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I don’t miss traffic but I miss my driving music meditation routine. Teaching home piano lessons had me driving through pretty neighborhoods as I listened to my playlist.

Thank you @psos for creating fun challenges to inject some joy into our community. I did one yesterday and found it good medicine that I had to do another one immediately, This particular challenge’s rules are:

Each post = ONE alphabet letter. Choose 2 bands or singers and 1 song to represent each.
Write something as to why you are sharing the artist or song.
Share a link 🎵

All songs I post will be from my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Cris Cab - Paradise (On Earth)

I’m a huge believer in the power of words, energy, and the subconscious mind. If you repeat something enough, it becomes a part of you. Call it practice or call it programming. We are more amazing than the most impressive computer. AI will never be as beautifully designed as the human mind; intricate, complex, creative with a touch of chaos and an ironic way of filling the category of stupid to the gunnels in amusing ways.

My Driving Playlist is designed for taking a mental initiative toward a positivity driven life. Daily life is challenging and this is my way of polishing my armor and fortifying myself. I’m fussy about lyrics and won’t add a song if it has a stellar groove yet teaches my soul to shrivel up. All songs in a foreign language gets translated and dissected before getting curated into my collection of songs.

Cris Cab’s Paradise (On Earth) has caught me from a crashing day and prevented me from breaking into a million pieces. This is the kind of song that takes your broken day and mends you. It’s a happy song to listen to on your saddest day when you are fighting for your life and don’t want to give a bullhorn to the bully voice in your head.

Cody Simpson - Imma Be Cool

I have my collection of mushy lovey dovey couply songs AND I’ve found some fun celebrate being a single introvert songs. Cody Simpson’s Imma Be Cool is the perfect song to dance to when you are alone at home. If you’ve never done that, then listen to this one and get dancing. Don’t buy into the miserable single person narrative.

I hope you enjoyed my third share for the A-Z music challenge. Join in the fun and share in comments if you’ve joined the party! Thanks again @psos for creating fun challenges.


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