Friends- Why Keeping Your Circle Small Is Better.

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Im inspired to write this as I see it more and more amongst people close to me when it comes to the topic of friendship. For me it really is quality over quantity, I would rather have a handful of people I could really rely on who have my back than a load of folk masquerading.

Unfortunately, we live in a World full of energy vampires, people walking around with unmet needs and unhealed traumas. People who are bitter and twisted about their own lives so will project a stream of bullshit onto others and try to steal their energy. Its going on ALL the time and its not being talked about enough.


Your energy should be your most precious asset, when your cup is full you can smash goals, engage with life, and are much more likely to achieve your purpose without cling ons draining your battery. The problem is some of these vampires are extremely good at masquerading! They will tell you everything you want to hear at the start until you start to trust them and then the table turns.

Be very discerning about who you let into your sacred inner circle. I include family members too, set strong boundaries because otherwise there are people who will walk all over them. Someone should only be part of your life if they are ADDING something thats good to it. If they are taking away then you need to consider stronger boundaries or maybe even letting them go.


A solid circle you can rely on means more than anything, even if its just one other person. You are a worthy person and you're worthy of the best friendships and relationships. Have a look around you, maybe you need a review or even a clear out! Below is a video I made about dealing with energy vampires.

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Seneca would often encourage his students to "withdraw from the multitude" in order that they might better discover happiness within themselves. As an added bonus to solitude one often becomes acutely aware of what is real and what is Bullshit. Friends are absolutely the most valuable thing in my life, and like you I prefer quality over quantity any day.


Makes complete sense!

So true. I know a lot of people had this huge circle of friends and now they found out that most of those „friendships“ weren‘t real. They just hang out to drink together and get drunk together.
I mean, where do you get the time to cultivate all those friendships?!

I‘m glad that I have those 3 real friends who are always there for me and they mean a lot to me.

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