ART EXPLOSION WEEK 19: Theme BROKEN / 25 STEEM in prizes / all forms of art welcome!

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Here we are again folks, ART EXPLOSION, THIS IS WEEK 19! The theme this week is BROKEN! This is fairly open ended so interpret this as you please. All forms of art are acceptable, painting, illustration, photography, music, poetry, a story a comic or any other medium you choose, be creative and surprise me!
Once again we have a special sponsor and guest judge: @vachemorte who will be helping me judge! All prizes in the foreseeable future will be in steem due to the fluctuating rates :) The total prize pool this week is 25 steem!

The Rules

  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Make some art (max two entries per person and please new art inspired by this contest or at least not already posted on Steemit)
  • Make a post of your own for your entry (add artexplosion in the tags)
  • In your post describe your medium/process a bit
  • Link it here in the comments obviously so I can find it.
  • All entries must be submitted before Sunday December 10rd at 3PM EST.

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

This is not a requirement but it would be a nice gesture to view the other entries and upvote them if you like so we can support each other and pass this on to any artists or friends you think may be interested :)

I can't wait to see what you create!

​See the winners of the previous week here:

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Thanks for entering kerlund, off to look :)


Thank you omwith!



Great theme and awesome contest @juliakponsford!

This is my entry with process-gif:


Thank you!
Have a nice day! :)


Great image, wishing you well xox


Thank you for the entry!

sounds good... we will see :-)

a very interesting contest to follow, I will definitely try to be a contestant here.

Resteemed and upvoted
I'm in

Cool theme, I'll see what it sparks.

Also thank you for the runner-up prize for the Magic theme, I somehow never said thank you for that :)

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Thanks for the entry :)


Thank You for the opportunity ! :-)

wonderful, there I will be participating and I imagine something good

hmm....starts thinking about what to do....

Ooops! I just posted something that would fit with this contest, but didn't know about it!


Fell free to enter it anyways, if it fits I'm good with it :)


Ok... Thank you! Huge disclaimer that this was not assembled with all your criteria in mind. Meaning, I have not included much in the way of process info.

Been up since 5am diddling around but here is my entry. I will post on my blog tomorrow when I am better able to string a sentence together coherently! Thanks for the fun xox

It just so happens that I have a new Irish Jig I wrote called "Broken Mirror." What are the chances of that??


Love your energy and the jig too for that matter;) xox

Wow - a new Cool Contest - sounds real good - Exciting topic
i will see :-)

Here is my entry " Smithers"
Smithers, oil painting, 2016, 20 x 16.JPG


Thanks for entering nina, can you link the blogpost when you get a chance? !


I would love that rose, please do!


Sweet thank you rose!


You're welcome! Thank you for hosting.

Hi @juliaponsford, here is my entry for the contest#19: BROKE: Lucky shoes. Thanks, @stef1



Cool thanks for the entry!

Hello! The concept is such an exciting thing to do. Would love to participate on this one. Yehey!

Sorry to miss this one Julia! 😟


I just saw this now the deadline was sunday so it was not included in the judging because the deadline is missed, the new one is up now on my blog, the theme is power!