My Logo Design Entry No. 3 - ICON DIGITAL NETWORK

in art •  3 months ago

My Entry No. 3 for the logo contest hosted by @truthproductions!

Testing out some different colors in the logos to see what strikes our fancy.

Make some art with us....
Read the invitation, create your own and post it here.
Or collaborate with me - find my beginnings for collaboration here.

Only 3 days left!!

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Wow great art and wonderful logo sir. Just like a tremendous. This is a great contest sir. I am interested this contest sir. Plese help me. So sir your working is very talented. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck.


Thanks @shumon1 What do you need help with? If you're interested in this contest, just create something and post it. We'll all benefit from seeing what you create.

I feel it ! a giant diamond with gold and ants inside of it <3


Ants!!! That surprises me @yusaymon! You have such a way of looking at things! So glad you're participating and that you have such a keen eye for these things. Love your new little avatar too. I LOVE that you came out to play.

This is an amazing logo, I love the crystal-like style, almost meditative. Also the colors from goldish to red. This is beautiful!



Glad you like it @anutu!!! It was super fun to make--was feeling the meditation while creating it. It's great you could feel it. Thanks for the comment and your appreciation.


Indeed I did feel it, this made it so special for me. Have a wonderful Friday!