SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Results of day 6

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Here are the results after six day of competition

We now have 915 registered participants. Thank you all for your positive comment.
We hope you enjoy this contest and have as much fun as we have.

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You can still register and join the contest at any time of the competition. Register the contest by sending 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Russia vs Saudia Arabia4613576638Russia
Egypt vs Uruguay4455340352Uruguay
Morocco vs Iran4793059876Iran
Portugal vs Spain56113397331-
France vs Australia5154701827France
Argentina vs Iceland5595072626-
Peru vs denmark571138123310Denmark
Croatia vs Nigeria56133681123Croatia
Costa Rica vs Serbia598166119313Serbia
Germany vs Mexico6275553339Mexico
Brazil vs Switzerland6205503634-
Sweden vs South Korea63643612179Sweden
Belgium vs Panama6595874230Belgium
Tunisia vs England6562948579England
Colombia vs Japan70151912458Japan
Poland vs Senegal70545215697Senegal
Russia vs Egypt660334176150Russia

Contest top 25 ranking

Congratulations to @mcfarhat and @stayoutoftherz. They keep their pole position with 12 badges, joined by @total88 who made a good score today.

Following them, 9 players with 11 badges. Congratulations to @mallika15, @kirankumar1, @kinakomochi, @andruto, @vicspics, @tychoxi, @jasiu, @minimining, @damotil.

There are 34 players with 10 badges and 80 with 9 badges.

1 @mcfarhat12
2 @total8812
3 @stayoutoftherz12
4 @mallika1511
5 @kirankumar111
6 @kinakomochi11
7 @andruto11
8 @vicspics11
9 @tychoxi11
10 @jasiu11
11 @minimining11
12 @damotil11
13 @minders10
14 @sporttr10
15 @misbahjuli10
16 @hasbydiaz10
17 @vhhau10
18 @tamajf10
19 @faroel10
20 @premier-league10
21 @jrvacation10
22 @riko10
23 @rizkiavonna10
24 @carlpei10
25 @adrian1110

Do not worry if you are not listed. We are working to provide an exhaustive ranking with all participants. Check out your board to see if you got your badge:

Congratulations to all the participants who successfully guessed the result of the last 3 matches.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

Thanks to our sponsors

The actual prize pool is 1700 SBD thanks to our generous sponsors. All of them are witnesses, therefore kindly consider voting for them if you have not done so yet!

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Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the @steemitboard team for the great effort they are making so that we are all up to date with our badges and with all the information of the Russia 2018 World Cup.


Congratulations :)

Good thinking! This will bring more exitement to the tournament. Keep it up. Let me share this as well.

excelente... Felicitaciones

yay, I climbed to the top 25!


haha, thanks, we'll see if I manage to hang in there. And thanks for sponsoring this contest too!

This is a very tough competition. today there were two unexpected surprise senegal and japon are falling the quinella LOL ..


Yep, I failed to get any badges today :'(


You had a bad day tomorrow will be better.

Nice~~~!!!!! I hope My country will be a Winner ~!!!!


We all do =)

This Is good oppurtunity for all Followers On syeemit , I am follow You < You follow me on steemit & comments

Good matches played today!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Good Concept hope success for the content creator and hope the game is fair.

Hurray, I hit the top 12-th :)


Welcome up !


Thanks for the comment.

Спасибо за комментарий.

Hello. The contest steembord inspired me to hold my charity.
I want to give three lucky football souvenirs from Russia.
Terms of the contest read here

I do not have the means for active advertising. I really want to give gifts to my new friends from steemit so I write such messages. Thank you for any help in distributing this information.

No awards hu hu hu

Please release top 100 and let some of use see our position

I miss at least one badge... For the game RUSSIA vs. EGYPT (Russia won) I voted for Russia but didn't get the badge for my correct vote... so for now I have to compare every of my votes to see if I got everything in the right way? boo... :-/

Boy I fouled up I voted for Morocco, noticed it a minute later and removed the vote, gave it to Portugal. Then I went to Steemworld noticed I had a vote with 0% SP to it so I again removed the vote and again voted for Portugal. Turns out SW shows every move the 0% was when I removed it and it shows 100% once I re voted, I also hadn't read the instructions that well, I had already voided the vote at the moment I removed the Morocco vote, so I did learn something, once you vote just leave it as it is, you still have a 50% chance of getting it right, if you change your vote your chances are 0 :)


Yes, as mentioned in the rules, you have to be careful before placing your bet (upvote)

Congrats to all the winners!!!

I have voted several times correctly and in time and they have not give me the point. I would like to know what I have not done?


I have voted several times correctly and in time and they have not give me the point.

Which match(es) are you talking about?


In the games: Iran-Spain, Tunisia-England, France-Peru

exciting contest