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So soft and feminine.
Spring turns to Summer. The haunting.
Cry of a magpie. A burst of sunshine. Blue skies alternate.
With a touch of Patchouli. A fragrance so earthy. I open to the wonder.
Of nature's bounty. Of my life. Of the passage of time.
Of all that shows me how to:
Be in 'Sacred Space.'



Remember: Be open to 'Sacred Space.' ~Ally.

Be open to 'Sacred Space.'

Be open to 'Sacred Space' was created by using the same arrangement of small rock stacks, spiral shells and crystals that had been used for the arrangements in 'Remembrance' and Seeking to stand in my own 'Sacred Space.' ~ Only now some beautiful pale pink blossoms accentuate the outer circle.

Be open to 'Sacred Space' was also digitally enhanced with the Deep Dream Generator using the original image as both the Base image and the Style image.

A pleasant surprise awaits anyone who can tell me how many blossoms are in the outer circle.

The creation of: Be open to 'Sacred Space.'

Stage 1.

  • The creation of the basic Sacred Circle was described in 'Remembrance'

  • Six white blossoms with the palest of pink tips were placed on the six little ceramic dishes made by Kobi


Stage 2.

  • An inner circle of blossoms was formed around the ceramic bowl 'Vessel of Silence' in the centre.


Stage 3.

  • Darker pink blossoms were added to the outer circle.
  • Gum blossoms and blossom buds were added to the ceramic bowl 'Vessel of Silence' in the centre.



Yesterday I was so happy to discover a WordPress plugin created by @SteemPress that has enabled me to integrate Steemit with my WordPress blog: Earth ♥︎ Sand ♥︎ Water ♥︎ Ice.

Although it's relatively easy for me to post my Steemit articles to my Wordpress blog: Earth ♥︎ Sand ♥︎ Water ♥︎ Ice ~ It wasn't always happening.

So being able to use the SteemPress plugin to automatically integrate Steemit with my blog now is an Angel-send. There were just a few 'little things' that needed readjusting once the WordPress article was published ~ But it was so easy to do.

Integrating Steemit with Instagram.

Today I discovered via @jaynie's 'Moments from My INSTAGRAM World' that you can now integrate Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch with Steemit using Steem Connect and Share2Steem

I always loved sharing my images on Instagram. However being at Steemit has encouraged me more to write about my imagery. And so now I feel particularly excited about linking Steemit with my Instagram Account and the possibilities that may open out.

But let's see what happens. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Posted from Instagram via Share2Steem


Soft and gentle and leaves a soft spot in my soul, somewhere that words can go and form for another time and space.

This is gorgeous, Ally!

Glad you got the wordpress problem solved!


Thanks SO much Denise. It's wonderful how an image can speak to us so that our own words can gather and reshape into something new again. We all inspire each other so much, which is the thing I've come to love more than anything else at Steemit.

It was easier to find my way around how to integrate WordPress and Steemit than Instagram and Steemit. Both still need working on to 'perfect' the process ~ But the overall integration is happening and I find that really exciting. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


You're not the only one trying to integrate them, happy to say and I hear the same from them so I would say that you were all headed in the same direction.

Good luck in getting all the bugs worked out and I, for one, I'm glad to see you back and posting!


I feel SO GOOD about being back here too Denise. I've made many wonderful connections at IG and Tumblr and more recently at the DeepDreamGenerator and Minds, but I know now that Steemit is definitely my home and I'd love some of the wonderful artists, photographers, artisans, creatives and homesteaders to see the support we give each other in the various communities here.

I'm particularly excited to see people like Barbara @barbara-orenya and Silvia
@silviabeneforti publishing their art work. Our friends at Steemit can really give us that extra boost we need to have our work more widely seen and appreciated.

I may be able to refine the integration process a little as I understand it a bit more ~ At the same time I don't want to spend precious time doing that when there's so much else that's calling out to be created. I think the stars must really be supporting us creatives at the moment Denise. It's TIME. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

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If this connection to insta will make you post more often, I think it's all for the better ^_^.
Lovely art, I like the softness of the colours and the composition :).

If only @scrawly.

My work tends to be incredibly slow because of its, or rather my tediously meticulous nature.

It was always like that for me in drawing and painting too. To an extent working with collage and ephemeral art freed that up. However this particular piece was like playing the kid's game of 'pick up sticks.' You move one little stone and the whole stack next it it topples over ~ But it forced me to be acutely aware which is always a good thing.

But integrating WordPress with Steemit will enable me to maintain my WP blog which I was having trouble doing. And integrating IG with Steemit will enable me to keep the nice connections I still have there.

Like I was saying to Denise @dswigle:

I've made many wonderful connections at IG and Tumblr and more recently at the DeepDreamGenerator and Minds, but I know now that Steemit is definitely my home and I'd love some of the wonderful artists, photographers, artisans, creatives and homesteaders to see the support we give each other in the various communities here.



I totally understand now, looking at your detailed response. You are a person who puts 100% effort in everything that you do, so obviously every post will take considerable time.
I'll just be happy to see what you can show us, when you can :).

Truly grateful for your response @scrawly. There have been times when I've tried to set an objective of posting something every day ~ And it's taken me quite a while to accept that if I do that, something else will, in all likelihood suffer. Like, there's no time to respond or to see other people's work.

I had a friend once who said I did my best work when I had a deadline and there was a degree of pressure. Where that may have been true, I prefer not to work that way now.

I tend to have a few balls in the air at any one time ~ But I do love coming back to making these more ephemeral pieces. They always surprise me as I don't start out with much of a plan and they just grow. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

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