ADSactly Initiatives - Helping Underprivileged Children Access Education Part-4

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ADSactly Initiatives - Helping Underprivileged Children Access Education Part-4

Everyone has something to offer to support causes that matter to them. While monetary donations are always needed, they are certainly not the only a way to support a charity. Your voice is a powerful way to supports a cause that you care about and we have many people here on Steemit helping to support us—we are so grateful!

Have you heard of the first Steemit-community funded charity school, @SchoolForSDG4? School For SDG4. The school was founded on April 20th, 2016 by Mohammed Abdul Aziz @Azizbd and it is in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The main objective of the school is to help local underprivileged children by providing free access to education (an important tool for change for the future) and help Bangladesh to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4(SDG4).

This post will allow @SchoolForSDG4 to receive 50 % of the SBD rewards up to 100 SBD. Every single up-vote will be used towards helping educate students in need.

On April 20, 2018 the charity school, @SchoolForSDG, celebrated its the 2nd birthday. During the birthday celebration, the school arranged a live hangout with some amazing Steemians from Steemit. @velimir @sircork @pennsif joined in the hangout to celebrate the birthday party and talk with slum kids at the school. You can read more about the 2nd year birthday celebration from HERE.

As said above, everyone has something to offer. @SchoolForSDG4 received @Geke's Cost Benefit Jr.™: Stories in Microeconomics as a donation for School. The young children are curious and like to read the book. The book will help the children to know more about economics. They will learn about demand, supply and market… all important concepts that can help better their future. They also can manage their money, which can help them to be good at money management.

In 2016, when we started the school, we had only around 15 kids. In 2017, the number of kids enrolled was around 60. Children are learning more about their community, social behaviour and

@ADSactly is the first community which is supporting the charity school for last 10 months. This support means the world to us because being able to provide education to these children that deserve it also positively impacts their entire families and ripples out to the community. It’s amazing!

But, of course, donations are not only a way to support charity and if you want to get involved, there are plenty of ways to join in.

Over the last two months, I was super busy with many obligations. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write an update about the project from ADSActly even though it is the biggest source of revenue for the school.

On June 2018, @SchoolForSDG4 completed 1 year on Steemit and 20 April 2018 was the 2 years of the school. On 20 April, SchoolForSDG4 arranged a birthday party with kids and donors from Steemit. @velimir, @pennsif and @sircork joined in live during the birthday party with the slum kids.

The above GIF is the part of 2nd year's birthday celebration on 20 April 2018.

Over the last 10 months, @SchoolForSDG4 was able to manage the funds for the kids through Steem blockchain. I would like to highlight the last two months ofeducational activities at the school to provide an update!

Weekly Fruits Program

Over the last two months, we were able to raise enough funds to continue our weekly fruits or snacks program with the support of @lindahas. She has been raising funds for the kids for around a year. She writes posts, we share them and promote them with our followers, and the impact is amazing—we are able to bring in weekly snacks for students and share pictures and updates each time.

28 June 2018

SchoolForSDG4 has been arranging weekly fruits or other snacks program the slum kids for more than two years. And after we started crowdfunding on Steemit, the program got fully funded on steemit and even better! This is definitely the students’ favourite program.

Monthly Hot meal program

The monthly hot meal arrangment program was started in 2018 to give the kids a warm, nutritious meal once each month. Every month, the school arranges the lunch program. Last month, it was Ifter Party for the kids as it was Ramadan. Some of the school kids were fasting and we were happy to arrange Ifter at school.

11 june 2018

It is our hope, that with the continued support of Steem, the school will be able to arrange the hot meal program for the kids more often in future.

The school was also able to arrange EID gifts allocation program for the kids. It was very nice to see them happy before EID and prepared for the EID-Al-Fitr.

