are they proposing 1/2 ratio? 1/10 ratio?

No matter what mathematics that the proposed "smaller earth" how would that affect gravity?


Gravity Equations Formulas Calculator
Science Physics Newton's Law of Gravity
Solving for gravitational force exerted between two objects.
force exerted between two objects
G is the universal gravitational constant
G = 6.6726 x 10-11N-m2/kg2

As all can see, the force depends on the mass of two objects, and not the size. Gravity is also dependent on the distance between two objects which is zero for land animals.

This isn't a bible issue, I am a Buddhist so there ....hahaha

This is a pure math issue, the elephant is the largest animal on earth and it is also pretty slow, moving at top speed anywhere from 10 miles to some say 35 miles an hour, although that hasn't been proven yet. So how did a 65 ton animal move at all?

Maybe we should say hypothesis? Besides I am not saying any of the guesses I posted here were mine or that I believe any of them...but hasn't been able to answer the question I asked, how could these large beasts move in our gravity? Also dragon flies were as large as seagulls during the mid Jurassic period, during that time there was more oxygen in the atmosphere, how did they avoid overheating?...OMG, and there were huge plants as well.

I don't do math :P

This isn't a bible issue, I am a Buddhist so there ....hahaha

I did not say that it is ... And, if I did, it would distract from my point.

My point is that all theories or hypothesis must have the associated facts and mathematics.

In my graduate school, I took engineering mathematics. One of the exercises was to calculate the spread of a contagious disease. We were given facts / numbers such as incubation period, time to become contagious and time to stop being contagious, cure and fatality rates, etc.. and based on these numbers and hypothesis, we calculated the spread of disease with an initial number of people with it.
It was actually described by a known curve, a Bessel function

Bessel functions, first defined by the mathematician Daniel Bernoulli and then generalized by Friedrich Bessel, are the canonical solutions y(x) of Bessel's differential equation for an arbitrary complex number α, the order of the Bessel function.
source: Wikipedia

Life systems, ecosystems are most likely be fractal in nature, another kind of mathematics with feedback and self similarity. So, my hypothesis is that without knowledge of fractal mathematics, one would not be able to fit the facts to the underlying mathematics - a square peg in a round hole scenario.

You know @freedomshift when I samadhi during vipassana retreats I see light fractal visuals, I looked up fractal mathmatics a long time ago, this lead me down some weird rabbit holes when I started looking into fractals, physics, and buddhist meditation 20 years ago.

Spacetime May Have Fractal Properties on a Quantum Scale

I am also very curious about time because I don't know if it would exist if there wasn't someone there to notice it. Something I thought about after sitting for 3 hours and feeling like it was maybe 30 minutes.

@reddust - When I was growing up, I love to read kungfu novels. In many of these novels, there would be a drunken monk who look frail and dirty wearing "rags". This monk who no one will pay much attention to and often not welcome in "restaurants" / inns, taverns, food stalls, often turn out to be the kungfu mater.
His demeanor is often drunken and silly. But, that is just a disguise.
@reddust - you are much more that you are letting on to be, much more, but some deep thoughts and intelligence is leaking out. ;-)

Kindness always makes me cry...we had fun today didn't we? I am going to follow you now, poor man <3

I am in trouble now. Master red ...

reading the article on fractals, I found this:

Earth scientists use fractal analysis to uncover ancient Egyptian pyramid practice site
( -- A team of Earth scientists from Germany has turned to fractal pattern recognition analysis to study a part of the ground that makes up a river delta, and has found evidence of pyramid building practice by the ...

I disagree with newtons law of gravity.

G is the universal gravitational constant

Then why does it change, quite a bit, from place to place on the earth? (at similar elevations)
Why does it change after a rain fall?

Why has no one, except for an extremely rich nut, measure the gravity between two objects?
Maybe some scientist would care to try to repeat it.

If gravity actually existed as a force between two masses, paper would stick to walls.

Further, G does not seem to be constant across the universe.

The electric universe model does a better job of explaining and computing the force of gravity.

Gravity is still a mystery

But physicists think about gravity all the time. To them, gravity is one of the mysteries to be solved in order to get a complete understanding of how the Universe works. So, what is gravity and where does it come from? To be honest, we’re not entirely sure.

