Prove Me Wrong @Kakfanarchy84

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Your argument seems so weak. Your inability to answer simple out right questions is rather comical and telling. You are so obviously butt hurt by Adam Kokesh and his campaign. This pain runs deep too because you aren't even in the same country, yet you are actively seeking to ruin all these people that simply support that campaign. The only evidence I've seen of wrong doing is by you. You are a rude and hateful little man. I challenge you to prove me wrong. Become aware of the hate you are projecting into the world. It's never to late to become a decent human being. #moveon


May I act as mediator here?

First of all, what are your questions? Please post them below and let @kafkanarchy84 respond. Of course, you can judge the quality of his answers, but I will look on them as well and consider them from another perspective to help us all determine whether or not they answer your questions or evade them.

Additionally, please explain what you mean by the statement, you are actively seeking to ruin all these people that simple support that campaign.

Who are all these people? Surely, you don’t mean every single Kokesh supporter. And how exactly is @kafkanarchy84 actively seeking to ruin these people?

Thank you for offering, that would be great! I didn't mean my questions specifically. The heart of this issue is he saying someone threatened him.I haven't seen him present tangible proof about this. Who threatened you Kafka? Why do you feel the need to "try and mow down all of Adams followers" as well? It seems like you're turning this into a political strategy while claiming you're afraid for your family. From a "threat" that was never issued.
You were approached by someone that ruins peoples lives for a living. Someone that no one hired. This hacker then told you everything she COULD do (even though no one asked her to obviously). In a desperate effort for political gain, you try to make all of this FACT. Did anyone besides the hacker issue you a threat?


Well, what questions are you referring to exactly?

In your response to my offer, you pose three questions:

  1. Who threatened you Kafka?
  2. Why do you feel the need to “mow down all of Adam’s followers” as well?
  3. Did anyone besides the hacker issue you a threat?

I see that @kafkanarchy84 has already responded to your comment, but I won’t address that because it seems premature. I would rather begin by asking you to clarify the questions you would like a response to. Are the three questions above the real questions you want to ask @kafkanarchy?

In your post, you seem to refer to other simple questions that he has evaded. Would you rather pose these questions to him?

In other words, please be specific. Then maybe you can get the answers you are looking for.

My question is simple.

To be threatened or have your family threatened, someone must issue a threat.

Besides the "white hat" hacker, who issued a threat to Kafka? Screenshots?

Sorry, I’ve been busy and wasn’t able to respond to your comment here.

In your comment, you acknowledge that KafkA was threatened. You state that he was threatened by a “white hat” hacker.

Your question then states, who else threatened you? Did the screenshots threaten you?

You seem to take issue with the word threaten. Indeed, in the screenshots that KafkA provides, and in the scenario that he shares with us, there do not appear to be any verbal and/or direct threats made to him.

Another meaning of the word threat, however, is to cause harm to someone or something. What KafkA has described is a plan to do him (and his family) harm.

I concur with you that nobody said to Kafka, I will cause you physical harm. I will ruin your life or anything else that could be considered what I will refer to as a direct threat. Kafka seems to agree with this as well.

It does appear to me, though, that a plan was being developed to do harm to Kafka and his family, which could also be stated as a plan to threaten Kafka and his family.

Do you agree with this, or disagree?

There is a difference in feeling threatened than actually being threatened.

I'll ask you more directly. Do you confirm that a plan was being developed to do harm to Kafka? Or do you find the evidence inconclusive?

I agree. There is a difference. Sometimes you can misinterpret things and feel threatened, when in actuality, you aren’t being threatened. Do you not see the story and evidence being displayed by Kafka as proof that someone wanted a cyber attack/sabotage conducted on him?

A plan was set in motion, as documented by extensive evidence, to destroy my life via a cyber attack. This plan was already put in motion. Thus, the plan set in motion was an active threat to my safety, and that of my family.

Would you agree that something can threaten you, without being a direct verbal threat (as was issued via Famer to Tatiana Moroz at the behest of Adam)?

For example, if I plan to hack your bank account or bug your car, and the plan is in motion, is not said plan a threat to your security and safety?

Do you understand?

So no one issued you a threat verbally or written? You're only going off of someone's personal and private communication without context?

As I stated prior, there is a mountain of context: metadata-analyzable photos, phone numbers, video, and a PayPal address. Please see previous documented threats and manipulation sent from Adam by Ben, verified directly by Farmer, as well. One to Tatiana Moroz, and one putting political pressure on the 9-year-old son of the treasurer, Angela Owens.

Plus the whole conversational context in the video.

Is this, to your thinking, a lack of context?

So no one issued you a threat verbally or written?

I shouldn't have put in quotes the mow down comment. But is Kafka attacking non Kokesh supporters?

I don’t know. Is he? If so, point me to the evidence. I don’t have time to research this by myself, but I will happily moderate your arguments (at my own pace) and follow the links you provide for me.

You’re right, I didn’t say that, so you shouldn’t have.

Can you define “attacking?” All I am doing is downvoting campaign staff that have posted the “official statement,” and refuse to address the serious evidence.

It is my opinion that such individuals have no place on this blockchain. I am using a function built directly into the protocol to voice my market preference.

There are other supporters, who did not issue the “official statement,” who, though I find them unpleasant, remain unflagged by my account.

Either way, I would hardly call downvoting someone 20 cents, an “attack.”

Either way, I would hardly call downvoting someone 20 cents, an "attack."

