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Today marks the beginning of a new level of Steemit Contest. Partnering with @slothicorn Curation, @elohprojects will be hosting a high level competition for you to create the most intriguing, thought-provoking image that you are capable of within 2 weeks. Contestants will have 2 weeks to submit their entry from the date of this posting.

Contestants may submit 1 entry, choosing from the following 3 categories:



1-Alien Plant Example


by Hakan Hisim

2-Hyperdimensional Object Example

Henry Segermenfrom-3d-to-4d-3.jpg

by Henry Segermen

3-Divine Weapon Example


by Vasily_LC


• Upvote and Resteem this Post
• Make Art (One Entry Per Person and Please NEW ART ONLY)
• Make a Post of Your Own for Your Entry (add #visionaryart-contest and #slothicorn in the Tags)
• In Your Post- Describe Your Medium/Process a Bit, and Show a Few Process Images. (This is for our judges to understand that your work is yours alone and also new.)
• Any Medium is Acceptable (Paint, Pencils, Markers, Digital, Sculpture, 3D etc.) But Please Note That We Are Only Accepting Art (No Writing, Songs, or Photography).
• Link Your Post Here In The Comments So Our Judges Can Find It.
• All Entries Must Be Submitted Within 2 Weeks of This Posting.



Salvia Droid


We'll be choosing the winners based on overall interest, beauty, technique, the thought behind the design, and the believability of your image.


1st Place Reward - 40 SBD + @sweetsssj Will Give Your Winning Post a Whale Upvote + Featured in the Slothicorn Virtual Art Gallery

(If your winning post is over 7 days old then she will give a more recent post her Upvote)

2nd Place Reward - 20 SBD + Featured in the Slothicorn Virtual Art Gallery

3rd Place Reward - 10 SBD + Featured in the Slothicorn Virtual Art Gallery

5 Honorable Mentions will be featured in our Winners Announcement Post and will receive 1 SBD each.

In addition to inspiring great work, the purpose of this contest is to facilitate community building and to reward the hard work of the most talented artists. All winning posts and honorable mentions will be featured in the Gallery of the Slothicorn Website and if we gain enough interest here we can continue these contests indefinitely into the future.

Help spread the word by Resteeming this post and sharing on other social media platforms.

Though this competition will feature some of the most talented artists on Steemit we do encourage you to join in no matter what your skill level. AND…. GO!!!


e*SignatureAndText small.png


All done - finished today - here is my entry for the contest


Bravo! That's what I'm talking about!! Gorgeous piece.

thank you! As Lucy said to Charlie Brown: good art takes longer than 15 minutes to do 😜

It’s true :D

Here are my Entries .
Blank Flame 2.jpeg
revolver 2.jpg

Did you create all 3 of these??? They are beautiful.

Yes I did, thank you for a cool contest.

Oh I like the gun. Looks nice.

Thank you, it's a Gamblers gun from the western days.

This is a beautiful concept

I have noticed a few contestants have offered more than one catagory, I feel like your instructions are clear that each participant make one entry and choose from the three available topics. That being said, if the rules bend a bit I would love to have another go at one of your other enticing catagories lol! you picked some good ones and I had a hard time narrowing my choice down. Let me know! Have a lovely eve all

Yes. The rules for the contest are 1 entry per participant. But feel free to tack a crack at another category:)

Just finished my second catagory, but just to be clear, should I enter it and tag it for visionary art contest, or were you just sayin to give it another go but entering it would disqualify the two? devil is in details and all lol.

Just one submission per participant. Feel free to tag with Slothicorn still and post your piece here in the comments so I can see it anyway:)

ok, this is not a submission so as not to be disqualified, but here is my idea of a Divine Weapon. Thanks so much for the inspiration!https://steemit.com/slothicorn/@mimulusamsterdam/divine-weapon-this-piece-is-inspired-by-the-catagories-allowed-for-the-visionary-art-contest

Great @crittercrats. Thank you for your entry and detailed post:)

Thank you for your entry @karenthfer. 1 more week to go before we choose the winners.

Great @eliu. Thank you for the quick turnaround. The contest will be wrapping up in 12 days so we will announce the winners shortly after that.

You made the deadline:). Nice piece. Will write up a post and announce the winners early next week.

You made the deadline:). Nice piece. Will write up a post and announce the winners early next week.

You made the deadline:). Nice piece. Will write up a post and announce the winners early next week.

I am going to procrastinate until it is almost too late, then take a bunch of psychedelics and see what there is to see...


Nice @occupywallets. However you pull it off my man:). Looking forward to it. And great little piece here. I heard you have a show coming up eh?