What if there was another planet near enough to effect earths gravity and it moved to another place in our solar system or it moved out of our solar system. This would explain the contents gathered together and then split up...

What do you believe with respect to gravity in a smaller / expanding earth? Would gravity be proportional to the size and not the mass?
Also, I have not even started to enumerate all the facts and mathematics associated with an expanding earth.
Were the earth compressed? Can metal be compressed? what about the earth's oceans on a smaller earth? At some smaller diameter, would all the land be submerged in water? What does the evidence show supporting an expanding earth? At a lower gravity, assuming that it was and supports the "theory" would everything be bigger? Will smaller animals all be jumpers and sprinters? What will hold on to the atmosphere? ...

Here is one to really throw you head in a tizzy.

There air eaters, breatharians.
So, this one breatharian, she stopped eating but tells that she has not stopped shitting.
She says she is still full of shit ( a spiritual joke)

In your statement, you believe that earth is earth. A giant ball of earth.
I do not believe such a thing.
The Russians tried to drill all the way down, and got stopped at about 8 miles.
Where they thought they would find even harder rock, the found a ... rock soup.
Liquid water (at those pressures?) and rock mush that they couldn't figure out how to drill through.

Also, you can read many stories about the hollow earth. All of these are laughed at, because we know the earth is solid and has a molten core, and the molten core is made of iron, so we have a magnetic field... accepted heated iron has no magnetic ability...

So, i would state that i do not believe in anything i have read in science books
just as i have come to doubt everything i have read in school history books.

I believe that the earth is a conscious entity. And the size of gaia is in proportion to the number of people on the planet. And our biggest problem is that we can't measure the change because we use rulers that expand with the earth.

"molten core" is what gives out during volcanic events, on land or in deep ocean.

i do not believe in anything i have read in science books
just as i have come to doubt everything i have read in school history books.

A lot of the texts are propaganda disguised as history, science, or facts.
The only things that cannot be faked or made propaganda are mathematics and logic.

I don't know @freedomshift, that's why I am writing articles like this...I bet you are a blast at parties :p hahaha (hugs)...teach me oh guru of engineering

Tell me how a 65 ton dinosaur walked in our gravity and stop quibbling :p

I could not begin to speculate: "how a 65 ton dinosaur walked in our gravity.
If we assume that gravity has not changed significantly / drastically, then, I'll use Sherlock Holms's approach:

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains ... - Brainy Quote
"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Arthur Conan Doyle quotes from

Pigs can fly? Impossible. hehehe <<< not the question, silly ... ;-)

How about their muscles are made of Kevlar? ;-)

I think they had specially designed muscles that had pockets full of hellium...hahaha hence the balloons. I read about air pockets from some scientist trying to figure out how the beast moved around and also the long neck giants had several hearts arranged up their necks to keep the blood flowing....interesting but not as fun as the theory regarding earth expanding or a planet that was close enough to change earths gravity.

This is a party and I just realized how much we have been partying. :P

Gravity is not completely understood even now:

The problem is that our understanding of both particle physics and the geometry of gravity is incomplete.
“Having gone from basically philosophical understandings of why things fall to mathematical descriptions of how things accelerate down inclines from Galileo, to Kepler’s equations describing planetary motion to Newton’s formulation of the Laws of Physics, to Einstein’s formulations of relativity, we’ve been building and building a more comprehensive view of gravity. But we’re still not complete,” said Dr. Pamela Gay. “We know that there still needs to be some way to unite quantum mechanics and gravity and actually be able to write down equations that describe the centers of black holes and the earliest moments of the Universe. But we’re not there yet.”

And what if the first step in that chain of "discovery" is completely wrong.
And because of lies of one insane rich guy in a barn, we have continued down the wrong road.
And then along comes Michelson-Morley to lie and further send us down the wrong road.

Do you understand the right hand rule?
Magnetism, Electricity and Force?

In the electric universe model, that force could be gravity.
And thus, gravity could depend on how much energy the sun is putting out.

From wikipedia:

A discrepancy in Mercury's orbit pointed out flaws in Newton's theory. By the end of the 19th century, it was known that its orbit showed slight perturbations that could not be accounted for entirely under Newton's theory, but all searches for another perturbing body (such as a planet orbiting the Sun even closer than Mercury) had been fruitless. The issue was resolved in 1915 by Albert Einstein's new theory of general relativity, which accounted for the small discrepancy in Mercury's orbit.

