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Many owners of crypto currency are waiting with impatience when it becomes possible everywhere to pay in stores for goods and services with their crypto-assets. I am sure that this is a matter of the near future, the public has recognized and grown fond of crypto-currencies, the matter has remained with the international community in the face of leading states, so that they recognize crypto-currencies as a legal remedy and have developed an appropriate legal framework. And, meanwhile, the first step in the direction of priktical application of crypto-currencies and their integration into the world economy was made by ZEEX, which makes it possible to purchase goods and services for crypto-currency by purchasing gift cards and retail vouchers that, unlike crypto-currencies, can easily be converted into the same ones goods and services.

ZEEX is a subsidiary of ZEEK Group, the leader in the European market for the purchase and sale of gift cards, the market capitalization of which in 2017 was 600 billion dollars. ZEEK sold more than one million gift cards in 2017, and has existed for 4 years and during this time has partnered with more than 450 world brands, among which are known as ADIDAS, REEBOK, APPLE, NIKE, thanks to which an extensive catalog of gift cards, available for use by the ZEEX platform, was created. This catalog gives buyers the opportunity to choose and order the favorite, and suppliers to find their crypto clients, the incentive to develop further, to issue new cards. Thanks to cooperation with so many brands, ZEEK has access to a huge number of gift cards, which eliminates the problem of outstripping demand over supply, moreover ZEEK takes the leading position in the market by the volume of transactions, it often makes it possible to purchase gift cards from retailers at significant discounts , which gives a benefit, first of all, to the buyers of these cards because of the discount they receive.
Although vouchers are mostly issued on physical media, in most retail outlets they are also received digitally. The market of digital vouchers grows by 25% per year and by 2020 will reach 120 billion dollars.
The use of gift cards is gaining frenzied popularity, especially among young people.

The advantages that ZEEX gives:

The possibility of buying goods and services for crypto currency;
Complete anonymity of purchases due to encryption of transactions in the blockroom;
The lack of attachment of a gift card to a certain holder, it can easily be sold or donated to another user on anonymous terms;
Possibility of receiving additional discounts;
Purchase of goods of world status brands;
Protection of gift cards from counterfeiting and double spending;
Security and transparency of the transaction through smart contracts;
The ability to make purchases without commissions, without paying any additional taxes (VAT).
ZEEK has proved its significant importance and prospects to influential venture investors, who pledge to provide reliable financial support. The best guarantee in the current and future success of the ZEEK platform is precisely this trust and support of such eminent investors:

The ZEEX platform includes an elegant interface, a transparent, block-based system. And also a digital wallet for managing all user assets. The interface provides clear access to a wide selection of gift cards from top brands, to existing crypto-currencies and ZIX tokens, which can be converted into each other. ZEEX also provides the opportunity to purchase and sell your gift cards, waste of crypto currency.

ZIX Tokens act as a key to access crypto-currency into the world of real economy, into the world of goods and services. Let's take a closer look at the functions of the ZIX token. It performs the following functions:

The token is used to log in to the system, providing access to the ZEEX platform. Using ZIX to enter the platform, and not, for example, accounts of other networks such as Google or Facebook, you retain your privacy, there is no threat to your privacy or loss of data;
ZIX serves as a ticket in line for gift cards, to which you become automatically after you apply. ZIX Tokens give their holders privileged access to gift cards that are in high demand, so getting these cards for token owners will be much easier than for users who do not have tokens. In addition, the longer you keep ZKS tokens in your purse, the more discount will be on the gift card when you buy it;
The role of the deposit, insuring the risks of the buyer and seller until the full completion of transactions;
Token provides an opportunity to adjust the catalog of vouchers of your portfolio in accordance with market conditions and your preferences;
Finally, the ZIX token itself can be used as a deposit, making for it the purchase of gift cards and services.
With these five functions, the ZIX token gives users full access to the broad functionality of the ZEEX platform.

Soft cap: $ 14 million;
Hard cap: $ 23 million;
The cost of the token: 1ETH = 5000ZIX;
Period of sale of the tokens: 3rd quarter of 2018;
The minimum purchase is $ 100 per ETH.
Distribution of tokens and revenues from their sale:

for sale - 50%; * for development and expansion of the retail market - 30%;
for pratener - 20%; * research and development - 30%;
team - 15%; * sales and marketing - 25%;
in the reserve - 10%; * Optimized operations - 15%.
Community - 5%.

To gain ZEEX user experience, give the opportunity for users to access beta versions of applications on the test network, this will allow us to study in detail the functionality of the platform, as well as to provide feedback to developers on improvements and improvements. In the second quarter of this year, it is planned to release a web application ZEEX, and in the 4th quarter the application for Android and IOS:


The realization of such a grandiose and ambitious idea would not be possible without a cohesive and successful team of professionals:

Each of the team members has their own profile in Linkedin, so you can communicate with all and ask questions, make sure that these are real people.

Despite the widest popularity and demand, crypto-currencies are practically not used as a payment tool, due to various reasons: from legal to lack of necessary functional, and are good only as a way of transferring to another holder or as a savings. The company ZEEX undertook to break this injustice and opens wide doors to the crypto currency in the world of real economy!


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