My Logo Design Entry No. 6 - ICON DIGITAL NETWORK

in art •  7 months ago


Today is the final day for entries to the @truthproductions ICON DIGITAL NETWORK logo contest!

I'm going to squeeze in one more design,
which, though a bit difficult to tell, is made from the twirling word "ICON".

My Entry No. 6:

I've been really loving playing with possibilities,
and am a bit sad this contest is coming to an end,
as it's been a much appreciated daily dose of surprising creativity unfolding.
See my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th logos,
and my call for collaboration on this creative opportunity.

There are a lot of very interesting logos to choose from,
but if you hurry, there is still time for you to make your submission.

Happy EVERything!

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Awe----love how you love me!


Glad you do @quinneaker--it was a real fun one to play with. I loved this project.

This is my favorite of the designs you've made so far


Thanks @saramiller. <3


A well done logo my friend! Lookin good @everlove.


Thanks @enjoywithtroy! Grateful to be having the opportunity to play with them. I appreciate your appreciation.

This logo looks very special. I like that best 👍


Thanks @bellaibiza. I appreciate your comment.


You're welcome @everlove 🤗