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iTalent Judges:
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ROUND 8 - Winners

Wow! This has been such an amazing round, with 49 entries in total. This was the most difficult judging process so far, we had to push aside so many art/performances to pick the 5 winners, many of them considered and reconsidered to be among the winners, I really want to applaud you all on being so great to make this contest alive, and thank @gtg and @curie for making it happen by providing upvotes and rewards for the i-Talent


FIRST PLACE | Prize 26 SBD ⭐️

EdPrivat.png France-s.gif


⚪️ Let's Stay Together (Al Green Cover) ⚪️

This outstanding cover of the eternal classic that most of us know from the movie Pulp Fiction was done so perfectly by Edouard Privat de Garilhe. If you are not a singer you might miss this fact, but to cover "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green it takes a really good vocal range and an exquisite falsetto performance. Al Green was one of the first artists that introduced male falsetto into soul and popular music, among with some other artists in the 70' s he made it masculine, instead of a funny or weak atribute for a male singer which was considered before.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


SECOND PLACE | Prize 16 SBD ⭐️

Davood.png Iran-s.gif


⚪️ Be Ehsas (Senseless) (Original Song) ⚪️

Let me tell you why this man, Davood Faramarzi is special and an outstanding artist. He records, produces, sings and writes majority of his music by himself at home. Every segment you hear in his song Be Ehsas is him, and what he created is just amazing, the structure of the song is Electronic Dance Music, but the dynamics go beyond that, mixing in segments of "sound" that come from his homeland Iran, and do I have to even mention his beautiful vocals singing in his native language, much respect!

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


THIRD PLACE | Prize 10 SBD ⭐️



⚪️ Spacewalk (Ewan Dobson Cover) ⚪️

There is nothing like a good old fingerstyle to make someones day, it is just something about the acoustic guitar instrumental that is soothing and relaxing and easy on the ears. Spacewalk by Ewan Dobson is a great composition among many from his works, I remember seeing Ewan a decade ago doing trance music with his guitar and his Raiden hat, that is a blast from the past right there :) Jeff nailed this performance with all the technicalities in their place, and his personal character added to it. I'm extremely happy to see such talent on this contest.

See the full iTalent post in the link below:



Erryml.png United-States-s.gif


⚪️ Yin and yang sunrise sunset ⚪️

Once again it was not possible to exclude @errymil from top 5, even if this painting is a variation on theme from the last entry, it is just a heart warming sensation on canvas. In one of the early Errymil posts, I've read that he after being food poisoned had a rapid cleansing and when attempting to meditate and succeeding, he has seen a symbol what he later learned to be "Flower of Life", a very sacred symbol that appears across the globe for millenniums. I really felt something different in his paintings when I took a glimpse for the first time on Steemit, and after reading this I really understood that he took a turn for the best, reaching out inside, and using canvas to express his states of mind, you can read his #introduceyourself post here if you are interested in his story.


Watch The "Making of" and the process of painting from start to finish below...

See the full iTalent post in the link below:


FIFTH PLACE | Prize 3 SBD ⭐️

Ramses.ber.png Venezuela-s.gif


⚪️ The face of life ⚪️

@ramses.ber is a young man from Venezuela, by the looks of it his two passions are fitness and painting, both obviously working for him, I see he is improving himself as a person and an artists with each day and I can see him "going places" and making his earnings in the future with his talent. It is truly seldom seen that someone his age is expressing through "realism" this good, something that takes years of practice, I applaud you Ramses, great job!


Watch The "Making of" and the process of painting from start to finish below...