11 June 2018

After the food program, kids enjoyed a long holiday and they started school again on 23 June 2018. Junayed, Sumon, Emon and Arif dropped out from school this year and some of them started work and left school area. This is a common issue here and is something we try to avoid. We currently have 52 kids as regularly enrolled students and a bit of good news is that Mohima, a new student, started school this month.

Every school day, the kids start school with some physical exercise and national anthem of Bangladesh.

Steemit is changing the lives of these kids greatly with the support and the impact in Bangladesh is visible – you can follow along to see the update from @SchoolForSDG4. But sometimes we can't change what is not in our power. Al-amin is one of the start students, but he will be leaving school in September. He was studying for 2 years at @SchoolForSDG4. You can watch Al-amin which was Live on Facebook or on Dlive below.


With the support of Steemit, @SchoolForSDG4 was able to bring Al-amin to school by providing scholarship benefits. @tecnosgirl was sponsoring a few months of scholarship from her fundraising posts. She also wishes to be active with @cooking4charity account to raise funds for the kids. The charity school also received a donation from some amazing Steemians recently. The @ADollarAday project one of the great support for the school for sdg4 run by @pennsif.

Also, the charity-run school regularly shares updates from the school blog and it is amazing to see support from @steemiteducation and @curie. What a great community!

Education is the only way to support the kids for a long term. If we feed them for few days, the needs will still exist. But supporting them through education, every day, will assist them to achieve their dreams and make lasting, positive change in the community. Kids are angels from heaven and even though they don't know who specifically support their education, they are grateful and they are so deserving.

Right now SchoolForSDG4 has 57.679 STEEM and $300.390 SBD ( From May 15 to July 4 ). The price of Steem and SBD is not good enough to withdraw. So, we decided not to withdraw fund as we have backup $1385 as cash. But it will not support us for too much longer. Also, Steem Power is a backup fund for school, which will help in case we need it at any time. Your support, through upvotes, shares, writing posts, and any other ways you want to get involved, like commenting below, helps us to continue. For that, we are so grateful.

School For SDG4

A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children

Source of Icons 1 , 2

Authored by: @azizbd , reviewed by @jessicakluthe

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...write an update about the project from ADSActly even though it is the biggest source of revenue for the school.

Heads down to @adsactly and to you guys. I wish posts like this one and many more from this author would make it to the top of the trending page instead of nonsense stuff pushed by buying votes.

Steemit is changing the lives of these kids greatly...

If you and steemit community change life of one child, it’s worth the effort and there are sooo many.

Kids are angels from heaven...

😆 that’s true! With that said I know it’s not much, but I’ve just sent 4 SBD to @SchoolForSDG4. I usually don’t do these kind of donations, I prefer doing it face to face. However, since I believe you are coming from a good place and since I got to know @adsactly for some time, I know it’s not going to get wasted. I wish you and all kids great future and hopefully Steem price will rise much higher soon again.


I am happy that you were convinced to donate for the kids and also please do not hesitate to reach me for any question and hope you will follow the school's update too. As I said, monetary support is not only a way to help the charity. But your last line is 100% true and you just need few days because God always loves who have patience and good heart of sharing the wealth.

Thanks for all to you, it s a great program that touches our life now and in the futur..I believe that the education is a human right that must be accessible to all people, without any discrimination. All children must be able to go to school, and thus enjoy the same opportunities to build a future. In addition, education must also be free so that children from disadvantaged backgrounds can also enjoy their right to education.


Thank you for your understanding and supporting the cause with a nice comment. I am sure one day we will able to help the kids better way.

These kids aren’t cared for, why should I care? They are breeding like animals and their kids breed like animals, we just having a growing problem. One litter of kids from one mother breeder can multiply out of control, then we have 1000 from one ancestor. We’re not solving the problem by feeding them, we’re giving them more opportunities to continue being mogrels. Darwinism is solving this for them. Until they become human they are going to continue being animals. Hamsters eat their young if they have to many kids at once because they cannot care for so many, this is the same thing. They let the kid die because they cannot care for it. These kids are not our responsibility, they were born like animals raised like animals and will always be animals.

