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The Best Entries of ROUND 8

In ROUND 8 you guys broke the record with 49 entries, this has been an outstanding showcase of talents, I applaud you all on being so amazing and receptive to the #italent contest. All though there were more then several incredible entries, myself and the judges will stand out some of our favorites in this post.

"Winners will be announced on 11'th of August"

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(All art/performances are picked in no particular order and do not represent winners of this round)


@jeffandhisguitar (63)


⚪️ Spacewalk (Ewan Dobson Cover) ⚪️

Coming to us from UK @jeffandhisguitar is a guitar teacher that currently lives in Cambodia. He decided to move there 2 years ago on a leap of faith in order to pursue his dream and to live a better life, big respect for that Jeff ✌ He is very active on DTube and DSound where he posts his music and videos of him giving really elaborate lessons, see also #steemiteducation tag. Incredible cover of "Spacewalk" by Ewan Dobson, a truly excellent fingerstyle as stated in the video. Jeff shows his immaculate legato skills and hits that overtones with such flow, I really enjoyed this performance, as I usually do with the rest of his tunes.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@errymil (63)


⚪️ YinYang Sunrise Sunset (With Time-Lapse) ⚪️

To say that Errymil is a great painter would be an understatement. He not only has the technique, but has that special something, when someone really puts a "heart in the art" and reflects visions to an outside media such as paper. As a variation on a theme from the last round, he shapes his setting of the painting to a "Yin and Yang" concept, truly showing something original, intelligent, and dynamic. Every speck on his canvas tells a story and puts the watcher in awe of both simplicity and complexity of the idea and the way it is presented.


Watch The "Making of" and the process of painting from start to finish below...

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@ramses.ber (53)


⚪️ The Face of Life (With Time-Lapse)) ⚪️

Coming from the mere start of the #italent contest that was backwards 7 months from now, @ramses.ber hasn't placed a single entry without showing us such keen skillfulness, especially paintings revolving around the realism where he experts in. The sheer details on his paintings are incredible and he recently started to make a time lapse videos so everybody can take a glimpse into how he creates from start to finish, you can see that below.


Watch The "Making of" and the process of painting from start to finish below...

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@edprivat (65)


⚪️ Let's Stay Together (Al Green - Cover) ⚪️

Originally coming from Paris, France. Edouard Privat de Garilhe is now settled in Johannesburg, RSA and from there he provides us with one of the best performances on a daily basis here on Steemit, with his excellent falsettos, beatboxing and really cool covers and remakes along with his personal originals, he truly is in my opinion the "cream of the crop" or "crème de la crème" concerning singer/songwriters that are on the platform. Entering this round with an eternal classic by Al Green "Let's Stay Together" he really showed us once again, everything I stated above, great job Edouard ✌

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@adip (56)


⚪️ Portrait by Bianca Giornalista ⚪️

This is a really outstanding portrait by Bianca Giornalista she said that it is noone particular, all though it can remind on several celebrities, nevertheless the woman in the painting is resonating with such sheer elegance and beauty, really something you would see in the early Sophia Loren pictures, with a classic strong light setting in the studio, but in this case transmitted in a form of an amazing sketch on paper, really terrific job by Bianca ✌ well done!

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@michellebonaroti (44)


⚪️ "I'm From Venus" ⚪️

All though this art piece is finished in digital, the sketch before vectoring was done by hand, and this you can see in the original post by @michellebonaroti the whole process from handmade sketch to this result below. In my opinion digital art form is undervalued because most people are thinking that with a help of digital tools the artist is therefore less talented then the painters, even though that may be the case with some, it is mostly a great effort, and it takes a lot of time to achieve result you can see below, excellent work Michelle.

See his full iTalent post in the link below:


@adelepazani (62)


⚪️ The Major Arcana ⚪️

The "Major Arcana" is a tarot deck of 78 cards, one of those being the "Wheel of Fortune" which is the tenth (X) trump of the deck and the one @adelepazani has chosen to interpret in this entry with her own original approach. The details on this art work are outstanding, she really puts effort in this and creates a powerful and medieval-like setting, it truly makes one believe that it dates long time back. The meaning of this card are as followed:

  • Destiny
  • Fate
  • Chance
  • Positive Charge

Great job @adelepazani :)

main1lionbull angel.jpg

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@davidfar (63)


⚪️ Be Ehsas (Senseless) ⚪️

Davood Faramoozi comes from Iran, the land formerly known as Persia, and "Farsi" the official language spoken today is very close to the old Persian with exception to the modernization and Arabic influence. Davood presents us an outstanding EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in his own language and style that is native to his country, mixed with western EDM influence. He is an amazing producer as he is a musician, very dynamic, diligent and patient, I always enjoy listening to all of his tunes, this one so far is the best of him I heard and I applaud you Davood ✌ great job!

