Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: First Forking Day Shenanagins

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This circle of people was actually one of the best discussions I walked up on during the duration of the fork and it happened spontaneously the first day and wasn't on the calendar. It likely started with a small group of people smoking and escaping the air conditioning and ended with this big group discussing the freedom crypto has allowed them in their lives.

After everyone showed up the first day they promptly disappeared to this spot to do yoga with @mwolfe13. There was yoga all three mornings during the fork.

@mwolfe13 also had a table sampling essential oils, which she was really helpful in aiding people with.

Verde Vegan had a lot of cold pressed juices left over from Anarchapulco to sell for dropped prices.

The slow part of the day was during this time of day during the fork, which was the first part. The early crowd was almost always different from the crowd in the evening.

@jasonhenza had plenty of time to scoot around on his electric unicycle. It was a big open venue and the people there were pretty fine with letting us do whatever we wanted.

Friends had tables setup that we honestly pretty popular the whole time, I only wish there were more options.

We arranged to have a smoke shop of sorts set up for the fork and it was a hit, providing for the forkers the things they would need from vaping stuff to pipes.

My favorite things were the stuff like this, unplanned and spontaneous but with a lot of good natural draw. It was interesting to see what people prioritized with their time compared to what the general conference structure is.

There's @kennyskitchen, working hard as he was known to do literally the entire time. He was a powerhouse this year, an essential part of the fork.

The most popular scheduled event the first day was definitely the workshop Kenny did that involved eye gazing. He did a great job making people comfortable, even though I still was slightly too uncomfortable to get involved myself. Overall the events with the most draw were not the ones that were talks or presentations, they were the interactive ones and often time weren't on the calendar until the last moment.

Stay tuned for more photos and thoughts. We've got a lot to share about this thing.

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everything was perfect! They were the right people at the right time and place! And I really enjoyed being in that group learning about other types of cryptography views! very good afternoon hehe! Greetings friend

Ya'll good looking. Must be all the ... having to learn how to co-exist peacefully.

beautiful photography, nice post , thanks for sharing