My Logo Design Entry No. 5 - ICON DIGITAL NETWORK

in art •  6 months ago

Time is dwindling!!!

Only one day left to enter the @truthproductions ICON DIGITAL NETWORK logo contest!

There have some very valuable entries already,
exhibiting some amazing talent here on Steemit!

I have been excited about making a few creations myself.
See my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th logos,
and my call for collaboration on this creative opportunity.

Here's my 5th logo entry:

Put your creative hat on and give us your logo too.
The more the merrier!

Hope you like it.
Have a blessed day!

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Really like this a lot. Feels its by far the most artistic of them all. However I think we need something more clean, direct and powerful not so artistically fantastic.
Great job though! Will be cool for the archives of history one day!


I like this one the best of all mine too. Was super fun to get my creative juices flowing again and potentially contribute to something really fantastic. Thanks for the comment @quinneaker. I appreciate your keen eye.

they will not use this i think... because its a little bit "hard" to read or to see what it is!
But i like this a lot... great work.
i didnt know about this contest and now its finish :/ ... next time!


-edga NOWARGraffitis


I hadn't really intended to have the twirly letters be legible. It just so happens that they make a cool pattern co thought it worthwhile playing with as a design element.

I appreciate your comments and the wishes. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Beautiful outlook...


Thanks @asaha.


You're welcomed

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