See her full iTalent post in the link below:


Payments To Winners of ROUND 8 (60 SBD Total)

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Wow thanks, would like to thank @ivan.atman, @gtg and @curie for making this possible. @edprivat very well deserved, i still have a last song syndrome from you song and voice, @davidfar has a very unique tone combined with a good voice, a one man band, what a package deal. @jeffandhisguitar i wish i had that talent i played that video over and over again, and im amused by your skills and i could really feel your humilty and passion for it as well, @ramses.ber that is just amazing, and so realistic, i am very honored to be part of the top 5, and i know it is such a hard job to be the judge, and with diffrent talents, each skill and talent was considered and each has something unique to offer and i feel everybody had a fair chance. Such a simple concept for a contest but very effective, and alot of very talented artist in different genres, i need to get ready for round 9, congratulations to everyone who joined. Thank you @ivan.atman for taking the time to do extensive research and looking back to my intro post brings back memories and inspirations. See you all in the next round. 🙏🏻

Once again you left me and people all around your artwork speechless @errymil! Looking at your painting, any more words are unnecessary! :)

thank you so much @megy.fine.arts i really appreciate it, hope i can finish another piece for next week. looking forward to interact with you guys again

Amazing job complimenting rest of the winners @errymil a pleasure to have cool people like you here :) ✌

always a pleasure, i have a request tho, can the dead line change to Wednesday if its possible, i usually work my full time from wed night to friday, so most of the time i paint sun - tues.

Actually deadline is Wednesday @errymil :) remember I told you last time that after the deadline there is 3 extra days announced under "You still have time to join until..." this is done so those few extra entrants who didn't make it have a chance, so there you have it just lands on the day you requested ✌

Thanks so much @errymil, your work is amazing,my mind is blown each and every time !!Your Wolf Goddess is up to that day my favorite as it's my animal totem

congratulations truly @edprivat , your voice is just so beautiful i wish i could hear it live one day, thanks for your suggestion that i had an idea of what to paint for next week. thinking of a sacred animal spirit

Thanks so much for your kind comment! I can't wait to see it , my internet is on and off at the moment, but I will try not to miss that one out !

Errmil ! Thank you so much! It means much to me! <33

Thank you for the opportunity @ivan.atman, @curie and @gtg, being able to compete with the top 5 is an honor itself!

Did ya’all see who the winner is?! My man @edprivat! :attention: This dude works his you know what off around here harder than the frikkin bots even! Congratulations friend, you earned it!

And 2nd place through 5th place - Excellent job judges! You guys nailed it. Congratulations everyone.

OOOOh My dude !!! You are the realest mofo , thanks for your kind compliment, and for being such a good sport as your are amazing , I can't believe it was just your first try

Yeah @dandays Ed is an amazing artist, posting 2-3 posts a day woa!, I applaud him on both quality "and" quantity...
Your drawing is amazing @dandays don't think it gone unnoticed, it was just too tough to pick selection and winners with 49 entries and a lot of them good ones, don't let this discourage you from entering again, your art is really cool!

Not a chance sir! Any time I see an opportunity to compete with people like @edprivat and @adelepazani, I’m in!

All right! @dandays great to hear that :)

Thank you dandays <3 :d

I am speechless !!! I was not expecting to win , especially the first place. All I can say , is that we are transitioning at the moment (no we're not changing sex), meaning my wife left her job, so It's up to us to make it work as we go all in on the block chain, and you my friend, @gtg and @curie has made that possible with an opportunity like Italent.
Without knowing it , us artist thrive on deadlines and competition, that's how we get better!
Few years ago I could not sing that song as the falsetto was too hard to reach. Winning is a token of my hard work, commitment, and dedication to STEEM. I will always bring the best of my work here, because this is what this platform deserve.

Thanks to the judges for having the hardest task here, and congratz to all the winners, and even those that didn't feature on the top 5 , well done, it was one of the best ITalent round and I am proud to be a part of it !

Thanks @ivan.atman you just rock !

Congratulations @edprivat! Beautiful performance! I'm glad to hear about your big dedication toward your musical improvement and merging with this platform! People like you are making this a better place for all of us! Good luck, buddy!

Thanks for your comment :) @megy.fine.arts , the crypto world is a small world, for now, but I have no doubt that we are still the early adopters, and we will benefit all from it !