This is one of the big selling points for the theory of relativity. But still, it only gets to predicting Mercury's orbit by about 96%.

So, there is a lady who worked out from "equal areas in equal times" and has predicted Mercury's orbit to 99.999%. So, shouldn't we have thrown out the theory of relativity model of gravity by now?

Right-Hand Rule #1 determines the directions of magnetic force, conventional current and the magnetic field. Given any two of theses, the third can be found. Using your right-hand: point your index finger in the direction of the charge's velocity, v, (recall conventional current).
Right-hand Rules - Physics


Do you remember the movie "Hunt for Red October"?
That tractor drive was based on the right hand rule.

You put two magnets top and bottom of a pipe,
then you pass a current through the sea water (at 90° from the magnets)
and the resulting force pushes water through the pipe.

So, you get propulsion without a propeller.
The problem was that the magnets would collect junk from in the sea water

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What about the giraffe for the same questions. If we understood how giraffe come about and lived, we might gain some clue. Is there anyone who have studied giraffe with creation versus evolution in mind? From a scientist (chemical engineer) point of view and someone who have studied and practiced Artificial Intelligence for 30+ years, I do not see the forces that will lead to such creatures except for God to have created them.
To explain their existence by evolution will require long periods of time with the earth's environment and perhaps even gravity to be different from today by a lot - someone will need to propose a theory supported by verifiable mathematics.

The giraffe has been studied and it has specially designed cardivascular system. The Giraffe has reached its limits regarding blood pressure and heart health. I linked to the expanding earth theory, the electric universe theory and the thicker atmosphere theory which has the math. Since math is not my strong point I can't proof the equations. Believe me the scientist have had these questions bouncing around for years without any verifiable answers.

I know about:

specially designed cardiovascular system

My point is on creation-design versus evolution => special cardiovascular system. It is so special that is an engineering / bio-engineering marvel. For humans, we are still struggling with the pressurization and depressurization associated with diving - can we ever adapt "by evolution?"

I don't know, I just read an article about Darwinism being questioned because of some new findings but right now my mind is completely blank what the friggen article as about...I have to go check my history. But you know if you can't question science and try to disprove theories then I guess science has become a religion.

Science can not be proven. Science can only be validated by replication of observed scenarios - such as dropping a ball from the leaning tower, cloning, etc..
Science is validated or verified independently based on the stated assumptions, facts, and hypothesis.
Because of the inability and impossibility of time travel, evolution is not and cannot be a science.
Observations of similarities between two species and suggest that one evolved into another without being able to independently verify the same is no science. Try to apply the same evolution theory to electronics ...

Yeah! Now I am falling in love with you...<3 and I can ask as many question as I want and post as many hypothesizes as I want even if they are silly because this is my solve the dinosaur paradox for me please. Oh wait, you can't ask the question because your reputation as an engineer would be ruined. <3

Before anyone can answer the question on a now extinct creature or phenomenon, one must first solve and understand mysteries that currently exist.
We have similarly mysterious creatures or phenomenon:

  • giraffe
  • humming bird
  • monarch butterfly
  • bumble bee (reminded by @reddust)
  • ants (questions posted in the Holy Bible)

In order to answer the question, one will need to start from the know facts and not the hypothesis presented by "scientists". The facts are the actual fossils. The age of them are speculation based on assumptions and hypothesis.
Not have access to facts and only the facts, the question is not complete or factual - size, weight, etc..

Don't forget the bumble bee! And don't go there when asking about the validity of testing the age of will get torn to shreds...those scientist have teeth...but their teeth aren't as sharp as the teeth of vaccine scientist...ouch

I am still going to do the balloons and dinosaur painting. You completely distracted me today and I got nothing done but had so much fun talking to you @freedomshift. I will be looking forward to some fun and interesting articles we can wrangle over <3

Very interesting. The news channel I worked with posted a news the other day. New research on the fossil found in China revealed that this dinosaur was one of the first glider flying creatures and that it had flown as if there were four wings using long asymmetrical flight flaps on their feet. Thanks informed @reddust

I want to know how those big lizards flew when we cannot grow anything bigger than an eagle in our world today .... This are the questions that keep me from sleeping at night :P

Just one example: a 45 kg glider invented by Clement Ader and Otto Lilienthal. and the world's largest plane Stratolaunch

I will look this up...I wonder how these large flying animals were able to take off? Jump off a cliff? Run really fast?