How beautiful, A grain does not make barn, but it helps your partner, a great refrain that every action of solidarity is worth gold.
Helping the one who needs it is not only part of duty, but of happiness. What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal. No one is useless in this world while he can ease the burden on your fellow men a little.

its sad the world is the way it is , they prefer protecting pedofiles in the government and fight wars destroy resources and thousands of hours of work ,.. for what ? ,.. so they can start over ... instead of laying down the weapons and starting a real project ,.. for the poor kids ,.. i bet you a dollar trump wont even make the 20 miles for a glass of mud water.. yet he becomes president ,.. and destroy cities ,.. family,s torn apart ,... quick question ,.. what would you become if your parents would get blown up by some airstrike,s ... only takes a few disturbed kids to grow up and bomb the fuck out of your home town ,.. and than the start a war again because the us has been attacked or something crazy ,... bullshit world ,... not to mention ,.. fun the mentalist ,.. how hard can it be to find the right people ...

There is a now way of putting in words that how much this effort by you guys actually mean. I was watching the video and can see they kid struggling but reading it well in the end.

It is great to see that children get the opportunity to enjoy themselves during the Islamic festival Eid as well. These small things can make a world of difference in the lives of these little ones. Hopefully they'll find even a better future than their predecessors and pass on an even brighter ones to their successors.

You of course do not need my thanks for you work but I still thank you for it. I hope you guys have more and more success in this work of yours and keep moving towards a better tomorrow.

Oh my gosh! I hadn't yet seen the photo of the boys with Cost Benefit Jr - it's heart-warming! So wonderful to see everything going on @azizbd!


Thank you @geke. Happy that you found the post and got the pic and updates.

A great and very great humanitarian initiative
I love human work a lot
Thank you for the wonderful work


Thank you very much for reading and supporting the cause

This is great, keep going! Congratulations on that initiative.


Thanks a lot

Children are future . They must be supported socially


Thank you.

We have been pouring aid into Africa for almost 40 years - nothing has changed NOTHING!! as long as they get TRILLIONS in aid - time they started helping themselves. They lie to guilt you - I think it should be banned. Also, sorry but look at how much directors of charities get paid and the bonuses they receive. Those people wearing bibs collecting for charity - all paid. Charities get a few pennies for every pound they receive. These adverts are emotional black mail 'if you don't do this ,this child will die' the funny thing is it usually appeals only to those that do donate rather than the others who just can't or don't care. I think its disgusting it should be banned.

the world produces enough food to feed 9 billion people each year. Why are children starving to death because there is no profit in feeding children. Charity doesn't do s*** but help capitalism raped the world, if you I truly want to change attack the root of the problem.... we need a new system change. A global revolution is our only hope we need to take back what is ours stop letting the rich exploit us for their personal benefit. We need to unite and demand action


Really that's a Great work to helping Children I ever found in Steemit.

1. Will you Please Elaborate what is the best way to Donate??

2. How you can help poor people, friends and relatives??

@adsactly or any of my Friend.

@adsactly how we can help poor people's ? means tell the best way to donate anything ?

Really,this is the great job...


Yes Really this is the Great Job they are Doing.

Keep Going @adsactly

Wow A very nice kid photo, thank you for sharing.@adsactly dear.

No, I absolutely did not know about steemit users having managed to open up a school the way you described it.

But that is huge!


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Great work..👍

hey man what an honour dear really inspiration thoght for help to poor people and specially for those children who has no financial support . if each an every persone thing youth than must be support those children who has really no finanacial support for getting education.

You do is wonderful. I will voting on your opinion.
I want your children to have a good meal. I don't know if it will be affected. I will watch the program with interest. Next, I hope that many people will join.

They look cheerful and happy, it becomes a joy for us to see them rejoice.
Thanks @adsactly

Nice post
Please follow and upvote