YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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Photo by @fishyculture

Lets kick off this week with a great post from a steemian who is on the ground, helping those in need! THIS is what makes steemit and YouAreHOPE so awesome, the PEOPLE involved!

Next lets check in on the founder and driving force behind YouAreHOPE, @sircork! Is it his Transparent Town Hall? No... he has been otherwise occupied this week... LOL!

But no worries, your donations are not buying @sircork or @lukestokes's beer! This is the kind of thing your donations are supporting!
20.000 SBD to @eugenecr7 Donation for this mission:

And this:
80.000 SBD to backtoschool Donation for mission:

But we ARE transparent, some funding of the trip was provided to @sircork... pretty much peanuts compared to what he gives!
16.000 SBD to @sircork Expenses for travel to meetup, where YAH business was conducted.

All right, time to thank our MOST EXCELLENT DONORS!!!

@sneaky-ninja and @lost-ninja continue their amazing profit-sharing support for YouAreHOPE - THANK YOU NINJAS!!!
5.000 SBD from @jesse2you TY! for all you are doing! wish I could do more.
0.041 SBD from @sydesjokes Faucet Payment for 17th May 2018.
0.010 SBD from @sydesjokes Faucet Payment for 18th May 2018.
2.000 SBD from @artemisnorth from Shout Out Saturday post
0.012 SBD from @sydesjokes Faucet & Weekly payout.
0.830 SBD from @elizacheng 25% from MakeMeSmile Weekly payout
0.415 SBD from @legendchew Donation to support worldwide humanitarian.
0.021 STEEM POWER from @gabyrutigliano
7.140 SBD from @battleaxe Put the Lime in the Coconut and Pay it Forward to YAH!!! :P
2.000 SBD from @fishyculture donation

THANK YOU TO EVERY DONOR!!! Don't forget you can support YouAreHOPE by donation or by delegation, and DO be sure to vote for @sircork's witness!!!

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Be a part of this AMAZING blockchain based charity, donate to YAH this coming week!


I loved the inspirational picture you used for this week <3 see you next week!!


Thank you! Those blossoms are on a really old apple tree, maybe 100 years!

Thank you for doing the weekly shuffle @fishyculture, I cannot tell you enough how helpful it is to have you do this for us!


Awesome report and as always my little upVote goes to each post and @giftinkindph will follow you around

Thanks to @sircork and the youarehope Foundation..... You guys are awesome

We the team from @backtoschool appreciate your efforts... God bless you

This is really awesome team, and you all are striving hard to make some people smile and that is wonderful work and your good deeds will never wasted because you've got blessings of thousands. So keep up this kind and responsible work and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

Donating is nothing but an responsibility when you have more than what you need.
-Own Opinionated Thoughts

Great work indeed and proud of @sircork and @youarehope Blessings and upvoted!

Is it true @youarehope are now supporting @treehuggers ? Asking for a friend 😉

Another super round up, always good to see so many wonderful Steemians supporting charitable works.


I am happy to be a part of the @YouAreHope! Yeahh! Donation will come to you soon guys! Any amount will be given! 😁

I absolutely adore this aspect of Steemit! 💜

Earlier today, I found a post (shared below), and while I was able to contribute a small amount, I wondered if there was some way of getting it wider attention. Then I thought it couldn't hurt to shout out here. 😊

The Steemian in question is actually not looking for donations, but instead for a small loan, in order to move into a much better situation.