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Spammers. We all hate them. We see them everywhere. Here in Steemit they are very rampant. And most of these spammers are clueless as to how Steemit really works and they join this platform thinking they could make money real quick using a very easy strategy - spamming everyone and anyone.

Like most people I have been spammed right from my first post. And it has not stop ever since. I have flagged quite a number of them. Higher reputation score seems to attract them the most.

So spammers, I hope you take some time to read this but let me tell you PLEASE STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING. Your strategy does not work. You will not get upvotes or followers by doing what you do. You are hurting yourself more than anyone else. So here are two things you should not do:

Don't leave stupid comments like this:

  1. "Nice post"

  2. "Nice photography" - I got this type of comments frequently. Listen, spammers, I don't do photography. Take pictures of my art, yes, but no, I don't do photography.

  3. "Thank you for sharing" - You are welcome but is that all you got to say? Don't you have any comments in regards to my content?

Don't drop your links on my post

If your post is relevant to my content, that is fine. But please explain why. My post is not a place for you to promote your links or to find new followers.

Some of these spammers are users who genuinely do not know how to interact with other Steemians. Most of them are not native English speakers and probably struggle to understand a lot of things in English. If you fall into this category, these are my two tips for you:

  1. Write in your native language, yes, even in the comments section. I will try my best to use Google translate to translate your comment. That way you don't have to struggle to write in English and resort to leaving stupid irrelevant comments. By the way, I speak Malay and you can leave comments in Malay/Bahasa Indonesia.

  2. Read the post before commenting. Most spammers don't read the post and they are eager to comment.

The sticker paintings

I got the idea to make these spammer stickers after seeing one by @barbara-orenya. You can see it here in her post. Scroll down to the comment section, you won't miss it. I think it's a great idea and it's funny too. Inspired by Barbara I came out with my own stickers painted using my favorite technique, stenciling.

I used pictures of a hissing cat and a growling husky to create the stencils, painted them and finally manipulated the images digitally.

Here are the original paintings:



And the digitally enhanced images:



So if I see any spam comments on my post, I will reply with these stickers and most probably will flag them too.

Thank you for checking out my post! What do you think of these stickers?

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I am selling some of my paintings over on Artfinder. Shipping is FREE worldwide. You can check them out here: ARTFINDER.

My gifts & merchandise available at REDBUBBLE (international), Printcious & CreativeUnited (Malaysia).

Thank you!


My avatar was illustrated by @pinstory

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I was thinking of drawing some stickers myself. The thing is I don't think these spammers check the replies. They go on hoping to achieve something.


I think you are right. Spammers and scammers usually do not respond to people who are making them aware of their behavior. They either ignore them or just not checking their posts. Personally I think it's the first option.

I consider writing a blog about it, to expose a few rotten tomatoes here on Steemit.


Most definitely. They are on commenting spree and can't be bothered. The best way to get their attention is to downvote them. I managed to kick quite a few off the platform just by downvoting their comments and their posts which were plagiarized content.


I agree, the best way to handle them is to downvote!


I agree with you on that!

I have been on Steem for only a few weeks, and spam is already annoying. I get what you mean. Funny drawings!


Hey I guess it's not too late to welcome you to Steemit! Yes it's very annoying and it's not going to end but we do what we can.

I agree with @Erikah, spammers don't check the replies, I know it, and in fact
for me it is less to warn them that I stick the spammer-drawing on their comment, spammer.png
than to draw the attention of the others on the fact that this account is a spammer and that it didn't get unnoticed ;-)


You are absolutely right @barbara-orenya. They don't check replies. The least we can do is to downvote or leave a sticker to warn others and eventually tarnish their image. I used to argue with a spammer because she passed someone's art as hers and I called her out. I haven't seen her around for months and I am guessing she has quit Steemit.


yes, they ususally don't last long...just the time to bother for a while ;-)

I like them... but I like your Reply stickers even more.... hint hint...
Yeah, I can understand your irritation. Some of these spammers drop comments that mean absolutely nothing.... and some don't even make sense... I sometimes get a good laugh trying to fit the comment to the post haha....


Yes the funniest would be the ones that called you "dear", "love", "sweet" LOL!


...or when they call you sir or brother and you are a girl =D

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Yep, I hate it too... Especially for those who give me this kinda comment 'nice post, I have upvote it, please upvote me', and somehow there is a high ranker who often do this thing.

Anyway, I envy your drawing ability, it's so nice I love the detail, especially that kitty one.