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In a profound way, this challenge pulls me from feeling overwhelmed by the “pandemic life.” Favorite songs? Oh yes. I have a few of those. I need a break from the doom and gloom news. Let’s write of music that’s made us happy and feel well-grounded.

Thank you @psos for creating fun challenges to inject some joy into our community. This particular challenge’s rules are:

Each post = ONE alphabet letter. Choose 2 bands or singers and 1 song to represent each.
Write something as to why you are sharing the artist or song.
Share a link 🎵

All songs I post will be from my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Dianne Reeves You Taught My Heart To Sing

This is my numero UNO favorite mushy song in the whole wide world. It’s piano is as lush and rich as Dianne Reeves’ vocals. The band members are worthy to know by name so you can find their other collaborations. When people tell me they don’t care for jazz, this is one of the tunes I will have them listen to. Feast your ears on music like this and your taste buds will never be the same. It’s beautiful, unfiltered, and sweet.

Dianne Reeves - voice
Mulgrew Miller - piano
Charnett Moffet - bass
Marvin “Smitty” Smith - drums

Dan + Shay From the Ground Up

What’s a country song doing on a woman’s playlist that you thought would be dominated by classical or jazz pieces? Because I’m an old-fashioned soul that believes relationships are about building something profound and beautiful. This song was written as a tribute to the band members grandparents whom I have no doubt built a gorgeous life because this song was composed and inspired to be written years down the road by their grandkids. I was fortunate to have this song brought to me by a country boy who made pretty eyes to me. I didn’t fall in love with him but I fell in love with this song!

I hope you enjoyed my fourth installment in the music A - Z challenge. Thanks again @psos for creating a fun challenge.


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