Yes I think like you. but Scientific studies will reveal this.

There are a great many questions. Nothing can live and grow independent of its surroundings - ecosystem. All living things are in a chain that is delicately balanced and are interdependent. There is an infinite amount of details that we do not understand and have no interest in exploring while spending such huge amounts of money and resources to look for aliens in outer space and try to live on Mars - such arrogance and ridiculous waste.
We can only study what we have access to and try to understand the damages that we have done to these systems over the recorded history before we try to piece together the ecosystem of ancient times that have so many missing pieces. But, still, there is a great effort to speculate the ancient creatures in an attempt to "prove" evolution, a futile effort.

Systems have changed so many times here on earth. You know I believe we live in a symbiotic system and I don't follow dawinism too closely because of what I've experienced living close to nature as a child. I don't know why we study space so much, but maybe it has something to do with trying to get away from the mess we all have made...

Just looking into a dragonflies eyes one can see intelligent alien life...

You know scientist need to make a living and some like to rob graves and dig up old weird...hahaha

Systems have changed so many times here on earth.

Yes, exactly! In just the short recorded history of a few thousand years, we humans have managed to totally changed and sometimes destroyed perfectly balanced ecosystems and species.
With more power, knowledge, technology and reach, we have accelerated the destruction of the entire world:

  • Fukushima, Chernobel, etc.
  • GMO
  • plastics & styrofoams in rivers and oceans

and, I agree that

need to make a living and some like to rob graves and dig up old weird...hahaha

If these animals are so big, how can they fly?

Brachiosaurus couldn’t fly but a pterosaurs could! The pterosaurs has Wingspan of 15-20 feet and about 200 pounds.


200 pounds! That is over 90kg for just the wings.

Fabulous one!!

I love epiphanies, they make fantastical art :P

Probably impossible to do. Yet so much of God's creation is unexplainable. That is the miraculous beauty of it. Thanks @reddust

I really need to have a talk with God @enjoywithtroy, I want to know his secrets when growing such large plants and animals! We could solve the worlds food problems if God would share...Please God hear my prayer, "How did you make dinosaurs that could walk in our earths gravity considering their size?"

I believe that gravity and the atmosphere was different before the great flood.@reddust.

I think so too @enjoywithtroy, the great flood is told in myth and story all over the world. Plus there is physical evidence as well...I did get something out of these questions...a new series of paintings...hahaha <3

Good fun game...dinosaur paradox..

I needed a good laugh and I thought maybe others needed to laugh as well.

A very sad Dinosaur who tried to find friends. But all of them were scared of him, because of his nature of a predator.
Sitting next to a flower covering it from the storm.

The dinosaur is sad because it cannot lift it's bulk to make love to its mate.....hahahaha poor dinosaurs went exitinct because they grew too big to reproduce!

good for fun game...

Your post dosen't answer my question or address my article, however you made me do a double-take...hahaha

Whatever happened to:

I will flag: one sentence comments

Just wondering ...

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I please don't run away just because I was teasing you, we can can get really serious if you want, I was just testing you are running away, where is your grit? Please answer my question how did a 64 ton dinosaur walk in our present gravity....God hasn't answered my question yet either :p

With respect, that is the wrong question ... ;-)
And, here is my second sentence. ;-) hehehe

I have the worst problem asking right questions. What is the right question?

Is the best

I've heard of this theory and I've researched it a lot. To me, this is the theory that makes the most sense.

Constant Earth mass, with phase changes of an originally super-dense core.

As for the Electric Universe there's seem to be a lot of talk but not much science if any.

This should be a fun post and I am extremely going to do some dream workmanship in connection to the gravity issue. Possibly the dinosaurs were loaded with air pockets and that made them lighter.hence the inflatables. those researcher like the individuals who profit from religion need to acquire their paycheck so we see unlimited investigations and editorials about nothing and they startle the poo out of us so we will purchase their horse crap.

hahaha this is gonna be stress realiser,really so funny.

It's so nice