Interpreting... Interpreting... multiple results found:

translation: "don't fight it"
translation: "just let it happen"
translation: "it will be over soon"

Believe steemians. Rewardrape is real #metoo!

BTW, that's not me taking sides on this, only
taking sides on tacky downvote arguments.


Never claimed/meant/implied any of your “translations.”

Thanks for stopping by and fantastically missing the point.

kafkanarchy84 (74) · 1 hour ago
You’re right, I didn’t say that, so you shouldn’t have

Ok, I am being decent by claiming a typo. Kindly tone down your infamous fascist mindset. You do not have any right to tell me what I should or shouldn't have worded my statement.

Saying you shouldn’t have directly quoted me saying something I didn’t say is wrong?

I am still waiting for the yes or no question regarding my last comment. You changed threads and did not answer.

Thank you.

"The only evidence I've seen of wrong doing is by you."

Seriously? You have no problem with the actual evidence that has been provided? You see no wrong doing in it by Ben Farmer???

Let's assume the worst scenario here, and the hacker is a setup. He's actually doing all of this and contacted Graham to trap him instead of help him.

Guess what? Graham has still acted appropriately and in self-defense. Either prove your case, or prove the evidence false. None of this back and forth matters otherwise.

Move on? LOL That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. No, we need more light on this situation, and more people need to see the truth. What has happened is way too serious of an issue to simply forgive and forget.

People need to know who the bad actors are and have the evidence to cut ties from them. The fact that you are ignoring all of the good evidence is very unfortunate for your sake too. People have seen the evidence, and you continue to act like it doesn't exist.

Don't you understand how that makes YOU look?

"It's never too late to become a decent human being."

Decent human beings don't do what Ben Farmer did. Decent human beings don't run for political office to rule other people. Decent human beings do not try to ruin the lives of their outspoken opponents. The list goes on and on and on, but I doubt you'll ever understand.

You appear to not be a decent human being yourself, and you're fighting for the wrong cause.

What about trying to get people fired from there jobs? It's not defense, it's retaliation.

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Is doxxing, trolling, and harrassing ok?

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How does Kaftanarchy benefit?
What doe he have to gain by any of this..?

It is pretty obvious what the 'other side' have to lose,and actions to stop that loss seem far more probable..?

That's what I was trying to discover, what would be the motive behind all this. Holding a grudge seems highly probable as well.. I just want him to stop negatively impacting people and their steemit posts that have nothing to do with any of this... That's it.

Great question and I'm glad you asked that question! Kafka has been on a political war against Kokesh and his campaign team since last year. If you read the above thread between Kafka and sunshinebear, he OPENLY ADMITS he personally wants them removed from Steemit

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There is nothing wrong with a political war.
That's politics for ya! lol

That still doesn't explain what kafka get's to benefit from all of this..?

The gains from the actions of kokseh make sense. Not moral , but logical.

He was pulling a lot of money from here, and not giving much back, from what I see..

So the question still hangs - what on earth would kafk have to gain from rigging a fake hoax conspiracy?

He would have lot to lose in terms of steemit, and his own standing here...

Well, first Kokesh wasn't involved in any way what so ever from what reading. So what would Ben have gained? Honestly?

Knowledge about Kafka?

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If farmer was employed by kokesh, and the actions would result in a negative way to kafk, thus him laying off the political attacks?

Then yes - the profits then becoming available to the kokesh camp through steemit are self evident.

The opposite is true for kafk. If he was found to be a hoaxer - then negatives to him would far outweigh any positives to be gain - just from steemit alone.

if you've ever had employees that have done things without your knowledge, I'm sure you'd understand that being employed to someone does not make the employer guilty. That just goes hand and hand with a freedom based society.

however, @lucylin, take a second glance at what's going on. Kafka says that he BELIEVES that ben was TRYING to do the following based on the screenshots:

doxxing - to gather someone's information and publish it for malicious purposes.
That's it. literally. reread the screenshots.
EVERYTHING ELSE that kafka has said is either made up by him, his hacker... or I've seen no evidence of.
If I'm wrong, please show me how.

Of course, Kafka doxxed ben, btw. Proudly. And then PUBLICLY requested help of the community to fuck ben's financials.

so on the one hand we have kafka claiming that ben might have wanted to simply dox kafka.

on the other hand we have kafka ACTUALLY DOING IT AND MORE.

that's not doxxing!
Having looked at osme of your posts - that claim of doxxing is beyond stupid..

...and you are too intelligent (based off your posts) , to claim a mistake on the definition of doxxing...which can only, logically lead me to believe your argument is weak and/or disingenuous..?

Is Kafka not working on voluntaryjapan? Does Kafka not have political goals?

Yet ben didn't go even close to that far to doing something like that to Kafka. Kafka literally did and more.

It makes me wonder why you aren't indignant towards kafka

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According to Wikipedia it absolutely is. It's by definition

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Lol. I am amazed at how readily you and @sunshinebear put your stupidity and scandalized “indignation” on display.

It does more for me and my case than I ever could, alone.

Thank you, for being yet another Kokesh campaign staffer foaming at the mouth to project and attack the victim.

When the whole of the opposition’s argument is to type in all caps, and assert that I am a “rude and hateful little man” it’s clear the battle has been won.

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Ninety votes for thirteen cents?

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We don't make a living on steemit... Also dont you think your down voting has an affect on the amount of a post?

I didn't downvote anything...

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I was speaking to Kafka.

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Many alt accounts, I am afraid.

Let's not call the kettle black, pot.

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