Grab the popcorn, its Zcash altcoin drama time

in zcash •  last year 

So last night I had my "show me the money, Jerry", moment with Zcash:

I am normally extremely averse to any sort of altcoin drama, I can't stand it, its caused turmoil and pain in mine and others' lives, but god damn, ZcashCo is pulling in US$250k+/day in FR, they gotta pay SOMEBODY to maintain ports to Windows and release GUI full node wallets that can, you know, send SHIELDED TRANSACTIONS

Pay me, pay new hires, but they are gonna hafta pay SOMEONE

So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and see if ZcashCo and their communities widely held ethos of libertarian volunteerism extends to merely accepting folks volunteering code, rather than them also volunteering funds....only ONE Zcash FR recipient has donated over 10 ZEC from their personal slice, just for an FYI.

June 25 is when legacy Zcash4win and Zcash4mac clients, which do not auto-deprecate, spontaneously chain fork when Zcash Overwinter activates, and June 28 all the grand poobahs of ZcashCo and the Zcash Foundation will be in a luxury hotel in Montreal, while I sit in a weekly studio apt in Glendale, CO.

Let's See What Happens! SOMEONE is gonna hafta hold those user's hands, and SOMEONE has gotta pay for that


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I've been following Zcash since well before its testnet launched. I want to like it, I want to think it has a future but I have this growing suspicion that the best it will do is contribute neat cryptography ideas for others to pick up. I'm sorry ZcashCo haven't acknowledged your contributions. btw How's Hush going?

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