Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: First Fork Day Thoughts on Concept in Action and Photos

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When we formulated the idea that became @anarchaforko we had only a few requirements of things we needed it to have to make it what we wanted it to be. One of those things was it's ad hoc decentralized nature to discourage the speaker audience format, the other was Acapulco Bay. As we moved closer to the fork we repeatedly had to defend these two things as many didn't quite see the significance due to lack of experience or just lack of understanding.

Once the fork actually started though it became clear to us that our efforts in defending those things were worth it as those were two important factors in how this thing turned out. People loved the lively dynamic location of the fork and they also loved being able to do whatever they wanted with it. Their eyes lit up when I encouraged them to go off grounds to find food, suggesting local restaurants like The Green Apple Restaurant (which apparently has vegan options according to a forker family) and Verde Vegan as close by healthy alternatives.

Defending the decentralized nature wasn't always easy. For one people often didn't understand what other to do than a speech. Some people flourished at the idea of something else like Larken and Amanda who have both talked of how stressful giving a speech can be, even about something they're passionate about. Part of the goal of this was to remove the stress on people who have something to share and remove barriers that keep them from sharing something people don't always get to see.

We encouraged people to do other things than talks, like @kennyskitchen's eyegazing workshop or @erikaharris' biohacks workshop. Some people still gave speeches. I'll be honest while I hope those speeches were filmed so I can hear them I didn't go to them which I think is something important to point out. It's not because I didn't want to, often I did but I and many other people were preoccupied with other things from conversations to workshops. The closest thing to a speech that did well to the point where even I said it needed the large speaking area and had serious draw was the panel on @steemfestfork day which was the last day about Steeming Your Way to Success with @erikaharris and @kennys kitchen.

Now Kenny totally planned it out and I think it went better than I expected, being totally unprepared. It was basically a question and answer session and you can find some of that recording here and here. It had such huge draw however that there are at least 5 people I personally know of that came to the fork only for that, receiving a discounted ticket price from me in pesos for the fact that they'd only be involved in a fraction of the festivities. Not one person seemed dissatisfied and a few came up to continue asking questions after, which was cool.

The point of the speaking area like that was for when things got to the point where so many people wanted to be involved that it was necessary. When the person leading the discussion is handed a microphone so everyone who has gathered around can hear. It was interesting to see how it was utilized. I figure it'll be interesting to see how things are utilized next year!

While I get the need to give a speech or presentation in some situations, next year I encourage people to go for something more interactive if they want a bigger draw just based off of what the crowd chose to do this year. I think an awesome solution to those who want to share a speech or presentation is to give them a room with a screen and a camera or something so they can give their speech and it be filmed. It'd then be posted online for people to view whenever they want.

This will allow people to hear what you have to say without having to pause their experience to do it. In the age of the internet, it's much more valuable to record speeches in a smaller setting to be watched at one's leisure than to do a traditional style lecture. Most people including myself would be more appreciative of being able to watch speeches after the fact (perhaps even later in the day for some if we have time) when we have time to fully absorb what's being said. The fact that one of the most popular events the whole weekend happened in a tiny room and was seriously interactive and the other most popular ones happened outside involving yoga or essential oils, I think it's safe to say Anarchaforko is the place to think outside the box.

Do what you like to do! We even had a intense workout session at the fork!

This was a talk Dr. Vibes (he does biofield tuning and has earned that nickname from friends) did for the fork in one of the smaller rooms and from what I could tell it was a nice intimate event that went fairly well for him. I also encourage anyone interested in doing speeches or presentations to go smaller scale, like in the offices we rented or even outside (if that can be considered smaller). If you do anything like this, please film it and put it online for others to watch who were preoccupied with other things!

He had fun sharing about Remedy Coin, ozone therapy and tuning fork therapy.

This is the henna paste that Daphne was using for the duration of the fork. I'm glad I invited her and next year we plan to have her as well as other locals to share their goods and services during the fork. Two young local entreprenuers and one local ice cream guy is not enough Acapulco local for the fork in my opinion. We want a good blend of locals and expats at the fork!

This was taken just after she did my henna. The first day she was there people didn't understand until I went and had her do this, which attracted enough customers to keep her busy the whole rest of the weekend. From my understanding she had a good weekend which was the goal.

It was interesting to observe the goings on of the fork, even from afar. For much of it I was on the move so there wasn't much sitting and listening to many of the events, save for @erikaharris' biohack workshop and @larkenrose and @dragonanarchist's insane musical performance. My attention span is not totally to be counted on as a measure as I had a lot more responsibility in this fork than most other forkers, but the photos show a lot of what sort of thing people were doing.

These are the last of the photos from the first day. There's still a lot more to be shared as a lot happened. Soon we will begin the serious preparations for the next fork year as we are planning on doing this again. The difference will be the platform to plan will be available long in advance. We expect things to be a little more competitive and we've interested to see who makes the most affiliate marketing and who plans and puts on the most (and best) events. This year @kennyskitchen won both this year as he's earned more than 300 dollars in crypto through the program and his events were the most popular on average!

@erikaharris wrote this recent writeup of her time this Anarchapulco/Anarchaforko season, check it out here

Did you fork with us? What did you think? What would you like to see next year? Post your thoughts on Steemit with the anarchaforko tag and share it with us!

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"Defending the decentralized nature wasn't always easy."... you said. IF THIS ISN'T THE HEIGHT OF IRONY in a gathering of AnarchoVols seeking political decentralization somewhere in the world, I don't know what is. Although I have to believe Adam Kokesh's prescription to "Split America to Unify America" is right up there with it. LOL.

With a year between now and AnarchoForko '19 you capitalist innovators will hone into perfection. Fear not. Old habits are hard to break for most. Millenials will get it. Shifting on the fly as a result of trends which come available via your smart phones will trump the stodgy crustiness of those of us still stuck in "old school" too much. I envision you folks making this into a 51 week Agora... and Acapulco becoming World Volutyrist HQ. Go for it!


That's kind of what we're going for here. Enough people got it this year that I think next year things will be next level and beyond all of our expectations!


Lily. Who do you suppose is the best pitchMan for growing it? Larken Rose? Would he have to be hired by some sort of marketing firm? Or would he do it for no compensation? I have an idea how we can get this thing off the ground. Should I post it? Or talk to him first? What sayeth?


Nice blog about encouragement to public speaking and skills improvement!

Wonderful photography, i appreciate this contest.

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