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Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

That quote leaves a deep impression on me. Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense. But what does it mean exactly? I admit I did not understand it the first time I read it but as I pondered more, it finally dawned on me what it truly means.


Even cowards can endure hardship...

Everyone can endure difficult times in life. Living on this side of heaven, all of us have to go through some form of difficulties. No one is excluded. Not even the richest people on earth. Not celebrities, not politicians, not anybody. All of us have gone through or will go through hardships in life. There really is no choice. When difficulties happen we have to face them and handle them accordingly. There is nothing easy about them. We struggle, we cry, we rant, we complain. Some people decided to end their own life when plugging through seems impossible. It's hard.

So in essence, "the cowards" here refers to all of us because all of us will go through difficulties in life be it financial, health, relationships and so on.


...Only the brave can endure suspense.

However, there is another breed of people who are considered brave because they can "endure the suspense." What does that mean? For me, it means people who are able to grit their teeth and plug on without complain and endure their challenges to the most of their ability. It also means people who are able to stay calm and face life bravely in the midst of uncertainties like waiting for biopsy results, endless rounds of medical testings, or hoping for a loved one to respond positively to a medical treatment. It could be also the time you wait for that job you desperately need so that you can feed your family. This special breed of people rarely complain about their hardships and accept their lot in life with bravery and fighting spirit. Some of these people even extend some helping hands to help others less fortunate, they serve others even when they are going through their own personal storms.

Like everyone else I fall into the "coward category" but I have had people come to me telling me I am brave or asking how could I be so calm in facing my hardships. I am not self-praising here but if that is the impression people had on me then I guess it's worth it. At least my attitude in facing challenges gives inspiration to others that they too can be brave and continue to persevere and never give up. However, I always point out that my strength doesn't come from me but from God whom I put my hope on.


Note: the colored pages are from my personal collection and from the Psalms Stained Glass Coloring Book by Jessica Mazurkiewicz.

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This is obviously an excellent art.
This post is also an educative value for us.
Thanks for sharing us.
@resteem & follow done.


Excellent article @coloringiship, I liked it a lot, as much as we would like to make sure that our life is full of good times and the necessary peace and harmony, we all know that it is a utopia, and that things get ugly from time to time . hour . God bless you and fill you with success.

Regards ...


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