AdoptaMinnow - Adopt a Minnow - Make a logo contest. Here is my Entry

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Hi everyone!

I am joining a logo making contest that is being hosted by @whatsup.

To know more about the said activity click here AdoptaMinnow - Adopt a Minnow - Make a logo contest.

AdoptaMinnow finale 2.png

Before getting the output that I want I have comeout with these ideas.

Until I finalized it by creating this one & this will be my entry to the said contest.

AdoptaMinnow finale 2.png

You may want to read some of my articles

@thealliance @qurator


Super logo design, I like all your different working ideas as well - very creative.

Thank you for acknowledging my design. I truly appreciate it. :)

Good entry and nice that you spend time creating it!!!!

Thank you @jamjamfood for appreciating my effort. :)

Very cute!

Adoptaminnow is a great project and I love your design

Yes indeed, and the people behind this project are really awesome that they are willing to help minnow. They are reaching out those who barely swim in the vast ocean. Thank you @tattoodjay!

Indeed I am glad to be Joining this project

Wow! I am pretty sure that the minnow that you will choose will be so lucky to have you as a mentor. Good luck with the search! :)

I hope they will feel that way 😎

I am sure that will happen especially to a pro like you.

time will tell 😂

You have done a great work here, good luck in the contest.

Thank you @edxserverus for reviewing my work! :)

love this very much :)
made 1 animated footer for u...

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