INVITATION to COLLABORATE!! Let's make a logo together for ICON DIGITAL NETWORK!

in art •  3 months ago

@truthproductions is having a logo contest for ICON DIGITAL NETWORK.

What do you think about making some logos together-- a collaboration of sorts?

Now, I've never made a logo with anyone else before,
and I don't really even know where to start.

So, I've just opened up a few google drawings,
(which is about as techy as I get right now!).
I'll provide a few parts/pieces as a foundation.

edit here

edit here

edit here

edit here

edit here

Then you  open up google drawings through the links provided,
use any of them, or all of them, or bits and pieces of them
and change them up, adding your own thing
while incorporating something of mine.

Change whatever you wish about it and just
let it organically unfold. I'm not attached to any of it.
Don't get hung up on the name I gave the drawings,
they're just for reference and not a guide as to which
direction this artwork is supposed to go.

We can use the entire "ICON Digital Network" name.
We can use just "ICON" without the "Digital Network".
We can make just a really bad ass graphic without any words at all.

We can do whatever we want!
It's best if it can be squarish or roundish overall
(not super long like a banner, etc.)
And perhaps with a techy/futuristic sort of feel?

Put the outcome of your contribution in a comment below,

and if you see something in a comment that someone else has worked on

that you want to do something with, feel free to do that too.

All of the versions we create can be submitted to the original call for

Graphic Artists on the @truthproductions post

as well as in the comments below.

This could either prove to be an unusual challenge,
or it may even be super simple!
Either way it's sure to be fun,
we'll stretch ourselves,
and come up with some great designs,
one of which may get to be seen all over the world.

Let's see what we create together.

We have only 4 more days--let's do this!

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I really love that orange and black spiral thing.......Maybe someone can find a cool way to get icon in there!


That's my wish too!!!!


Maybe Sara's b/w lettering!! Simple and potent.

Nice! I made another very simple design, might look good with your last one.
Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.16.11 AM.png

The swirly bit can become the O perhaps...


I like it


Ooooooo...yes! I love that!!!


Made one

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.03.24 PM.png


You did you did!!!! It's AWESOME. I'm not sure I like the color so much, but the design is really great. I liked it in b/w like your first font entry. Or maybe blue and silver....or gold and purple...?


incredible I like


Super simple, super clean, eye catching, and so many ways to use it!! Love love love it @yusaymon. I had no doubt you would bring on some greatness!




I see you get upvoted by @penghuren and @sou1iane on your comments. It happens to me too, any idea who they are? I found you by looking at @serginos steemd profile and see they are upvoting at .25% which is strange imo


I don't know who they are. .25%!!!! Not too impressive for sure. If you find out who they are, check back with me. Thanks for the comment.

Hello everyone, I made a very simple design, I hope you like it


This is a fun one @yizus. Has a halloweenish feel! Please add it to the original @truthproductions post so it can be officially entered.

I am inspired with this !


GREATTTTTT! I'm excited to see your addition @yusaymon. I always love your art, so give us your best shot!