Daily Drawing: Best friends

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my sketch and watercolour for the day.


And the uncropped version:

As I have noticed of late that steemit seems to be less busy with people and I seem to also find it not as easy to be on I almost feel like posting twice daily. Now, that seems the opposite of what one would think, if you are busy and it seems less active, you'd post less. But, hear me out:

I draw every day, even if just a scribble and some paint, this could be a post of it's own.

And I always start my day, this time of year, in my garden with a coffee and contemplating some plants or nature or some such and this 'inner dialogue' I share with myself could easily be a 'good morning #steemitvillage ' post.

But, I digress.

Today's sketch is another in my current obsession with my Singularity beings and of course dogs.

A simple sketch of a woman/hybrid and her tinted pink dog. A day in the life of post Singularity world.

This might become a larger painting. It could become a study for characters to appear in a larger work, but regardless, it will still be a stand alone piece as is. I think it'd be fun with some text on a tee shirt, bag or some such. Speaking of which, since deciding to take over control of my website months ago, I am still trying to get that up and running.
I think I might just launch it soon in its very unfinished state and call it a WIP or a sort of 'performance art' of my trying to get things up and running on a website.

The zen approach to website in which I appreciate it as is and enjoy making little changes to it daily but revel in it's inconsistent irregularities.

And here we go again, with another wordy post that was meant to be a simple post of my drawing for today.

Happy 4th to all Americans and Happy Wednesday to the rest of you lot. Enjoy your day in some way and take a moment to revel in the unfinished and unrealized today, and enjoy it for what it is.

If you like my posts please upvote, resteem, and by all means comment, I love comments!

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a very nice idea again!
and I liked the watery paint brush strokes :)
digital drawings are really great! congratulations dear friend

I find I love doing digital more and more. Of course I always scribble in my journal and such, but it's becoming my favourite way to create. And it's then already in digital format, I don't have to take a photo and upload it etc.

You just made me want to take my watercolor and draw right now! I love spots, and damn I love violet dog, nature should have created such breed <3

They will, someday...The genetic mix of the world is coming and it's going to be an interesting place to be :)

I'm so glad I inspired you. Now get to painting ;)

Beautiful colors! You're doing it well by drawing everyday, practice leads to master your skills!

I do draw everyday and paint/printmak/digitalpaint most days. So, I am just going to start sharing even sketches on the daily. Practice makes perfect, but I don't think I'd ever want perfection :)

Yes, I think everyone has unique goals and objectives with art!

Wow, awesome illustrations. Beautiful friendships crossing species, even into cyborg territory :) Great stuff, resteemed and followed.

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Wow, friend how you keep watercolor so fresh. Unbelievable beauty,,!!!

Sometimes the words just come flowing out and there's not much you can do about it. A short post becomes War and Peace. =)

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