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Long time since i made a post here but i plan to start creating quality posts and hope they dont get flag-abused so here is a test.

Dont forget to approve me as witness to fight against steemit-abusers

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Also check out the great whalebots.

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  2. @minnowbooster

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  5. @bellyrub


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Shoutout to all great people that have helped me get this far.
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Man, I haven't heard Gunther in a long time!

Gunther never goes out of time

Great post buddy. Looking forward to reading your future posts as well. Have already voted for u as witness and using steem follower as well :). Upvoted and following u as always. Regards Nainaz

Thank you for your support :)

Welcome back! :) Followed and upvoted @proctologic. The discord invite link seems broken?

the link works for me and here i direct url to Steemspeak
and dont forget to support my witness.

Got my witness vote @proctologic! :)

Thank you @proctologic for your dedication to this evolutionary platform that is the Steem blockchain! :)

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Upvoted! Here is my most recent post if you are interested!

Also, Here is a recipe I came up with for Coffee wine!

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