Now why would kafkanarchy do this?

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Great news! Today @adamkokesh came back with a fantastic interview! Woo hoo!

But then the trolls showed up at the gates, hungry for attention.

Kafkanarchy84 started to accuse adamkokesh of being a part of a conspiracy against him here. Lemme show show you what he means in this screenshot:


The person on the right is the hacker that Kafkanarchy84 stays in contact with. This hacker that has tried they're damndest to twist the blood out of the stone with drama on this issue clearly says that kokesh has nothing to do with any of it.

for full context, go here:

So with clear screenshot evidence proving that adam had nothing to do with any of this drama, why is kafkanarchy84 screaming at adamkokesh?

trolling and attention.

When I confronted Kafkanarchy84 on this here and here, Kafkanarchy84 cussed me out and (as usual) censored the factual truth coming at him, but in no way could respond to the allegation that he is purposefully lying.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to stop feeding the trolls. In the above article by craniumgames it is PERFECTLY CLEAR that no one did anything to kafkanarchy84. He knows it, we know it. We have proof as seen in the article.

Let's stop pumping this troll full of attention and focus on making a difference in our world.



The infosec was saying that my kid has nothing to do with Kokesh and shouldn’t be dragged in, you sick fuck.

I encourage everyone reading this to read the article by craniumgames in my post. The truth is clear and simple.

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What’s clear and simple is you’ve had to resort to vote bots to upvote this filth.

Of course! Otherwise you'd censor me! I'm using my "market preference".

But let's go back to your lying. Try rereading that screenshot and tell me more about how your hacker friend was trying to protect your kid.

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Anyone’s free to ask the source directly and publicly (no DM required) on Twitter, about all the context. And shit, the context has been presented. Time and time again.

If you want to talk about my child, we can arrange to meet face to face when I am back in the states next.


Lol! So scary!

But no, I don't want to talk about your child... YOU DO. You are the one constantly bringing up your kid. Not me

stop changing the subject. Explain to me and everyone else how your hacker friend was trying to protect your child as YOU put it. Go on. I want to see you try to work your way out of screenshot evidence.

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I have educated everyone on the potential dangers that people seeking these services can produce and that's been twisted into a perceived campaign to further victimize Graham and his family in horrible ways. An open network by no means is immune to malicious attacks: A researcher recently revealed that a top paid app is secretly transmitting user data to a server in China. That could include pictures of your children. That has nothing to do with politics or Kokesh. Do not twist my words. I hope the users here, are able to witness a phenomena where mass awareness of certain doxxing or hacking concepts cause over-diagnosis or misapplication of that information security by lay people (you) who do not fully understand the concept, or related concepts.

are you supposed to be the infosec?

if so, i'd really like to know two things.

why did you threaten grahams child.

and why did ben refuse your offer?

In fact, scratch that! Let's do it your way. I want to talk to your hacker. Bring her on here.

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Actually, you are being addressed now, it looks like.

Question away.

They are creating a Steemit account now as well.

Nooooooo. Not at all. Your hacker buddy tried to tempt Ben into using your kid and ben shut her up.
You using your kid like this is what's sick. It's disgusting of you.
Anyone can read it for themselves.

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When I confronted Kafkanarchy84 on this here and here, Kafkanarchy84 cussed me out and (as usual) censored the factual truth coming at him, but in no way could respond to the allegation that he is purposefully lying.

Odd, I thought you said craniumgames was a family friend...

She is :) we wrote both of these together.

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My only question is, why hasn't the Kokesh campaign addressed the allegation directly. We see evidence from a third party. The evidence does show an alternativepoint of view. But this is all hearsay.
Why have we not heard this point from Ben or the Kokesh camp?

And as you can see in the comments; I asked a simple question for clarification and got down-voted (what you consider to be censorship) by Marcus.

I have seen that post and to me that was not a good response to the accusations that were laid out. These are serious accusations that demand a serious response to each and all of the specific accsations. That vague response gives me the perception of guilt, in my opinion. I understand the opinion that the author is putting out there, and is plausible, but this should have come directly from the accused, not from some third party analysis and therefore assumptions.

