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Music makes me sane. I’m having a difficult time getting into the news groove during this world wide lockdown that I’m grateful to turn the volume up on other things. Thanks to @psos for creating fun challenges to inject some joy into our community. This particular challenge’s rules are:

Each post = ONE alphabet letter. Choose 2 bands or singers and 1 song to represent each.
Write something as to why you are sharing the artist or song.
Share a link 🎵

All songs I post will be from my Driving Playlist - songs for contemplation while on the road.

Bishop Briggs - River

This is a good one to put on full blast. I can listen to this song in loop and feel like it’s putting kindling onto a fire. If you’re feeling cold, blast this song until you feel the bass in your bones. You will feel mighty. The smoky voice of Bishop Briggs ranges from delicate to dagger direct. I discovered this song watching a television show and immediately added it to my playlist.

If you want an even more committed reason to listen to Bishop Briggs’ River in loop, here’s a bonus video. Los Angeles choreographer, Galen Hooks created some signature choreography to her song. There’s numerous videos of people doing her choreography to River around the world as well as tutorials. Her choreography was used in the television show I watched.

Filmed at Millennium Dance Studio, a dance studio walking distance from my place, Galen Hooks dances with the first set of dancers in this video. She’s the one in the white tank top. If you’re a dancer visiting Los Angeles, Millennium Dance Studio will most likely be part of your pilgrimage.

You know you want to learn this dance. The song is smokin’ and you want to be smokin’ too.

Beck - Super Cool

This fun song is played during the closing credits of The LEGO Movie 2 and it’s the most fun closing credits song that literally is about the closing credits. The chant of positive and sing song happy words are power words to charge your mind during a commute that I include it in my driving playlist. I discovered this song while watching the movie at my brother’s house. During a weekend, it played at least three times and was more entertaining than the first LEGO movie. That movie was NUTS! This song is especially dear to me because every time this end song came on, my nephew and his dad (my brother) would sing along. I think of them whenever I hear it. My brother happily watches it whenever his son requests it. They love singing together as the movie ends.

Super Cool is super catchy. Play this on loop and sing along. I promise you, you will feel soooo happy and lifted. Feeling blue and need affirmation? Affirm yourself with Super Cool

I hope you enjoyed my second share for the A-Z music challenge. Join in the fun and share in comments if you’ve joined the party! Thanks again @psos for creating fun challenges.


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