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May art and music unite and save us all.

It’s festival season for the fear mongers. Covid round two is gearing up and a cultural war has begun. Statues are getting torn down, films are getting scrubbed from history, and who know what next. Book burnings? The world changes every week. For all we know, music may become too subversive in the future. For now, no one is allowed to sing in church. BUT, you may sing at a protest! Crazy times we live in.

Thanks to @psos for creating fun challenges to inject some joy into our community and forget briefly the world’s dramas. This particular challenge’s rules are:

  1. Each post = ONE alphabet letter. Choose 2 bands or singers and 1 song to represent each.
  2. Write something as to why you are sharing the artist or song.
  3. Share a link 🎵

All songs I post will be from my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Gotan Project - Tango Santa Maria

I was introduced to Gotan Project’s music in tango class. In case you’ve never seen tango dance, here ya go. It’s a dance style well-suited to technique fiends and perfectionists. It’s a deep study that is very satisfying. Gotan Project has a sexy modern sound for a musical style that is very old.

Bonus! Here’s a tango piece that originally premiered in 1903. “Old music” played by Destiny Quartet.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer a lot of “old music.” Sexy is timeless. This music is standing the test of time of being over a century old.

Now on to some baby (modern) music...

Gordi - Something Like This

I fell in love with this song while watching a movie, To All The Boys: PS I Love You. Sophie Payten is professionally known as Gordi.
She’s a songwriter AND a doctor. The poetry of her lyrics speak of struggle and forgiveness; sadness and resolution. It’s cathartic.

Here’s another bonus video to celebrate abundance despite a world of strife. Gordi’s Heaven I Know.

I hope you enjoyed my seventh installment in the music A - Z challenge and that you check out my past posts. I enjoy an eclectic library of music and am enjoying this time to share the music that drives me. All these songs motivate and ground me while driving and can be found in my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Thanks again @psos for creating a fun challenge.


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