Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: Kids Fork Day at El Rollo Planned by @catherinebleish

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*Photo Caption: The pleased face of young forker Stara, adorable daughter of @catherinebleish

@anarchaforko isn't just for adults and while there weren't a lot of kids at the fork there were enough to bring a youthful energy and make things a little more fun. @catherinebleish is one of several expats who brought her kids down to Acapulco this year and from what I've heard they've had a lot of fun here. I encouraged her to host a fork event for the kids after the main fork event and she actually did, being one of two events on the anarchaforko calendar after those main three days. While it was small I seriously appreciate it as it gives people an idea of possibilities for next year. And honestly guys, had I not been so fried from the main fork event I likely would have gone to this one. I love waterparks.

Kids under 13 were free this year and likely will be again next year. We want to encourage families to come and get that not very many familys are super wealthy. We also understand that a kid can't fork to the same ability that an adult can.

These pictures were taken by @catherinebleish during the fork kids day and she graciously sent them to me and is allowing me to use them for this fork post. Again thanks for taking the initiative to be the example here and show people the fork didn't end after those three days.

I've had several people ask me what's going on and honestly I'll admit I've been to tired to plan much of anything. What I do have to say is that if you're still in town and want to hang out with forkers, get talking to them in the discord and add events to the calendar. Share them with us and you might get us to come out of the wood work like we did for the scuba trip.

Screenshot from 2018-03-09 18-02-07.png

This is a shot of the event as it's shown in the website. It happened in February so you've got to go back a month to view the event now but it's still there as a great example for next year.

Special thank you to everyone that came out to fork with us year and also to those who wanted to but couldn't like @surfyogi, who donated his airbnb and funds to help with the fork when he found out he couldn't make it.

Thanks to @smartcash for helping to make this dream a reality.

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interesting, that means families are welcome to the event, that brings more people :)

So awesome!! My kids need this in their lives :D

Wow... Great to see your kids photography...
Thanks for the share of lovely photography

yes. It would be good to see incentives for anarchos to create families! This "sausageFest" we know as Libertavia has got to begin attracting women. ...especially ones with a traditional desire to breed!!! What will it take to overcome this:
who invited the libertarian.JPG

Nice time! However, no rulers, no slaves education should be taught. to Including our animal friends. JUSTLOVE

I wish I could've made it down there! Maybe next year!

Sebuah liburan dan pemandagan kolam renag yang sangat luar biasa @lily-da-vine