Just prepping as if I had one, in hopes that one emerges?

Yeah I think something great will happen. Fingers crossed.

Not too late. The contest is still running for another 2 weeks. Thank you for your entry.

You've received an upvote from a @slothicorn! Neigh neigh! Click here to learn more! (@justatouchfey) ((.)ω(.))

Really nice. Thanks for your entry:)

Thank you for such an interesting contest! ❤

Oh great, I'm going to do my work

Awesome. See ya back here soon!!

I have posted this on Discord Newbieresteemday channel , on the post promotion, hoping to bring more people to the contest.

Excellent contest and themes, one question, is 1 entry per participant in the contest in general or can I make 1 illustration of each topic?

Just 1 entry per participant. The goal is to push the art as far as it will go. Hope to see you:)

I'll for sure give it a try =)

Looking forward to it @Haedre.

Excellent contribution.
Thanks for shear it.

Happy Steeming.

Thanks hope to see you around. Keep your eyes here. Should be some great work.

Looking good. Thank you for your entry:)

Thank you. I know, it may be not exectly what you want is, but these are my first steps on Steemit.

can't wait to enter this :) thanks for posting this awesome contest

can we enter with more than one art work>?

Great to hear!!:) Lets keep this contest to 1 artwork per artist. We will see how everything plays out and that way we can determine the best course moving forward. Thank you for your interest. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

I LOVE the concept.

Should be a neat contest with lots of great entries:)

A lot of my art is in line with some of these themes. This is what I was going to enter but did not after reading the rules:

Gotta follow the rules to be entered to win:( Keep up the good work. I enjoy your write up and your pieces are an interesting take on the whole idea. Nice.

This contest is amazing! I'll prepare my draw!

Sounds great!! We look forward to seeing it. Thanks!!

2 weeks! Yahooooo! I can join! Wow I like contest themes like this. :D

:))) I look forward to seeing your entry.

What a cool initiative! I believe you and @slothicorn are just the right people to lead it.

Hi @mbell. Thank you for your entry. Another week to go:)

Hello! Thank you! :)

Ha, I should have held off on my most recent post - it would have been ideal for this!
(my brain is churning - concept coming up - should be able to do it by deadline)
upvoted, resteemed and shared:

Amazing Otto!! Hope to see you enter:)))

working on it - it is a drawing, so a bit slower than if I did something digital - hope to get it finished in a day or two

Nice. Looking forward to it. I talked to @gric and a few other too. Hopefully they join in.

I am done - just posted it in the comments now, with a image, but here is the link:

Got it. It's beeeeautiful!!

interesting !!

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I'm going to prepare my presentation, this contest is great, greetings and successes.

Sounds good @betzaelcorvo. We look forward to it.

Thanks for the inspiration!
My submission: Alien Plant
Plants as gifts
throughout space and time

Thank you. I love the story. Your piece is charming:)

Hello, this one is my entry to the contest

Alien Plant



Thank you for your entry.

Alrighty:). Thank you.

This is my entry for this competition:


This plant is very particular: As you would see, their leaves have electronic circuits that go down to their roots. That circuit helps it to move around looking for better soils, using its upper roots.
All this is processed on its brain, that central part that has sore of a pink/ blue eye!


Great thank you!!

I like the proposal! not sure if I will be able to enter but I share anyway for other who might be interested! great!

Well thank you very much! We appreciate It:)

Hello! Finally this is my entry!

Arco 1.jpg


A fine drawing. Thank you for your submission.

If I had the visual creative talent I'd be there! Meanwhile I've finally started the back story and documenting the adventures in asia: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@astralliam/pirates-voyages-and-tech-innovation

much love

Awesome Liam. I’ll check it out:)

Can't resist to tease a little from my incoming participation =)

Huawuashka tryptocarrier crop.jpg

Hi! I think i will join this contest, it will be first one for me! :-)
Is the 1. image a painting from Alex Grey?

Yes it is. Happy to have you on board:).

Awesome! I love all the choices this should be really fun :)

Yes I hope so. I took a page out of your book and followed your format. Your contest guidelines are the most clear:)

Found out abt this only today....sigh

Hi,is it still possible to post my piece? When will be the exact deadline? At 7:48 PM ?(You posted that post at that time)

Hi! here's my entry! I hope I'm still on time


Good luck to all contestants!

Hello @elohprojects, thank you for sharing this creative work! If you're interested, take a look at our magazine @creativecrypto. We are all about art on the blockchain, and learning from creatives like you. Swing by and say hello!

Will do! Thank you!!

What a nice post and design i like it very much so followrd you waiting for back

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