Very well deserved @edprivat I'm glad that you respect this contest and I agree with you completely with everything you've said above from the artists point of view, this contest I did for the reason to extend the artist's exposure on the platform, and even if I do not earn anything from it right now, to see people being supportive like this is kinda making me going forward with it, and to see that great artists attend it and consider it as a serious thing makes me happy :) big up Ed, and thanks for the kind words ✌

Dude I am taking your competition very seriously, I would never be a part of it with random stuffs, just the best of the best. Big up to you , I feel that you should get paid too for what you doing :)

Thank you for thinking that @edprivat :) maybe the "pay for it" part comes later, for now I do what I can to make it look pretty ✌

Brilliant stuff guys :D
Super well done to all :D
The artwork blows my mind!!
All of the pictures are fabulous!
@errymill thanks buddy, fist bumps sent man :)

Well done @edprivat and @davidfar , Splendid works and well deserved.
Cheers for making the comp happen aswell @ivan.atman , More fist bumps sent to you and your team! :D
Yeeeow, Cheers guys.
Have a great day.

Thanks @jeffandhisguitar really great performance you :) ✌
Loved that Spacewalk I did haha
Really glad to have such talent on here, cheers!

Cheers Ivan :D
Sending bumps across the pond bro :D

Receiving bro bumps ... ✌

Heyy Jeff, thank you brother! You're a master of Guitar, congratulation, Its an honor to be in the winners list with great artists like you <3

Thankyou David :D
Likewise man :D


Indeed, so much cool talent @seveaux

congratulation to the winner who deserve it ,
congratulation @davidfar ! <3

Thank you Adele its your kindness, you did great too <3
خیلی ممنونم, امیدوارم دفعه بعدی شما برنده بشید, کارهای شما بی نظیره

wow :D this is awesome!! this is really great to be the second place between all the great artists who joined the italents, really thank you Ivan, I understand how hard it is to choose between all those talented people, I am glad for this. <3
congratulation to all the other friends who won in each places (1st to 5) <3

I also want to thank you @ivan.atman for the kind reviews and the time you spent for all of us and running this great contest <3

Congratz brother your song is truly amazing !!! Really top notch prod/voice/guitar, I kid you not, we were talking about how good you are with @ivan.atman the other day.

Really Thank you Edprivat! Congratulation brother! you surely deserve the bests <3 it means much to me! much respect to you and Ivan! it's an honor to take these kind feedback from you and Ivan!


Dude you are a boss :) it's a pleasure and big up to Ivan for sure !

Amazing song @davidfar I'm glad you appreciate this contest and the review, great to have talents such as yourself to be a part of it ✌

<3 many thanks brother!

I can't remember when was the last time I heard such a burst of emotions coming at me as in your music but especially in your vocal abilities! A beautiful, inspiring and outstanding piece of art you are @davidfar! Congrats on 2nd place! :)

Thank you so much Megy.fine.arts, this is really great to read your kind feedback here ,best wishes for you man! <3

Congrats to @edprivat, @davidfar, @jeffandhisguitar, @errymil & @ramses.ber! Absolutely magnificent creations, no more no less! ;) Well, well done guys!

Unfortunately, there are just 5 places to be filled at the end but the rest of you, participants, showed everyone some amazing and inspiring artworks as well. Don't be discouraged by any means because your artworks didn't go unnoticed but just opposite. It is so pleasant to see such great talents all in one place!

Good luck to everyone and see you all in the next round!

Congratulations for all winner to round 8. Greetings from Venezuela.

This post was very nice, nice photography, informative thankyou for your hard work keep up the good work god bless you

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I just dropped by to this grate curation and I have to say that Mr. @ramses.ber has a very very strong and originally defined and stylised drawing that I love! Cheers!

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congradulations @davidfar wow second place and thank you from both of us maybe we should enter