An accidental Haiku and a marriage of said poem to a cafe drawing.

in art •  4 months ago

This morning I made an accidental haiku thanks to a bot in a comment section.

I was commenting on @artizm photo post and a bot answered back.
This moment of mind and machine made me smile and I thought, "I should use it for a drawing prompt myself."

However, being a bit busy this morning I thought why not make use of one of my older cafe black and white drawings.

And thus was born the marriage of my black and white drawing of my dog Monty with his two favourite chicks of the time and the new 're-alligned' haiku made by me by accident in a comment.


I like the use of
Light and shadow and the strong
Horizontal lines!

             - donnadavisart

Let me say that the irony of my own obsession with the Singularity and merge with the machine was not lost on me. Here I was, typing away my little non chalent comment, and it was a bot, with his algorithmic intelligence making a poem of it.

Well done machine, perhaps when you are our overlords you will still have a bit of poetry and art in our enslavement.

Happy day to you all and may you, or your beloved hand held devices, desktops, tablets or even your toaster, find a haiku hidden in your speech patterns.

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It's great that you can get inspiration even from a bot, Donna! And I like how expressive the dog and the chicks are in your art, very nice interaction :).


As we know, those wacky bots can be SO inspirational. Great use of spamminations coming your way. So creative, as per usuale'.
I am slowly morphing a post about my toaster, but it is not looking like a pleasant little haiku at the moment. Dastardly thing. (Toaster, not the haiku or otherwise...) Though I fully agree, there is inspiration in everything around us. From our appliances, down to the things living about in the stones of the driveway. Now if only I could get Cat Facts to pick up again. Sigh.
Well, I hope your day is only as busy as you would like it to be, you have time to draw and paint and chicken and sweep your cottage and all without a pain in your ground-based appendi. And otherwise, have a glorious Thursday.


I, of course, immediately thought of you. In fact the first time I got a bot in comments I had a little convo with him/her. Then when I first came across your blog I knew straight away we would be bosom friends with your catbot banter.

I had meant to share a second post yesterday, but of course I did have cottage and garden to do, well had to do cottage and wanted to do garden :)

Now, we've all this blessed wind without rain! I don't get the weather this week. I need rain for the garden, mother nature is having it off!


Bonus points for using "chicken" as a verb.

For the machine overlords - who will join me in the resistance and go dark when the time comes?
science fiction, fantasy, erotica


Ah, but they won't come with a whizz and a bang they'll arrive in dribs and drabs in a whisper.


Already are. Enjoying your mobile phone?

perfect drawing, Donna!

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Thanks, I'm never sure what I'm meant to do with these. Is there a digital girlscout sash we could pin these too, that'd be fine, indeed.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend


aw it's like binary but the 1's and 0's are replaced with 'wonderful, thanks and friend'

When I see your posts, I realize how much art is not just an activity buy a lifestyle.


What a sweet thing to say. And for me it is a lifestyle, I suppose. So much of my inspiration comes from my rather sheltered life :)

sweet illustration

when they are our overlords? has that not happened yet? ;)

It is quite amusing how bot's invade us in various ways throughout Steemit, but they can be beneficial and even in this case inspirational.

Lovely drawing, Monty looks so friendly with two chicks - you captured a really precious moment between them.

#thealliance #witness

I really loved this post you shared. First off I love dog and chickens togeTher, well rendered. Second, haikus are gorgeous, made much better by mistake, grace and fluid lines

I loved this bot