Well... The campaign put out an official press release on steemit pubicly declaring they would not and did not have anything to do with it. But your boy Kafka rushed around and had it censored.
So ask kafka

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The campaign put out an official press release on steemit pubicly declaring they would not and did not have anything to do with it.

This is an outright lie. The "statement" says absolutely nothing in regards to the kafka, to ben, or even to doxxing in general. All it does is mention that they believe in the nap and since both you and Marcus support a post that says and I quote "Doxxing is not a violation of the NAP" and "Hacking is not a violation of the non-aggression principle" that all can be found in the video here.
Talking about the NAP falls flat doesn't it?

I even commented on the statement asking about what this has to do with Ben and I got down-voted (what you consider to be censorship) by Marcus .

I don't even like Kafka if I'm being honest ( but I don't want to cause him any harm) and I want to hear the other side, but this is ridiculous.

First, I'm not Ben, Marcus, or whomever krishool is.

i am: iamthenerd.

I am a free man just as you are. I am as responsible for the actions and inactions of Ben or Marcus as you are (not at all).

The official campaign statement clearly indicates that we (the campaign) have nothing to do with any of this. It's really that simple. That being a given, how can we speak on the matter without making stuff up or guessing? All I know is what I've been told which is probably all the same things that you know.

If someone worked where you work now, i wouldn't question you if that person had or hadn't done something. it would be impossible for you to accurately speak on the subject.


It’s funny that no one buys the inanity save those on the campaign team. Michael (@iamthenerd) can’t even answer your question, @dfree. He’s also being directly addressed by the infosec source on Twitter, but after asking to talk to them, refuses to even publicly ask there.

It’s a game to these losers. Project because they are miserable people looking to mess with people for entertainment.

Good luck on getting an answer, @dfree, but I wouldn’t waste my time.

kafka... just because you doxxed me doesn't make it ethical or moral to use my name on this platform.

also, i can speak for myself. thank you

Michael, your name and your picture along with Adam Kokesh are posted publicly all over the internet, you dolt.

And yes, the infosec has created an account. Currently they are working, as I understand it. But instead of having me as a middle man: like a mature adult would, ask them when they’ll be active. You have an open connection on Twitter which you don’t use for whatever reason. I imagine they’ll be commenting here soon.

kafka, i choose to use a handle on this platform. i choose not to pronounce myself with my name. everyones name is on the internet somewhere. i do not give you consent to use my name here. you are seriously not a voluntaryist by any stretch.

i look forward to speaking with her here. she has a lot to explain. as do you.

No, I don’t need your consent to use a name you’ve publicly and openly plastered all over the internet. This much is obvious. If that to you is some form of harassment, you may be better served to looking to your own behavior, and ask if perhaps there is a reason people are giving your actual public identity attention now.

As for me. My name is Graham Smith. And after what I’ve been going through, and what you’ve been accusing me of, nah, I don’t respect anything about you other than the fact that you have not physically violated me. You’re only making noise, and that sycophantic racket always happens when an idolized figure is criticized, so it is to be expected.

Now, I’m the one doxxing you by exposing a cyberterror plot against myself and my family? That’s pretty funny.

“Mykl,” Wood, the “Director of Tech” for the Kokesh campaign, listed publicly on linkedin, and posting photos of himself at Adam’s events on this platform, here on Steemit accusing me of all kinds of horrible things, and engaging in non-stop victim blaming.

I do appreciate that your whole blog here as of late is dedicated to me now, though. An impressive string of posts for someone seeking decidedly to not “give attention” to me.


I was able to google the Director of Tech for Adam Kokesh and your LinkedIn came up immediately Michael . This presents the public name in question that you have alleged is an act of doxxing. It appears that those who pieced together this information relied exclusively on public information, especially information posted by you. The investigative technique is merely to look for clues in public information and make connections across multiple online platforms and personas. At least, I could not find any Non-Public Private Information (NPPI) released in your LinkedIn, Facebook or steemit.

Calling all Bernies... Come in, @berniesanders... Thoughts?



Yes @berniesanders, do you realize you're being played?

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Ha ha ha ha... As if!

Allseeingewe, either you are unable to read basic facts, or you are Kafka stooge. Either way, I don't think you should laugh about it. It's embarrassing.

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Thanks for the follow, btw!

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Anarchists and sheep don't generally get along, but I like you :) you're funny

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