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


@sweettais (53)


⚪️ "Little girl" ⚪️

@sweettais comes to us with another portrait, this time reverse from the last one, the former being the old man and this one being a young girl. I really love the concept and how everything looks so compatible, the facial structure and proportions are also interesting, possibly it could be someone she knows or picture she seen, but nevertheless it is an excellent expression, up to the every last bit of the detail, emotions are really transmitting as they were on the last one, great work! @sweettais

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



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The word Awesome springs to mind!!
Awesome music, awesome pictures, awesome talent and best of all, awesome people on an awesome platform.
Just bloody awesome :D
Yeeow, big hugs guys :D

Yeeow indeed :) @jeffandhisguitar what a bunch of awesome and talented people

Wow great talent!

Right? @simgirl what a neat bunch :)

Thank you so much @ivan.atman brother! really glad to be in this Italent contest, and its great to be between all the great talented steemians here, great job guys
@jeffandhisguitar @edprivat @adelepazani , each one did a perfect work!
and also the other artists, beautiful works!

peace!! <3

Thank you for being part of the contest @davidfar you are a great musician :) ✌

Thank you @davidfar , your musics are awesome too ! i always enjoy

Shout out brother amazing job on your side too , Iam a fan !!!

LOL using my full name I see how it is :) hahaha
Wow that's some serious competition. thanks for the kind words again!!!
Just one question, do you make profiles of us stacked somewhere in your office cause there's some extended research right here!

Yes @edprivat "everything you say and do, can...and will be used for i-Talent" haha 😆
Actually by having flags, reputation and some occasional personal info here, I want to promote artists by authenticating them and make them more than just an anonymous accounts, due to so much spam and plagiarism on steemit, I also do extended research and see what is what and who is who haha ✌ achtung! achtung!

I think DLive was starting something similar ! People take a photo of themselves with a dlive drawing. It worked well !

@edprivat Yeah, one of the coolest doodle artists on DLive is a judge for the i-Talent @megy.fine.arts amazing concepts and detailed structure

Following her too now :) thanks

@edprivat Um great Megy is a guy 😆

Hahahha well I am leaving it on the blockchain :)

What i meant , is that now you can "verify" your account with Dlive taking a selfie with Dlive written on a piece of paper

Cool I wasn't aware of that :) @edprivat I was thinking on doing some live on DLive once the heatwave stops here :)

Wow im in it again. Your word brings so much joy and chills when i was reading it, felt very much appreciated and by that i felt a winner already. Good luck to all participated, im so humbled and honored to be competing with very talented and skillful artist here. I must say this is the best competition i have joined so far, does not actually feels like a contest or a competition which makes it way much better that that, just don’t know the right word for it. Thanks @ivan.atman also with lending me some of your awesome tunes

I'm very glad you feel that way @errymil :) my intention is to really put my effort into making this contest as a real and professional showcase of talent from Steemit platform, really makes me happy to see it grow gradually and to see awesome artists such as yourself respect it and be part of it ✌

hello @ivan.atman oh thank youuuu Sso much , :) this is awesome ,i'm really happy that you liked my work <3 , <3 <3

Yes @adip your painting is amazing ✌

hi! @ivan.atman , its so exciting , thank you very much , i appreciate :)
and it feels great i see my name up there <3 , also congratulations to everyone for their great talents, paintings and musics all are wonderful,
@davidfar @errymil @michellebonaroti , ✌️👏 i am waiting to see who is the winner :D

Your work is amazing @adelepazani :) yes it will be hard to choose the winners from 49 entries haha

maravillosas entradas felicidades

Hello @ivan.atman, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you for stopping by @creativecrypto :) anything connected to @sndbox is great in my books ✌️